Advertising Services Market During the Crisis in Time of Crisis and After It

Brass A., Kononova L.

External and internal causes for the crisis in the advertising branch, threats and opportunities which the crisis brings to the advertising companies are considered in the article. An attempt to outline some contours of the future advertising market is made.

Comparative Analysis of Institutional and Economic Dynamics in Russia and Belarus (2000)

Ivanov V., Ovsienko Y., Tikhonov A., Yasinsky Y.

Institutional transformations and economic dynamics in Russia and Belarus have been analyzed. Factors of economic growth in both the countries have been studied. It is shown that the Belarusian model of institutional transformations has provided greater and sustainable economic growth, while the Russian model has proved to be ineffective despite huge rent incomes during the high oil prices period.

Constitutional Laws: Some Questions of the Theory

Kurak A.

The problem concerning concepts, kinds and legal force of the constitutional laws is considered. The author analyzes opinions available in the literature on this question, investigates foreign practice.

Debureaucratization as an Essential Condition of Building the State for the People

Proleskovskiy O., Kryshtapovich L.

The policy of debureaucratization of the state machinery in the Republic of Belarus in the context of the Building the State for the People policy is analyzed.

Development and Teaching of Logic in Belarus: Historical and Methodological Essay

Berkov V., Yaskevich Ya., Legchilin A.

The article highlights the contribution of Belarusian scientists to the development of logic as a theoretical discipline having great cultural and methodological significance, to the methodology of its teaching in preparation of highly qualified specialists.

Development of Anti-Corruption Identity in a Person as a Factor of National Security

Vishnevskay V.

The paper studies the dynamics of the structure of professional identity, the general system of formation and functioning of the reference image of a professional. The questions of development of anti-corruption awareness of the individual are considered. The focus on the feasibility of a comprehensive study of such categories as: «self-image - ego professional», «self-image - ego in a profession», «the master image of a professional». The model of formation and functioning of the «reference image of a professional», which to some extent, expands the existing understanding of the phenomenon.

Direct Quotas and Quotas Through Subcontracting as Major Tools of Attracting Small Businesses to Public Procurement

Kirsanova I.

This article is devoted to the study of the basic tools used in the framework of the state policy to attract small business to public procurement - direct quotas and quotas through subcontracting. The author has studied foreign experience (U.S.А., EU, and Russia) of successful implementation of these tools in public procurement system.

Ensuring National Security of the Republic of Belarus as a Crucial Factor in the Development of the State under Present-day Conditions

Maltzev L.

The basic provisions of the New Conception of National Security of the Republic of Belarus are revealed.

Estimation Procedure of the Influence of the Organizational Structure on the Effectiveness of the Enterprise Operation on the Example of the Communal Unitary Integrated Manufacturing Enterprise «Housing and Communal Services»

Vysotskiy O., Sedegov R.

The technique of estimation procedure of the influence of the organizational structure on the effectiveness of the enterprise operation on the example of the communal unitary integrated manufacturing enterprise «Housing and Communal Services» (CUIME HCS) is described. Dependence of a controllability level of the organizational structure of the enterprise operation (CLoseo) on two manageability coefficients is revealed. The first manageability coefficient is calculated on the basis of the number of the personnel, experts and the management personnel. The second manageability coefficient is calculated as the ratio between the number of the present and absent departments necessary for the normal functioning of the enterprise. The average CLoseo for the analyzed enterprises is calculated which is equal to 0,39, or 39% that corresponds to the restructuring zone of the given organizational structures. The low CLoseo claims the necessity for the restructuring of the organization and creation of conditions for its rational development.

Family as a Primary and Most Important Educational Collective

Shchayuk S.

This article is devoted to the problem of fulfillment of the proper family education and its influence on the formation and development of a child’s personality.

Harmonization of Management Business Processes by the Enterprise Innovation Projects

Montik O.

The analysis of existing in scientific and economic literature viewpoints on innovation project and its basic stages is given in the article. Prime importance of such elements in the system of innovation project management as project objectives, sharing roles and responsibilities for various project stages, harmonization of stages and management business processes, and the system of business-process indicators. The system of project objectives, sharing roles and responsibilities for various project stages, harmonization of stages and management business processes and business-process indicators is worked out in the article and recommended for implementation.

Ideology and Elections

Reshetnikov S.

The analysis of the main stages of informatization development in the Republic of Belarus over the past 15 years is presented. The legal foundation as well as directions and trends of the information society development in the coming years are analyzed.

Legal Essence of Acts of Official Interpretations of the Norms of the Constitutional Law in the Republic of Belarus

Konovalchenko E.

The article is devoted to research of legal essence of acts of official interpretation of the constitutional law norms. The given acts are defined by the author as legal, but not regulatory, and, at the same time, as not having law enforcement duty. The author argues the belonging of the acts of official interpretation of the constitutional law norms to the sources of the constitutional law in material sense. Various classifications of acts of the official interpretation having important scientific and practical value are listed.

