Administrative Education: Problems and Possibilities

Shrubenko A.

The problems and trends of administrative education are analyzed. A unique character of a public administration executive’s profession is revealed. The author’s definitions of «competency» and «competence» are given. A graduate’s ideological and ethical character is projected. The necessity for higher educational establishments training public administration executives to cooperate is grounded. The algorithm and directions of this cooperation are suggested.

Analysis of the Economic Theory of Indexes

Zahoroshko S.

In this article the economic theory of index numbers and its modification - the theory of «true» cost-of-living index numbers - are studied. Critical analysis of theoretical and methodological bases of the given theory is provided. Drawbacks of some conceptual foundations of the theory are pointed out.

Belarusian Political Science: Achievements and Development Perspectives

Krivoshei D.

The process of formation and development of a political-legal mechanism of realization of a cultural policy of the Republic of Belarus is considered in the article. Principal dispositions of the legislation on culture are analyzed.

Belarus’ Participation in the Integration Processes in the Post-Soviet Space

Gusev A.

The article considers the basic reasons and peculiarities of the integration processes in the post-soviet space and participation of the Republic of Belarus in these processes.

Concept and Typology of Religious Communities

Balich N.

The article analyses the phenomenon of religious communities, their place among other social groups, and their types on the basis of a through scruting of native and foreign scientists’ works. Causes and characteristics of religious communities functioning are described. Factors contributing to the formation of an individual’s riews, piety and convictions are revealed.

Constitutionality as an Indispensable Condition of Normative Acts Quality

Vasilevich G.

An assessment of legal and normative acts quality is analyzed from the position of evaluating their constitutionality. Attention is paid not only to a formal supremacy of the Constitution, but also to its spirit and letter. Some suggestions aimed at eliminating lacks and other defects in legislative acts are made.

Decent Life for Everyone is the Primary Aim of Economy Growth

Yakobson A.

Gomel Oblast Executive Committee activity in the field of region effective socially oriented economy formation is analyzing. The package in the field of worthy people’s life level is presented.

Democratic Elections as a Basis of the Republic of Belarus Political System

Astapovsky V.

The author examines the electoral system of the Republic of Belarus, its role and functions in the political system of the society, stages of the electoral process, changes and amendments to the Electoral Code of the Republic of Belarus.

Economic Behavior of Employed Population of Belarus in the Context of Market Transformations

Palhovskaya K.

The author investigates the influence of economic behavior of the working population of Belarus on the effectiveness of its adaptation in the conditions of market transformations.

Economic Growth Quality Social Constituent: Theoretical and Methodological Interpretation

Morova A.

Theoretical and methodological problems of economic growth quality social constituent are defined. «Economic Growth Quality» concept and its social constituent are revealed. Its main characteristics and interconnaction with economic constituent are defined. The data related to the Republic of Belarus is given. The problem of economic growth quality practical change measurement is considered.

Features of Legal Relations in Cultural Values Restitution in International Private Law

Korol' H.

The article is devoted to the research of characteristic features of legal relations which arise in the restitution of cultural values. The concept of restitution is revealed, its various semantic aspects are reflected, necessity the private-law analysis of the of restitution problem is proved. The author considers restitution legal relation by means of investigating its object, subject and content.

Forming Active Civic Stand of Graduating Students

Vaschaeva T.

The article is devoted to the EI «Belarusian Agrarian Technical University» activity in the field of training and breeding personnel with an innovative way of thinking and to the problem of student’s socio-personal competencies development.

Industrial Enterprise Economic Security: Conceptual and Categoric Apparatus

Serduk R.

On the basis of a complex analysis of scientific and applied house and foreign researches the author suggests the definition of economic safety of an industrial enterprise with due regard for dynamic processes in the modern competitive environment.

Informatization and National-State: Geopolitical Aspect

Kizima S.

The article analyzes peculiarities of development of the informatization process in the context of western globalization project and its geopolitical influence on the nation-state.

Innovative Approaches to Conducting Classes in Methods of Investigating Some Kinds of Crimes

Guchok A.

The article is devoted to the problem of raising efficiency of practical classes in higher educational establishment of a legal profile in accordance with the methods of investigating some kinds of crimes. The teaching process is suggested to be built on the basis of the science of crime detection paradigm, the doctrine about the material structure of a crime and basic statements of the theory of object-oriented modeling of investigation processes, with the use of archival criminal cases.

Instruments and Methods of Globalization in the Modern Period

Volkov G.

Basic instruments and methods of globalization at present are described in the article. Although armed forces still play a cardinal role in the globalization process latent hegemony trends to be playing a more important role.

