Проблемы теории и практики управления


Controlling as Means of Enterprise Strategic Management

Romanova Marina

Setting up a controlling service is a promising direction in enterprise management. By implementing the mechanism an enterprise efficiency-enhancing system emerges, which helps forecast the results of enterprise activities, timely get exact information needed for management decision-taking, successfully apply tax planning.

Environmental Management as Element of an Integrated Enterprise Management System

Syromyatnikova Olga


Ethnoeconomy of Russia's South: Strategic Perspective in Modernization Coordinates

Inshakov Oleg

Ethnoeconomy is not a separate branch or segment of regional economy - it pervades all its spheres, branches and segments. At the same time new contradictions persist and evolve, they shape a negative new-dimensional potential in the development of macroreglonal economy. It would, however, be erroneous to identify a traditional or backward economy with ethnoeconomy

Information in the Strategic Management System

Isaev Dmitri

To secure efficient information support of strategic management processes "a unified view" on corporate information is needed, its necessary conditions being centralized storage and unification of normative and reference information. To process data analytical systems and communications potentialities of information systems, which allow to introduce a unified information management environment, have to be used.

Intellectual Capital: Notion, Essence, Types

Orlova Tamara

At the present stage of Russia's development an acute problem emerged, it can be described as disparity between the culture of state administration on the one hand and the goals of developing the sphere of intellectual labour as well as raising the quality of life of experts engaged on the other hand. This disparity finds its reflection in the economic, personnel, structure, information, technological and other aspects and is registered at all management levels.

Investment and Construction Organization Pattern as Mass Service System

Ugolnitsky Gennadi, Tikhonov Stepan

The methodology of designing a discontinuous event-driven pattern of business processes, which uses tools of the system of mass service, is to a sufficient degree universal to model activities of any organization as basis for taking and assessing management decisions.

Methods of Researching the Financial Situation of an Industrial Enterprise

Nikitina Natalya, Filatova Vera


Risk Assessment System in Investment and Innovation Activities of an Organization

Broilo Elena

A risk is linked with the fact that one cannot exactly forecast the future, hence its main characteristic: risk is applied only to the future, it is indissolubly connected with forecasting and planning and, thus, with decision-taking in general.

Several Aspects of Industrial Organization's Corporate Management System Formation

Panfilova Elena

Thanks to developing an efficient corporate management system Russian companies can gain a competitive status on the world market. Therefore it is important that enterprise CEOs have on the one hand a clear and thorough program of merger with a foreign partner and on the other hand a seamless mechanism of protection against hostile takeovers.

Structure and Technology of Organization Management: A Conceptual Approach

Tretyakova Elena

Important changes taking place in macroeconomic situation and business environment of organizations entail the search for new organizational forms and management technologies, which generalization produces new notions about the essence of socioeconomic systems. The variety of concepts and management technologies is explained by the necessity to resolve narrow and special tasks. A common scientific vision of how to solve problems of socioeconomic development is, however, lacking.

The CIS Fuel and Energy Complex: Inter-State Management Based on Economic Integration

Stanbekov Toktorbek

Cooperation in the CIS framework results in laying new transport routes for energy deliveries, provides for efficient economic development of participating countries, which, at the same time, reserve their chances for consolidated access to the markets of Far Abroad. To realize these chances an international strategic energy alliance is proposed as a cooperation form based on agreements on strategic issues.

The Process of Transforming a Business Idea into a New Company

Shirokova Galina

The development of an idea depends in many aspects on the company founders' knowledge, skills and previous expertise. An idea appears is an incidental process preceded by long intellectual work, years of investigations, which help identify available business chances. The choice of a certain idea to be materialized among many competitive options depends on how the company CEOs assess the market situation and their own chances on the market.

The Tax Audit Methodology and Quality Service Management

Krishtalyova Taisiya

Further development and broad chances for tax audit require that not yet settled issues are solved. It seems topical to create a unified methodological basis for tax auditing to be used by audit organizations. The methodology should be universal and applied to the extent needed by the economic agent.


Научно-образовательный центр «Нанотехнологии», открытый в МФТИ в рамках национального приоритетного проекта «Образование», стал первым такого рода учреждением, призванным дать мощный импульс в развитии системы подготовки научных и технических кадров высшей квалификации в сфере нанотехнологий 18 марта 2008 г. в Физтехе - Московском физико-техническом институте (государственном университете) - прошла презентация научно-образовательного центра «Нанотехнологии». В рамках национального приоритетного проекта «Образование» новый центр стал первым такого рода учреждением, получившим возможность стать лидером в подготовке научных и технических кадров высшей квалификации в сфере нанотехнологий. В церемонии приняли участие представители федеральных органов власти, правительства Московской области, администрации г. Долгопрудного, на территории которого находится МФТИ, известные российские ученые, аспиранты и студенты института.The Nanotechnologies Research and Educational Centre set up in the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) in the framework of the National Priority Project «Education» has turned into the first institution of this kind meant to give a vigorous momentum to the system of training high-skilled research and technical personnel for the area of nanotechnologies.

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