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Behavioural Specificity and Management Configuration in High-Tech Companies

Krasilnikova Elena

The author investigates the role which the separation of property and management within a firm plays. She describes the behavioural specificity of management as well as different configurations of property and management in the context of company development strategy.

Change Strategy and Organization’s Leadership Building

Yukish Vladimir

The author examines the main stages of organizational transformations to be undertaken to help an enterprise attain the status of sectoral or regional leader. He proves the decisive role played in this process by the enterprise leader and manager teams which represent all management levels.

Informatization of Strategic Management in the System of Enterprise Architecture

Isaev Dmitri

The author captures the essence of information and logic modeling of complex systems which ensure information support for strategic management. He shows how the modeling methods, which are applied, position themselves in relation to the enterprise architecture concept.

Institutions Stimulating Economic Players’ Innovative Behaviour: Essence and Classification

Islamutdinov Vadim

The author explains the essence of institutions stimulating innovative behavior of economic players and cites various forms of their classification. He advances his approach to arrange the above institutions according to three criteria: management subject, application scale and operation method.

Integration of Industrial Enterprises and Universities: Conditions, Prospects

Pustynnikova Ekaterina

Key points which help build a partnership between research and educational institutions on the one hand and industrial organizations on the other are explained. Main methods of universities and industrial enterprises integration are addressed.

Life-Long Learning and Human Capital Formation as Factors of Russia's Modernization

Didenko Dmitri

The author studies the competitiveness of modern Russian intelligence-intensive economy in combination with the historical experience of modernizations. He stresses the role of life-long learning in the process of human capital formation.

Managing Innovation in the Region

Mannapov Rais

The need to renovate the system of regional management and bring it in line with innovation conditions and targets is substantiated. Recommendations are developed aiming at activating innovations in the region.

Managing Production Stocks: Theoretical Prerequisites and Modeling Practice

Baev Leonid, Dzenzelyuk Natalya, Tarasov Yuri

The article draws up on issues linked with the theory and practice of creating efficient and fully functional systems of managing stocks. Diverse approaches to modeling stocks management under conditions of non-stationary market environment are presented.

Models of Funding Innovative Projects

Kokhno Pavel

The term «innovation» is validated as an economic category. A description of models of funding innovation as well as various forms of state-private partnership in research and innovative areas is given.

Science as Governmental Regulation Object

Todosiychuk Anatoli

Main organizational and economic innovations aimed at reforms in science are analyzed. Ways are traced to improve the mechanism of managing scientific-technical development and raise the effectiveness of reforms which are underway.

Shale Gas in the EU: What Hinders Its Extraction Development?

Gerasimov Igor

The author describes the situation with shale gas production in the European Union. He explores the main factors hindering its development such as: insufficient exploration maturity, high production costs, escalating competition, strong public and political opposition.

Sustainable Company Development and Its Reproduction in Corporate Reporting

Pertseva Elena

Three aspects (economic, social and environmental) of sustainable company-level development are researched. The best known methods used to assess this indicator and its reproduction in corporate reporting are displayed.

The Development of an Individual as Strategic Goal of Economic Management

Bulanov Vyacheslav

Contrary to the established concept of the double nature of an individual, the paper insists on a triple nature of an individual as basis for triple character of labour. It depicts socioeconomic and institutional mechanisms of human potential reproduction – a strategic target and principal factor of economic development.

The Global World: between Scylla and Charybdis of Economic and Political Cycles

Airapetyan Mamikon

The paper dwells on problems of globalization in the context of genesis and synchronization of economic and political cycles in late 18th – early 19th century. It supports the statement that cyclical fluctuations in economy and politics continued after the transition (in mid-1960s) of the world system from the epoch of capitalism to the epoch of social state.

The Law Making Activity: Assessment of Regulatory Impact

Margolin Andrei, Buchnev Oleg

General principles are exposed which form the basis for evaluating the efficiency of legal acts. Possible variants of this evaluation are exposed depending on the goal set.

The Reputation of a Higher Educational Institution and Its Consumers

Yudina Tatyana

The article gives a typology of groups acting as consumers of the reputation of a higher educational institution. The need is validated to study the evidentiated consumer groups for the educational institution to design a strategy positioning its educational services and improving its competitive position on the market of higher learning.

The Russian Insurance Market under Globalization Conditions

Sarkisov Sergei

The specificity of Russian insurance market development over the recent decade is explored. A comparative analysis is given of the condition on this market in Russia and worldwide.

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