Averted Harm in Traffic Incidents as an Indicator of Efficiency of Safety Traffic Conception Implementation in the Repiblic of Belarus

Litvin Yu., Sushko A.

The effectiveness of implementation of the conception of road safety in the Republic of Belarus is analyzed.

Belarussian Agrarians: Features of Economic Awareness and Behavior

Smirnova R.

The characteristic features of agrarians’ economic awareness and behavior under the conditions of market reforms in the agricultural sector are revealed. The major indicators of market economic behavior such as independence, drive for leadership, wealth, innovation, readiness to risk, attitude towards private ownership of land, to liberalization of economy, etc. are analyzed. It is argued that market awareness in most of the agrarians is insufficiently developed, it is more conforming to the principles of distributional (centralized) economy.

Characteristic Features of Public-Private Partnership Formation in the Republic of Belarus

Tur A.

The author reviews the world practices of public-private partnership formation and offers the major guidelines for development of effective PPP in the Republic Belarus.

Education Code of the Republic of Belarus and the Basic Forms of Public-Private Partnership in this Sphere

Morova A.

In the article the main provisions of the Education Code of the Republic of Belarus as well as its structure are analyzed. Innovations in legislative regulation of education issues are considered. The main forms of public-private partnership in the sphere of education are defined. The fact of paying special attention to the partnership is stressed.

Essential Criteria for the Performance Evaluation Activities of the Judicial System

Kamenkov V.

The article analyzes the various criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the judicial system.

Global Trends in Public Insurance Development

Yanchuk M.

The author analyzes the global trends in public social insurance and models of public social insurance abroad, considers the reform experience in this field, and on this basis proposes measures to improve the national insurance system.

Innovation Economy Formation as a Condition of Entry into Geo-economics in the Twenty-First Century

Novikova I.

The essence of globalization processes the ultimate goal of which is geo-economics formation is revealed. It is argued that in order to participate in these processes any national economy should go through transformation and structural reorganization. On the basis of the current situation analysis of the innovation system in the Republic possible directions of «starting» the mechanisms of innovation economy under the conditions of globalization that would enable the country to participate in geo-economics formation processes are discussed.

International Legal Cooperation of the States in the War on International Terrorism and Extremism

Golovanov S.

Legal prerequisites for establishing a universal jurisdiction system that would not permit the person who committed a terrorist act to take shelter and avoid punishment in any country of the world are analyzed.

Macroeconomic balance and new approaches to managing social and economic development of the Republic of Belarus

Myasnikovich M.

The article focuses on the methodological bases and practical directions of ensuring sustainable social and economic development of the Republic of Belarus. It elaborates upon the essence of the economic policy of the Belarusian Government aimed at achieving the objectives set by the Five year Forecasting of the Country’s Development and shows the new approaches to managing the economy that are currently implemented.

National Traditions and Governmental Influence on the Process of the Current Political Culture Formation of the Belarusian Society

Kustovskij M., Sokolov B.

The article draws upon the influence of historic traditions on shaping political culture, the role of political ideologies in the process, and certain peculiarities of forming political culture process in modern Belarusian society.

On some Problems in Advocacy the Rights of Individuals as Partcipants of Credit Relations

Hvatik Yu.

Practical settlement of some problems in advocacy the rights of individuals as participants of credit relations is analyzed. Applying the corresponding categories of the civil and banking law, the author offers some measures directed to complex regulation of the problems under study.

On the Issue of Methodological Analysis of the «Human Capital» Concept

Berkova O.

The concept of human capital, the conditions and limits of its entering the scientific terminology corpus are analyzed.

Positive and negative obligations in the field of human rights

Huseynov L., Abdullayev M.

