About Country Environmental Safety Providing in the Field of Habitat Improvement

Tsalko V.

Problems concerning cities and towns accomplishment and environment protection are considered in the article.

About the Legislation Perfection in the Field of Salvage

Golovanov S.

The legislation in the field of salvage are proposes and grounded in the article.

Actional Form of Rights Protection in Economic Process

Kamenkov V.

The article provides an analysis of the actional form of economic process participants rights protection.

Analysis of Theoretical Views Development on Law-Enforcement Agencies Searching Activity

Tolochko A.

Scientific views analysis of the nature of law-enforcement agencies searching activity is made. Definitions of searching activity basic concepts are considered. It is shown, that scientific definitions are formed and studied essentially from the position of criminalistics and criminal procedure that is in the context of investigators searching activity. This fact predetermines the necessity of searching activity investigation in the context of operative units’ activity. SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT

Balance of the Work of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus in 2009 within a Context of Native Land Year

Scherbo I.

The article defines the realization by the organizations ok the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus in the field putting in order transport networks and communications.

Belarus Breathes Harmony

Kachan O.

The article views the main trends of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus activity in the fi eld of national tourism development.

Category of «Legal Constitutional Status of Members of Belarusian Parliament»: Definition Problem

Chmyga A.

The problem of defining the legal constitutional status of members of Belarusian Parliament is researched in the article. The main terms forming the foundation of the legal constitutional status of members of Parliament are analyzed. The definition of the legal constitutional status of deputies of House of Representatives, members of Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus is offered.

Competitive Assortment Policy in the Enterprise Aims System

Kotzur M.

The essence of competitive assortment policy, its purpose and correlation with competitiveness of the product and enterprise are viewed in the article. Trends and priorities of competitive assortment policy formation are revealed.

Computer Integrated Industries and their Influence on Production Competitiveness

Pelikh S., Yemel'anovich I.

Inmodernmarketconditionscomputerizationofnewproductsengineeringprocessesplaysaveryimportant role. Information integration of different automatic systems at all stages stages of the product life cycle making up the basis of CALS-technologies and the process of launching them are revealed in the article.

Concept of Forming Efficient Competitive Environment Management Mechanism

Vorobiov I., Sidorova E., Lenskay T., Chikida N.

Basing on the conducted research the authors suggests the concept of forming efficient competitive environment management mechanism in branches of Belarusan economy.

Consumer at the Market: not to be Left Alone

Petrovich M.

The article views customers’ behavior global tendencies at the consumer market in the XXI century. The essence of the problems of commodity producers’ interaction, retail trading networks and customers are defined. Concrete suggestions in the field of perfection the mechanism of customers’ rights protection in the Republic of Belarus are introduced.

Development of Services as a Major Direction of Transforming the Branch Structure of Economy of the Republic of Belarus

Cheremisina A.

The main features, the current condition and problems of developing services in the Republic of Belarus are considered in the article. On the basis of the analysis including the comparison with foreign states indicators of development priorities of developing of services taking into account specificity of the factors influencing their development are defined. Suggestions referring to government regulation of services branches with a view of raising national economy competitiveness are made.

«False Consciousness» Phenomenon and Search for Ideology New Substantiation in K. Marks Work

Yeskevich K.

The article is devoted to the analysis of the K. Marks’ views on the phenomenon of ideology as well as its role and status in the social life dynamics of the societies of his time. The problem of «false consciousness» from the point of view of social interests conflicts and historical conditionality of those ideas, social values which form the project of the future is discussed by the author.

Features of Innovative Work at the Modern Stage of the Society’s Development

Sharsunov V.

Features of innovative work at the modern stage of the society’s development are considered un the article. Three basic types of innovations are defined: scientific work, engineering work and innovative business. Their connections and importance of each of these components for the development of scientific and technical progress in the sphere of production are shown.

Foreign Commerce Limitation Evolving from States’ Sovereign Rights

Akimov N.

The article is devoted to the mechanisms of foreign commerce limitation.

Globalysing Man: from the «Comfort» of Governing to Anthropological Megacrisis

Kirvel C.

