• Publisher Федеральное государственное бюджетное учреждение Российская государственная библиотека
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The scholarly journal «Observatory of Culture» publishes articles and other materials dedicated to culture and the arts. The journal was established in 2004, its Editorial Council consists of eminent scholars in the field.The Journal addresses to both professionals in the fields of culture and the arts and wider audiences interested in the related issues. The Journal publishes articles, reviews, and academic materials that represent culture and arts studies as a part of both scholarly and educational activities including analysis of administrative practices and cultural policies, cultural life, creativity, etc.The «Observatory of Culture» authorship comprises renowned Russian culture theorists, philosophers and historians, art and literary critics, and other specialists in the humanities. The Journal endeavours to cover culture and art processes in their wholeness and diversity including representations of culture in the current social and political discourse, visual and performing arts, film and media, heritage and entertainment. The Editors believe that the diversity of scientific schools and topics, methods and approaches to the study of culture is essential and matches complexity of the subject.The major eight sections of the journal include the Context and Cultural Reality in which cultural issues are theoretically approached in their relation to the global context of economics, ideology, religion, information technology etc. These sections also concern interdisciplinary approaches including those developed in cultural anthropology and studies of everyday culture, memory, ethnic and cultural diversity, issues of identity etc. in Russia and worldwide.The In Space of Arts and Cultural Life section is devoted to contemporary arts, cultural practices, and creativity analysed within the sociocultural environment. The Heritage section presents both theoretical studies on cultural heritage issues and analysis of current practices in the fields of its preservation and use, museum work and collections, safeguarding intangible heritage and present life of cultural traditions. The Names & Portraits section offers scholarly materials devoted to people of culture and arts and their contribution to culture development.The Chair section is intended as a platform for discussions on teaching culture related disciplines at the higher school, exchange in academic experiences, presentations of new educational methods in the humanities, and publishing results of post-graduate studies.The Orbis Litterarum section covers both reviewing new scholarly publications and rethinking realities captured by texts and books of the Past while the Joint of Time section represents studies in phenomena that symbolise or embody cultural tradition and continuity.Editorial council consists of world-renowned scientists, leading experts in the field of culture, science, education.

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