A Model of Government Based on Moral and Social Justice: Some Aspects of Design

Shrubenko A.

The publication provides an integrated assessment of the current state of the theory of public administration. It proposes vision of a model of government based on morality and justice. Attention is paid to its methodology design. An author's position is indicated with respect to future requirements for a professional manager.

Assessment of Strategies of Educational Specialities Development Based on Simulation Technique

Novysh B., Shastitko D., Gvaeva I.

The article focuses on a simulation model and a program complex for analyzing the effectiveness of specialties strategies. Interval assessments of the integral criterion provided by experts are used as input model parameters. The possibilities of implementing the model for planning strategies in educational organizations and their application in educational process are discussed.

Conceptual Approaches in Classification and Systematization of Modus Operandi

Yermolovich V., Yermolovich D.

This article assesses the theory of criminology on the classification and systematization of methods of committing crimes. Classifiers are shown ways of committing premeditated crimes and conceptual approaches are illustrated by their use for certain types of crimes.

Creative Factor of Innovative and Economic Development

Lutohina E.

The article proves the leading part of the creative factor in the development of modern economy. Proper definition is given to the notions «creative activity and its multiplier», the idea of «the vicious circle of creative insufficiency» is deduced. Consideration is given to the basic directions of the development of the creative factor in innovative economy.

Duties of the Parties Providing Audit Services

Semenikhin M.

The article investigates legal regulation of the parties’ obligations of an audit services contract. It analyses the audit legislation and taks into consideration its composite nature. The author classifies obligations of audit organizations and auditors - entrepreneurs - to obligations to the fulfillment of an covenant and to obligations to the fulfillment of an indispensable legal requirements, what effects responsibility. The author also suggests some legislation improvements.

Formation of a National Transport Strategy of the State at the Present Stage

Bondar N.

A conceptual model of the national transport strategy development is offered. Basic indexes on the basis of which the national transport strategy must be developed have been identified and the strategies in the spheres of government control have been formulated, the solution of which will provide its successful realization.

Import Capacity Reduction in the National Economy as the Basis for Balanced Dynamic Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Belarus

Myasnikovich M.

Innovative Development of Belarusian Agriculture for Market Integration

Pelikh S., Yaoman Wan

The article proves the research approaches for innovative activity in agriculture. It provides a technique for comprehensive evaluation of innovative development of agricultural industries, using a system of indicators in innovation statistics and integral indicators of innovative development. The paper justifies a model of formation and development of innovative environment in agriculture.

In Searches of New Concept of Index Numbers

Zakharoshka S.

In this article various viewpoints on the substance of index numbers are analyzed. Relative values and individual index numbers are differentiated. Critical analysis of theoretical and methodological bases of aggregate concept of index numbers is provided. The drawbacks of some conceptual foundations of the theory are pointed out. The article criticizes aggregate weighted index numbers of prices and production from the viewpoints of theory, methodology and mathematics. The formulas are proved to lead to leveling indicators and, thus, provide inadequate numeric result. Fundamentals of the determined factorial theory and methodology of economic index numbers (the algebraic approach) are formulated.

Insurance of Liability of Tour Operators as a Way of Protecting Consumers’ Rights

Yahnovetz I.

In the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus there are no rules establishing a mandatory insurance of civil responsibility of tourist activities subjects. Consumers’ rights are, therefore, not properly protected in case tourist agencies violate legitimate rights of travel services consumers. The paper analyzes applicable regulations of foreign countries where such practices exist.

International Transfer of Technology and Policy of Import Substitution in the Republic of Belarus

Danilchanka A., Bertash E.

The article studies economic relations in international transfer of technologies and import-substitution policies.

Is General Science of Administration Possible in the XXIst Century?

Morozevich A., Tchoueshov V., Yurashevich N.

The article deals with current state of scientific knowledge in the field of administration. Necessity of forming general science of administration is suggested for scientific discussion.

Management of the Digital Age

Belyatsky N.

The paper reveals the idea of quantum theory of management and universality of the principle of discreteness based on the original analogy between quantum mechanics and management.

Non-violence Ethics in Political Process: Theory and Practice

Bertash A.

Non-violence ethics critical analysis as value and normative base for political activity is carried out in the article. Major consideration is given to theoretical and practical aspects of refusal from violence in political process. The findings in violence efficiency localization in modern politics are validated.

On a trial by jury

Boriko S.

The concept of judicial and legal reform on 23 April 1992 provided for the introduction in the Republic of Belarus of the jury. However, this provision of the Concept is still not implemented. Currently, there are all conditions for the establishment of the Republic of Belarus of the jury, which will help protect the rights and lawful interests of citizens.

Possibilities in Leveling Up National Security of the Republic of Belarus at the Expense of the Implemented Organizational Algorithms

Lomov S.

The article proposes methods of increasing the organizational and methodological possibilities of providing the national security of the Republic of Belarus through improvement of the scheme for development and realization of regulations of the National Security Strategies.

Sign Nature of Context in Political Communication

Arkhipova Y.

Political communication represents a specific type of a dialogue which basic message is race for power or legitimization of imperious decisions. A shift of emphasis from the statement to the form of its presentation is characteristic of political communication. Under domination of a referential component the context acquires a special value. Due to the sign nature the context comprises meanings through which the object of political communication can be interpreted.

Speech of the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the seminar held on 15 December

Lukashenko A.

Speech of the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the seminar held on 16 December

Lukashenko A.

State Regulation of Labor Migration in the Republic of Belarus

Vashko I.

The paper analyses current development of labor migration in Belarus. Some factors affecting the process have been elicited. Main tendencies of the state regulation of labor migration are investigated and the points at issue have been identified.

Strengthening Regional Security and Development of European Cooperation

Lukashevich Yu.

Issues of collaboration of the Republic of Belarus in international universal and regional organizations are viewed as one of the most important area of international activity.

The main Problems Associated with the Provision of Land, and Ways to Implement Them

Yanovich T.

Land as an object of legal relationships occupies a special place in current legislation. Its specific character and properties as a real estate commodity and versatility of functions related to the use of land prompt to undertake an analysis of difficulties that arise while adjudicating disputes about land and land rights.

The New institutional Economics development of innovative Activity

Davydenko E., Davydenko L.

Development the New institutional of innovative and Science, Technology in the World and Republic of Belarus are in the article.



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