Intellectual Property Rights Legislative Regulation: Trends of Reformation

Kolesen' N.

The legislation changes of intellectual property rights regulation in the context of stable development principles implementation are analyzed in the article.

Life Expectancy at Birth in the Republic of Belarus as a Demographic Determinant of the Quality of Life

Voytsehovski V., Kozlova T., Suvorova I.

The article contains analysis of life expectancy at birth (average life expectancy) as a constituent part of the nation’s life quality and welfare, estimation and comparison with other states of the world. Possible ways of raising life experience in the Republic of Belarus are considered.

Linguistic and Socio-Philosophic Analysis of Social Administration Phenomenon

Golubev V.

The “Social Administration” phenomenon through the prism of Linguistic and semantic analysis is given in the article, as well as the structural and functional analyses of the phenomenon and on its basis the definition is proposed.

Linguistic Education in the Conditions of Transfer to New State Standards: Aims, Content, Technologies

Volod'ko S.

The article analyses aims, contents and technologies of teaching students of non-linguistic Universities professional foreign language at the modern stage of higher education transition to new state standards. On the example of LSP-manual (Language for Specific Purposes) «English for Economists» designed by the Department of Foreign Languages of the Academy of Public Administration under the Aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus the author considers the question what sort of a new generation manual would meet the requirements the society claims to the quality of young specialists training.

Marketing Support Mechanism Perfection of Science Intensive Enterprises Innovation Activity

Arhipova L., Medvedeva L.

The ways of science intensive enterprises innovation activity perfection in the В2В market competitive business-case formation are viewed in the article. Practical recommendations related to an early involvement of enterprise dominant clients into the process of a new product choice and its promotion are suggested.

Moral and Anthropological Changes of Socio-Humanitarian Knowledge and Modern Democracy

Yaskevich Ya.

The dynamics, interdisciplinary strategies of social philosophy and socio-humanitarian knowledge are analyzed, the mechanisms of modern liberal democracy crisis and tendencies of moral and anthropological changes are revealed. It is shown, that the present situation requires new forms and procedures of democracy, which take into consideration global changes of the modern society alongside with classical principles of democracy.

National Library of Belarus as a Republican Information Center

Motul'ski R.

The author reveals the unique character of the National Library of Belarus, the activity of which is aimed at forming intellectual potential of our society, at creating of necessary conditions for the integration of the Republic of Belarus into the world information space.

New Paradigm of the Structural Transformation of Organizational and Economic Mechanism of the Region Management

Gherasenko V.

A new paradigm of improving the region management based on the structural transformation of its organizational and economic mechanism and aimed at raising human development potential is suggested. The priority directions of the territorial mechanism transformation, reflecting coordination of interests of the state, region, economic agents and population and oriented on incresing human development potential are defined.

Organizational and Managerial Model of the Interaction Between Secondary School and Belarusian Orthodox Church

Savostyonok P., Sukhotski N.

The article offers organizational and managerial model of interaction between secondary school and Belarusian Orthodox Church. This theoretical model will be able to identify ways and forms of effective cooperation between educational establishments and the Orthodox Church in the Republic of Belarus.

Peculiarities of the 26th Convocation Local Deputies Board Elections

Lozovik N.

Main preparation and election holding peculiarities of the 26th convocation local deputies’ board election caused by the amendments into the electoral legislation of the Republic of Belarus are analyzed which are.

Personality Moral Liberty as a Society life Quality Criteria


The author views a wide range of problems related to man’s spirituality formation and personality values. The modern condition of the society as a social institution is analyzed. Social existence principles are revealed.

Phenomenon of Virtual Reality in the Philosophy of M. Heim

Gongalo H.

This article is devoted to the ontological project of virtual reality in M. Heim`s philosophy. The peculiarity of M. Heim`s interpretation of the essence and promise of virtual reality is revealed by examining the correlation between virtual and real between virtual reality and art.

Philosophy in the System of Modern Belarusian Culture: the Problem of Social Mission

Mojeiko M.

The author investigates the place and role of philosophy as a socio-cultural phenomenon in modern Belarusian society and reveals its significant social mission in a historical process.

Principles and Mechanism of Management Focused on the Result

Shahnovich E.

The most important condition of sustainable development of the national model of the economic system is transforming the management mechanism according to the principles contributing to attaining its goal, enhancing living standards and quality of people’s life, establishing connections between remuneration of managerial executives’ labour and work results and orientation towards the challenges of the 21st century.

Priority Which is Beyond the Crisis Power

Krupets L.