The article deals with the phenomenon of extra-consumption widely spread in today’s globalizing world. It is shown that the «mechanism of increasing needs» has become today the source of increasing danger and risk to the very existence of civilization and is the cause of global problems and conflicts growth.

Governmental Regional Organizations in the Globalization Conditions and its Affect on International Relation

Dostanko Ye.

The geopolitical processes of polylevel integration in the frames of international associations and organizations are analyzed in the article.

Government Regulation as a Necessary Conditions for National Economy Liberalization

Yaroshevich D.

The article contains as extensive systemic analysis of the liberalization process. International experience in reforms processing aimed at liberalization is explored. The necessity of the government regulation of national economy as a liberalization guiding force is reasoned.

High School Educational Process Information Technologisation: Gender Aspect

Sinkevich A., Rudenko L.

The paper aims at the study of changes and transformations in the system of higher education based on the sociological research to find out tendencies of IT technologies infl uence on the educational process and students personalities. The analysis which was made revealed gender differences in relation to the IT in the educational process. The revealed gender differences must be taken into consideration by all participants of the educational process.

Informational Rights through the Prism of Public Bodies Activity

Mikheeva E.

The legal regulation of the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus is analyzed in the article. The propositions in the field of expanding the content of the Republic of Belarus legislation «About information, informatisation and information protection», concerning informing-citizens about the public bodies activity related to citizens’ rights, liberties and legitimate interests are grounded by the author.

Innovative Development Sociology as a Special Sociologycal Theory

Kuchko A.

The subject, object, purposes, problems, categories and methods of innovative development sociology as a special sociologycal theory are presented in the article. Possibilities of sociological innovative development monitoring in the system of social indicators are grounded. SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT

Interests of Man is the Government Priority

Savchenko V.

The author defines the problems of the country’s progressive evolutional development aimed at providing a man with worthy and happy life.

Land Legislation Perfection Within Liberalization of the Economic Activity

Apanasevitch S., Kasyanchyk A., Raduk M.

The problems of legal regulation of the land relations in the conditions of the world financial crisis are considered. The ways of improving some norms of the land legislation in the current economic and legal conditions are suggested.

Love Native Land, Order Maintenance on it as Our Common Concern

Rad'kov A.

The author exposes the activity in the system of education oriented to the Republic of Belarus development and prosperity.

Methodology of Public Administration Policy Analysis Efficiency

Antanovich N.

Policy analysis methodology to valuate public administration efficiency is the main topic of the article. The definition of public administration efficiency is given. Methodology of composing special indices such as human recourses development index, the governance quality index (by the World Bank), economic freedom index, «freedom in the world» index, statehood index, corruption perception index are analyzed. The main forms of waluating the policy efficiency used in the Republic of Belarus are revealed in the article.

Modern Views on Manager’s Career

Audzei S., Trus A., Trus U.

The article considers career models that meeting dynamic changes in modern socio-economic sphere of the society. Primary attention is paid to the models of career polyvariance and career anchors. It is shown that the application of these models while forming a manager’s career contributes to his advancement.

National Bank of the Republic of Belarus as Village Reconstruction Program Participant

Kadushko N.

The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus activity in the field of Belarusian countryside revival is viewed in the article.

National Insurance

Yanchuk M.

National insurance is defined in the article. Its division into types and criteria are given. Special attention is paid to its aims and functions. The system of national insurance in Belarus through the prism of legislation is analyzed.

Nativeland in the Perception of Population of Modern Belarus

Kotliarov I., Naumenko L., Voroshen' N.

The results of sociological research of the citizens’ idea of «native land» carried out by the SSI «The Institute of Sociology of the NAS Belarus» are analyzed in the article.

On the Way to Strengthening the Republic of Belarus Agrarian Economy

Shapiro S.

The problems of the Belarusian model of rural economy management in the conditions of the sovereign state formation and the rural economy orientation at achieving the European level of development are considered in the article.

Optimal Legislation to Native Land Refining

Andreichenko V.

The article defines some aspects of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus legislative activity.

