The first issue of the scientific and practical journal “Public Administration Issues”, initiated by the collective body of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus was published in August 2001. It contains articles by Belarusian and foreign authors in Russian, Belarusian and English.The appearance of such a publication in the Republic was caused by new realities of life. It was founded to acquaint scientific and political community with modern achievements of management science and practice. The President of the Republic of Belarus set a task to cover the state’s policy, the work of its legislative and executive bodies, social and economic processes, taking place in our country and abroad, as well as scientific achievements, objectively and professionally.The journal discusses the issues of economics and management, ideology and national security, investment and innovative policies. It covers the issues of science development, international relations, new forms of educational activities, agro- industrial complex, etc.The editorial board aims to bring the contents of the journal closer to practical demands and to satisfy the professional interests of our readers.Constructive cooperation of scientists and practitioners with our editorial staff, research for creative solutions to currently important problems, new ideas and constructive recommendations will allow better covering of public administration issues.Scientists, leading practitioners, public officials, top-level executives of government agencies and business enterprises, post-graduates express their opinion about the Belarusian economy transition to the innovate development, efficient use of the resources, working out of energy saving technologies and their use in production of goods. The trends of the development research on the most important current problems and their results are represented in publications of both national and foreign authors. They contain issues of development and effective employment of innovatively orientated potential of the creative and competent personnel, samples of personnel policy, and methods of personnel administration, scientifically grounded requirements to training, further training and professional development of personnel. We hope that contemporary and vital are the issues of implementation of the targeted approach aimed to provide the compliance of public administration personnel with the new tasks and challenges both in the near and distant future and executing the public administration mission to serve the present and future public and state interests.A significant contribution to such developments is made by the scientists of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus. We regard our authors’ profound and content-rich articles an important component of the informative resource on public administration issues.We will keep on covering the innovative approaches to the solution of public administration problems, social and psychological aspects of people’s interaction in public administration, forming norms of administrative ethics and managerial culture.The Supreme Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus has included the journal into the publication list of scientific editions of the Republic of Belarus where the results of thesis research on philosophic, economic, legislative, political and psychological sciences can be published.The logotype “Public Administration Issues” has been registered as trademark (a certificate of trademark 49021 is registered in the National register 03.03.2014).The journal has been awarded Winner’s certificate of the III Press Mass Media National Competition and Laureate diploma of the VI Press Mass Media National Competition.

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