Minsk Oblast Executive Committee activity in the field of national aims realization aimed at cardinal improvement of the level and quality of citizens’ life is analyzed in the article.

Problems of Administrative Responsibility for Customs Delinquencies in Customs Union Member-States

Sherstobitov A., Starokaznikov A.

The article considers administrative customs delinquencies in conformity with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Problems of Coordination of Economic Interests Among the Participants of Integrated Industrial Corporate Structures

Maroz N.

Integration is regarded as an organisational process. Interaction among participants of integrated industrial corporate structures sets tasks to determine areas and efficiency criteria for economic interests coordination. The tasks set are solved through economic interaction mechanisms.

Publicists of the Journal «Zaria» (1869-1872) in Rivalry Between Russia and Poland for Political and Religious Leadership in the North-West Province

Doroshchonok P.

The publications of the journal «Zaria» (St. Petersburg, 1869-1872) related to the activity of the central administration aimed at the release of Belarus and Lithuania from Polish influence in political and cultural spheres, at the reorientation of the region's population religious life into the mainstream of the Orthodox Church at the initial stage of forming Belarusian own cultural traditions and birth of Belarusian national movement are analyzed in the article.

Quality of Life is in the Centre of Attention

Schetkina M.

The article defines the «quality of life» concept. The influence of main directions of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus activity in the field of raising the citizens’ level and quality of life is revealed.

Raising National Innovation System Efficiency: Israeli Experience

Vashko I.

Basic elements of National Innovation System (NIS) Israel, their interaction and functioning peculiarities, as well as priorities and directions of the state innovative policy raising efficiency of NIS are considered in the article.

Regional Policy of the State (on the Example of Brest Region)

Parshutich O.

Functioning and development of region economic systems cannot be carried out only on the basis of market self-regulation. Therefore, management of territorial development is one of the integral functions of the state.

Religious Factor of Public and State Life

Schekin N., Zemliakov L.

Religion is examined as a factor of public and state life in the article. The definition of «religious security» in the context of the national security is given. Special character of religious security is revealed. Its structural elements are analyzed.

Republic of Belarus and the UE: Cooperation Within the Framework of «Eastern Partnership»

Dastanka Ye.

This article discusses the main points of the EU initiative «Eastern Partnership»; points out the mail tendencies in cooperation between the EU and Belarus; formulates possible problems and perspectives of this cooperation in the framework of «Eastern Partnership».

Secular Culture. To be Happy in Our Secular Time

Kondrusievich Tadeush

The author analyses modern man’s life, principles and criteria of human existence «field». Special attention is paid to man’s spiritual life, his moral and ethical aspirations.

Society Model: Liberal, Socio-Democratism or Centrism (Comparative Analysis)

Sokolov A.

The article investigates different models of political and legal organization of society. «Centrism» model is substantiated.

Tactical Methods Admissibility in Crimes Investigation

Galeznik M.

The article is devoted to the analysis of the concept of a tactical method, its types and application peculiarities.primary attention is paid to the problems of efficiency, productivity, admissibility, legitimacy and appropriateness of tactical methods used in crimes investigation.

The Concept of Social Changes Subject in Contemporary Socio-Philosophic Theory

Chyzhova T.

The article is devoted to the problem of social changes in the framework of social theories of A. Giddens, P. Bourdieu and P. Sztompka. Introducing key the concept of practice these authors overcome social structure-agency dichotomy and clarify the dynamics of social processes.

The Model of Psychological Correction of Blind Adolescents Emotional Experience in Difficult Situations

Diakov D.

The model of correction of blind adolescents emotional experience in difficult situations is considered in the article. Blocks and stages of the correctional work are described in details. Peculiarities of this psychological correction of experiencing difficult situations with the group of blind adolescents are analyzed.

Theoretical and Practical Problems of Antinarcotic Terminology Use

Rusetski O.

Due to the absence of standard generally accepted terminology connected with drugs in criminology and narcology, the article provides a review of scientific criminological, criminally-legal, psychological and medical literature related to definitions of some basic concepts (drugs, drug addiction, narcotism, glue sniffing).

To the Reference of Classical and Non-Classical in Sociology of Education

Kurilovich N.

Sociology of education is considered as a leading branch in sociology. Its specificity of development within the framework of classical and non-classical sociological perspectives is analyzed.

To the Reference of Research-and-Development Center Architecture in the Field of National Security

Lomov S.

The author investigates the possibilities of raising the national security level of the Republic of Belarus through factors and processes assessment methodology perfection in the field of national security and use of internal organizational and management resources. Prominence is given to the problem of analytical provision of the state policy in the field of national security.

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