Legal Regulation of Volunteer Activities in the Republic of Belarus as a Form of the Right to Freedom of Association

Gakalo E.

The issues of legal regulation of participation of people in non-government organizations are considered. The necessity for development of legislation in the Republic of Belarus concerning the implementation of the rights for organization of volunteers for public utility as well as complex legal regulation of this sphere is argued.

New Generation Leadership Training on the Example of the Project «The Minsk Young Generation: the Leader - 2010»

Morozevich A., Titenkov M.

The problem of working out and implementing the youth leadership projects is analyzed. Professional and personal qualities of a leader are defined. Peculiarities of the special project work with the students of higher educational establishments of Minsk included in the perspective cadre reserve are disclosed. Tasks for further development of student leaders training are formulated.

On the Legal Issues of the Marriage Terms and Conditions in Belarus

Korotkevich M.

Conditions of contracting a marriage according to the legislation of Republic of Belarus are considered in the article, special attention is given to the analysis of obstacles to marriage.

President of the Republic of Belarus On the Cadre Policy, State-Building, and Administrative Personnel (From the speech of the President of the Republic of Belarus on the cadre policy, state-building, and public administrative cadres made when visiting the Academy of Public Administration under the Aegis of the President of the Belarus on September 24, 2010)

Lukashenko A.

Realization Mechanism of Geoeconomic Strategy of Ecological Policy

Malysh N.

The problems of formation and realization of the mechanism of the ecological policy are studied. The basic measures for the formation of the effective geoeconomic strategy of ecological policy are defined. Economic factors for the ecological crisis in Ukraine are considered. The major directions for convergence the ecological legislation of Ukraine to the legislation of the Europe Union are analyzed.

Reformation Peculiarities of Housing and Communal Services Enterprises as Objects of Public Administration

Dragan I.

In the article the peculiarities of the housing and communal services as objects of public administration are considered.

Some Aspects of Legislation Improvement Concerning International Legal Aid in Civil Cases in the Republic of Belarus

Tsvetkova E.

The international legal aid in civil cases is a form of co-operation of the states in the legal field. Quality of legal regulation of relations concerning rendering the international legal aid is directly reflected on the reputation of the state and injection of investments into national economy. The analysis of the law rules regulating the relations concerning rendering the international legal aid testifies the necessity of certain improvement of the current legislation in the given sphere.

Some Problems of Scientific and Information Activity Organization in the Republic of Belarus

Yakovleva V.

The article is devoted to the research of scientific and information activity organization problems in the Republic of Belarus. The article also contains analysis of the current legislation regulating legal relations in the scientific and information sphere drawing the reader’s attention to the lack of legal rules in the Republic of Belarus legislation which would regulate public relations in the scientific and information sphere.

Sustainable development in the XXI century

Babosov E.

On the basis of statistical data and materials of the sociological researches conducted in Belarus the author analyses the essence, the basic features and imperatives of stable social and economic development. Dynamics of qualitative and quantitative changes of the major components of the sustainable development of the country is analyzed. All this essentially is coordinated with the strategy of sustainable development that was initiated by and carried out under the direction of the Head of the State A.G. Lukashenko.

The Chinese Factor in the Development of Sovereign Belarus

Tozik A.

The article deals with the application of the Chinese experience of economic development in the shaping of the Belarusian economic model, the necessity of use of the trade, economic, loan and investment cooperation potential with China to modernize and increase competitiveness of the national economy.

The Principle of Consensus in the National and State Interests of the Republic of Belarus

Gusev A.

The article considers the national interests of the Republic of Belarus in the context of globalization processes.

The State’s Governance of Informatization: the Main Stages of Development

Strukov N.

The main stages of development of informatization in the Republic of Belarus over the past 15 years, analyzes the legal framework, as well as directions and trends of information society development in the coming years.

The State System of Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus - a Key Element of Information and Legal Policy of the State

Kravtsov O.

This article examines the nature and main directions of the functioning of the State System of Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus (SSLI) as an integral component of information and legal policy of the state.

The Transition to a New Model of Social Policy in the Republic of Belarus: Results and Perspectives

Morova A.

The article reveals the shortcomings of the social policy of the 90-ies and the need to transition to a new effective model of social policy. The major features of this model of social policy, principles of its construction, and guidelines for its realization are described. The results of the transition to the new model and its legal foundation are presented.

Together with the People - to the Prosperity of the Country

Andreichenko V.

The political, economic, social and other positive changes have occurred in the sovereign, independent Belarus in the interests of the people became possible largely due to the efficiently formed legal foundation. The Belarusian MPs consider the adoption of qualified statues that will provide the implementation of the tasks to be assigned by the Fourth Belarusian People’s Assembly as the priority of their legislative activity.


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