Peculiarities of Budgetary Financing of the Scientific and Informational Activities in the Republic of Belarus

Yakovleva V.

The article is devoted to the actual problems of budgetary financing of the scientific and informational activities in the Republic of Belarus. The author examines possible means of the scientific and informational activities financial support at the stage of its formation and development in the Republic of Belarus.

Peculiarities of the Youth Activity in the Complex Modernization of the Real Sector of the Economy of the Republic of Belarus

Sapelkin Ye.

The main directions and forms of the youth participation in the complex modernization of the real sector of economy, the realization of republic, sectoral and regional programmes of innovative development in the Republic of Belarus are presented in this article.

Political Symbolism in Normative Evaluative Content of Belarusians’ Political Culture

Astapovskij V., Sokolov B.

The author examines the role of political symbols and the language of political culture in the life of a modern state and shows the connection between political symbols and ideological processes in the contemporary history of Belarus.

Politics New Pragmatism and Global Security Perspectives in the XXI Century

Yelfimov V.

The newest trends in globalizing security process and perspectives of applying political pragmatism to them are viewed in the article.

Populated Areas Improvement in the Framework of 2009 «Native Land» Year Realization

Sushko S.

The article reveals the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Belarus activity in the field of creating favorable housing conditions in populated areas and tasks.

Regional Plan Realization in the Field of Native Land Year in Minsk Region in 2009 Year

Krupets L.

Measures of Regional Plan aimed at maintaining order on the native land and accomplishing populated areas territories are considered in the article.

Region Competitiveness Rise as the Main Aim of the State and Local Government Bodies

Golovachev A.

Actuality, essence and aims of region competitiveness are defined by the author. Methodical approaches to region competitiveness evaluation are offered. Special attention is paid to the necessity of raising human capital competitiveness - the fundamental basis of raising competitiveness of the state, region, industries, enterprises and native goods.

Significance of the Formal-Logical Law of the Excluded Third Crimes for Qualification

Marchuk V.

The article based on studies of literature and law enforcement practice of the Republic of Belarus considers the nature and significance of the formal logical law of the excluded third in crime qualification. The author holds the distinction between the law of the excluded third and the formal logical law of the lack of controversy. The author justifies the conclusion that the law of the excluded third can be applied only while comparing conflicting judgments. Basing on practical experience the author analyzes common errors in crimes qualification related to violation of the law of the excluded third.

Social and Pedagogical Aspects of Educational Establishments and the Orthodox Church Interaction in the Republic of Belarus

Sukhotski N.

State-confessional relations in the sphere of education are viewed in the article. The basic problems of cooperation of establishment of education and Orthodox Church in the Republic of Belarus are discussed.

Socio-Political Pecularities of Secular and Religious Education in the Republic of Belarus

Schekin N., Zemliakov L.

Political and legal features of conventional and religious education in the Republic of Belarus are determined by the antinomy of secularism and freedom of conscience. The future of Belarusian education policy is connected with the comprehensive legislation elaboration eliminating collisions and gaps in political and legal regulation to unifying national legislation and ensuring the right for education as well as freedom of conscience.

The Problem of Default in Parties Appearance at the Trial in the Civil Procedure

Bodakova O.

The paper considers the consequences of default in a plaintiff and defendant appearance at the trial. It reflects issues of legal regulation of default proceedings in foreign countries. Recommendations for theoretical and practical solution of the problem of a plaintiff and defendant absence from civil proceedings are made. Suggestions to introduce default hearings in the Code of Civil Procedure of the Republic of Belarus are submitted.

The Status of Methodological Innovations in Modern Scientific Cognition

Dabrarodni D.

The article provides philosophical analysis of the methodological innovations phenomenon in the field of scientific cognition. The author analyses main approaches to the problem of innovations, examines the interdependence between innovations and traditions, defines the methodological innovations phenomenon. The article also considers basic directions of working out methodological innovations in the modern science and their importance for the scientific cognition development.

Trends of Public Family Policy Perfection

Yaschuk H.

The trends of public family policy perfection are viewed in the article.




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