Engineering & Automation Problems (Problemy mashinostroeniya i avtomatizatsyi)International Journal, periodical, issue Nos 1-4. Commenced publication 1982.Editor-in-Cief: academician R.F. Ganiev. The journal contains analytical revievs and articles, reflecting present-day state and trends of development of scientific research and of manufacturing of modern kinds of equipment, machines, devices and automation means, as well as the problems of development and new materials and advanced technologies for accelaration of scientific and technicals progressin the branches of national economy and evaluation of technical level and quality of products of machine-building industry.Published the articles in Russian or English.Address for your orders: Elektrodnaya str., 10, Moscow, 111524,Russia, Joint-Stock Company MK-Priodica. tel.: 007 /495/ 672 70 12, fax: 007 /495/ 306 37 57 , e-mail: info@periodicals.ruhttp://www.periodicals.ru

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