Обсерватория культуры



Arts socializing functions and museum pedagogy

Selezneva E.

Attendant-artist - Marianna Verevkina

Kagarlitskaya S.

A year as a century: experience of cultural chronography

Savitskaya T.

Chaldean Oven in Moscow

Smorgunova E.

Culturology: Course program for "non profile" students

Stepanov B.

Experience of country estates preservation and its usage in Great Britain

Krasnobaev I.

Fedor Stepun: the first years in the immigration

Gergilov R.

German view on Russian laugh

Dezhurov A.

Interaction of Russia peoples' musical cultures

Kayak A.

Kenozer national park: recreation potential and the main forms of usage

Arsenyeva E.

Lithuanian echo of 20th century European theatre philosophy searching: Juozas Miltinis' theatre

Azeeva I.

Modern TV games as social phenomenon

Novikova A.

Mystery of Heraldic Bowl's from the collection of Moscow Kremlin's Armoury Chamber

Murzin-Gundorov V.

Organization: social and cultural dynamics

Savina I.

Principles of predetermination of cultural knowledge normative

Vayzer T.

Problems of studying and preservation of Russian manor as exemplified by Voronezh region manors

Krieger L.

Russian university - face to face with forced episteme of new globalism

Ivakhnenko E.

Russia's animated films

Zorina T.

Self education as 21st century's paradigm in the context of educational technologies for culturologist training

Zhukova E.

Strategy in the context of geo culture: setting of the problem

Musalevskaya I.

Theoretical foundation for social interaction studying

Orlova H.

TV and information challenge of terrorism

Petukhov V.

Vasilkovsky's phenomenon: architect, graphic and ceramics artist

Tkachenko N.


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