The conception of positive and negative obligations in international human rights law is considered. The authors argue that this classification differs from the classical division of human rights into negative and positive ones: nowadays it is generally recognized that effective realization and implementation of both the categories of rights may require some action on the part of the state. In order to define the extent and sphere of obligations of the states and international contractual bodies in the field of human rights the authors divided these obligations into two categories: negative and positive ones. By positive obligations the authors understand the state obligations to take some positive actions in order to secure the implementation of the lawful rights whereas by negative obligations they understand the abstaining of the state from human rights violations.

Possibilities of Profitable Attraction, Placement, and use of a Credit Resource

Gruzinskaya Ye

The directions for cost optimization for attraction and placement of a credit resource are offered in the article. Possibilities for release of a credit resource by banks and its cost reduction for enterprises as well as for additional attraction of a credit resource at the expense of deposit rates growth are considered. Efficiency of drawing up a credit resource by national agricultural enterprises is evaluated.

Public Administration Thinking as a Factor of Effective Governing

Shrubenko A.

The essence and methodological aspects of forming and development of public administration thinking (so far the least studied phenomenon) are reviewed. Different approaches to this phenomenon are analyzed. The necessity for working out methods and techniques of mental performance enhancing that could be used in instruction of public administrators and their self-education as well as by all participants of social practices is argued.

Public-private partnership as a Key to Successful Innovation Development of Brest Region

Sumar K.

The guidelines for action by Brest regional executive committee to create favorable institutional and legal environment for development of innovation activities, innovation infrastructure, and innovative entrepreneurship are considered in the article.

Public-Private Partnership as a Tool of the Innovative Venture Activities Development

Nekhorosheva L.

Development of innovative and venture capital activities in the Republic of Belarus are defines in the article.

Public-Private Partnership Formation in the Sphere of Innovation Activities

Babosov Ye.

The article describes principles, essence, and directions public-private partnership (PPP) implementation in Belarus. The unresolved issues in the development of the partnership in the sphere of innovation development of the country are detected on the basis of generalized statistics and applied sociological research data. In this context the major provisions of the National Business Platform of Belarus - 2011 are analyzed.

Simon Smith Kuznets - as one of the Outstanding Creative Economic Thinkers, a Forerunner of Innovation Models of Socially-Oriented Economic Growth and Noospheric Economy

Nikitenko P.

On the basis of the report presented at the International Symposium dedicated to the 110 anniversary of Simon Kuznets, 25-26 May 2011, Kiev.

Sport Activity: Experience of a Sociological Research

Zlotnikov A.

In the article the adults’ sports activities problems are overviewed on the basis of sociological studies.

Sport Headhunting: Sociological Analysis

Kotliarov I., Risyukevich N.

Under the rapidly changing present-day conditions personal qualities of a leader in all spheres of life, including physical culture and sport, are very important. There are four types of leaders there: leaders for oneself, sport and youth leaders, and super-leaders. It is argued that many personal qualities of a leader may be cultivated. To test this hypothesis a special program for developing personal qualities of a leader of different levels is worked out and a social forming experiment is performed.

State Policy Priorities in Social Protection at the Present Stage

Schetkina M.

The major directions of social protection policy improvement at the present stage in the context of the implementation of the provisions of the Program for Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Belarus for 2011-2015 are considered in the article.

The Essence of «Enterprise Competitiveness» Category

Zborina I.

Different approaches to the category of enterprise competitiveness by home and foreign scholars are analyzed. The key criteria that lie at the basis of its definition are analyzed and critically assessed. The author offers a new definition to the category ‘enterprise competitiveness'.

The Global Crisis and New Approaches to the Role of Government in Modern Economic Systems

Bodrov V.

The article discusses new approaches and ideas concerning inversion of functions of the market and state regulation of economy in the context of the global trends in post-industrial development of human civilization.

The system of training scientific personnel of higher qualification in the Republic of Belarus: expertyse of transformation

Nikonovich S.

The article presents a sociological analysis of transformation of the higher qualification scientific personnel education system in the Republic of Belarus. The main priorities of the higher qualification scientific personnel education system development are defined.

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