Проблемы теории и практики управления


Analysis of Sustainable Company Development as a Necessary Condition for Investment Attractiveness of Business

Galushkina Marina, Voloshin Dmitry, Dosikov Vasily

Advantages, main elements and integrated reporting conditions are unveiled. The authors show that presenting corporate reporting in form of integrated reporting to the public or stakeholders offers tangible opportunities to the company in managing its investment attractiveness on the one hand, and additional analytical opportunities to manage business on the other.

Applying Concession Agreements to Develop Forestry and Mining Sectors of Economy

Maksimova Arina, Nemova Vladislava

The Russian and foreign experiences of developing and practicing concession agreements in forestry and mining sectors of economy are investigated. A SWOT analysis of concession agreements application has been conducted, and main risks of the concession mechanism evaluated.

Digital Innovative Solutions and Problems of Their Implementation: Experience of Auchan Retail Russia

Bek Nadezhda, Gadzhaeva Laura

The paper unveils the specificity of innovative and global strategies applied by multinational companies (MNCs) under digital transformation. It analyzes digital innovative solutions in Auchan Retail strategy, describes problems linked with their implementation in Russia.

Financial Model of Managing North American Professional Sports Leagues

Solntsev Ilya, Osokin Nikita

The article reviews the specificity of financial and economic activities of professional sports leagues in North America. The authors analyze the revenue and expenditure structure of North American sports leagues and compare it with similar figures of the European football. The revenue distribution mechanism in North American leagues is thoroughly explored in this paper.

International Redeployment of Staff as Business Strategy Delivery Tool

Pimenova Anna

The article presents theoretical reasoning on the impact of product business strategy on international redeployment of staff within multinational companies. A relationship is proposed between certain types of product strategies and types of international redeployment which impact on the process of organizing and managing international redeployment processes. The author gives proof of effective use of international redeployment in international companies being a tool for successful completion of company business strategy.

Management of Working Assets: Uncertainty of the Duration of the Operational Cycle

Belykh Vasily

The article considers the probability density function for the duration of a company’s operational cycle. It shows that the observed density function can be described on the basis of the geometric Brownian motion model. The ratio of the random and trend components of the indicator is analyzed.

On Corporate Motivation System

Khachaturyan Ashot

The author holds that a well-built system of motivation and reward, effective manager skills development and successful interaction building with subordinates increase their productivity and loyalty, reduce staff turnover. The article deals with theoretical and practical aspects of how to arrange a corporate motivation system. The research is based on a competency-based method, which helps reveal the level of employee's potential and analyze the structure of corporate motivators.

Organization and Management of Integrated Activity

Belov Mikhail, Novikov Dmitry

Management and organization — as activity types — are structured. Organization components (analysis, synthesis and specification) and management components (organization, regulation and evaluation) are identified. It is shown that, in the framework of integrated activity, the object of organization and management is the linkage (system of systems) of integrated activity and its implementing entity (organizational and technical system).

Ranking the Socioeconomic Development Level of Russian Regions

Buletova Natalya, Zlochevsky Igor, Oleynik Olga

An integrated approach is presented to the ranking of territories, it allows to consider socioeconomic and environmental development aspects, also the human potential level and the results of its use. The authors advance an improved method of effective ranking, which helps not only accurately determine the place achieved by each territory following the development results, but also measure the degree of differentiation between territories.

Russia and the EU: Experience in Regional Development Regulation

Kleshch Viktoria

This article discusses specific features of Russian and European experiences in solving the problem of regional development disparity. On the basis of analyzing works of national researchers, main directions of regional policy applied in Russia and in countries of the European Union whose target it is to achieve regional parity, are discussed. The conclusion is drawn about the necessity to improve the Russian practice of regulating regional development.

Tax Incentives for R&D and Innovation in China’s Business Sector

Klavdienko Viktor

In the article modern transformations of the tax system in China are investigated. Attention is focused on the set of tax tools oriented at stimulating R&D and innovation in the business sector. Basic forms and schemes of tax support for innovative enterprises in various branches of economy are analyzed. The impact of tax privileges granted to R&D intensive enterprises is evaluated.

World Welfare and Welfare of Russian Citizens

Andrianov Vladimir

The article analyzes the growth dynamics of overall world welfare and that of Russian citizens, it highlights the main factors that determine its dynamics. Attention is drawn to the trend towards increasing inequality in income distribution of the inhabitants of the planet and Russia in favour of the most well off layers. The causes and scale of capital outflow and income to offshore jurisdictions, and concentration of assets there are discussed. The value of Russian wealth abroad is assessed and the global wealth growth until 2021 is forecast.

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