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Criteria-Expert Evaluation of Investment Projects

Kalugin Vladimir

Approval of investment projects is connected with discounting methods of assessing their efficiency based on calculating several indicators, among them net present value of investments, net discounted income, profitability index and others take an important place. The decision-making is, however, not a mechanical process, but targeted human activity, that is why it is important to use instruments, which help consider opinions expressed in form of relative evaluations of money flows

Designing a Generalized Management Model

Usoltsev Yevgeni

The recognition of the fact that not a single business project can be implemented in one shot allowed the author to present production activities as a series of solutions of applied isolated tasks, and to define the 'basic management' notion. Task-setting means translating project requirements to the professional level of task solvers, who are project manager agents. In order to design the basic management model the author uses five role processes - those of administrator, engineer, referent, inspector, and operator - and examines their relationships.

Inflation - a Form of Market Balance Failure

Goreglyad Valeri

The predominant part of discussants engaged in evaluating forms and methods of state anti-inflation policy was focused on how to limit effective demand. The voices of economists asserting that the inflation ratio can and has to be equally adjusted also by the supply side, are drowned in policy-oriented debates. At present, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank are already loosing their prerogative rights in adopting anti-inflation measures, only the government as a whole is able to really combat inflation.

Innovation Development Based on Company's Organizational Potential Growth

Aniskin Yuri

Insufficient organizational potential of national economy is the dominant cause of difficulties in innovation development in Russia. Thus, the task of transforming small innovative firms into companies fabricating high-technology products on competitive scale becomes pressing. The process is hindered, however, by the simultaneous effect of multiple factors of the external and internal environment, and a high degree of uncertainty in achieving results, which requires a new quality of management.

Managing the Company's Investment Process under Conditions of Uncertainty

Teplova Tamara

The author examines the investment activities of companies in combination with fundamental factors and comes to the following conclusion: at any given moment an enterprise has an optimal investment program, which allows to maximize market value. But the measures taken do not always bring the necessary result, and the reason lies in four groups of non-optimal solutions: non-rational choice of investors; agent conflicts; increasing risks and uncertainty due to financial actions of the company; and narrowness of analysis

Market Development in an Isolated Economic Space

Kochurova Lidia

Russian economy can be brought up to a high development level if the scientific potential is concentrated on designing and testing the idea of a developed market in an isolated economic space. Similar successful experience can be observed in corporate structures, which, by adopting the form of transnational structures, demonstrate their efficiency to the whole world. In order to draw together problems of economic practice and the opportunities to solve them on scientific grounds, the idea of experimental regionalization of the economy, i.e. of granting a related status to one or several subjects of the Russian Federation, has to be implemented.

Organization's Personnel Development Based on Knowledge Management Technology

Grinyov Gennadi, Dryomova Yulia

Free access to modern telecommunication systems and knowledge bases makes the human being as a specialist confront with new tasks, which solution is not taken note of by traditional education systems. In this connection, the problem of harmoniously combining technologies of personnel development and those of knowledge management in organizations is topical. Training and development have a common fundament in form of knowledge, to manage it a complex program designed on the basis of systemic methodology, synthesis of interdisciplinary information and corresponding technologies is needed.

The Analysis of Investment Projects Impact on the Efficiency of Banking Business

Savelyeva Marina

When examining the impact of investment projects on major performance indexes of an organization, one can make certain that the project implementation does not worsen the enterprise's financial situation. In banking a similar method allows to judge how the project influences the financial situation not only of a bank, but also of its profit-bringing center. In line with the goals and tasks of the analysis an evaluation system is chosen, which includes four groups of indicators: liquidity, solvency, turnover and profitability.

The Evolution of the Institutional Structure of an Enterprise

Popov Yevgeni

The author, on the analyzing the results of an empirical survey of more than 150 Russian firms made by the Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of RAS, reaches the conclusion about the poly-dynamic character of mini-economic institutions and the ability to manage their evolution. In the framework of the model, the system of mini-economy is regarded as an aggregate of seven hierarchical levels of institutions. This approach has helped identify the life periods of different-level institutions, analyze their management factors, their dependence on the life cycle phase and the age of the enterprise, and on several other parameters.

The Social Infrastructure and Its Importance for Agroindustrial Complex Development

Suglobov Alexander

The specificity of the social sphere reveals striking flaws of exchange relations, the significant role of the state in services setting and forms of state regulation and funding and their combination with market mechanisms, as well as in the predominance of non-commercial organizations. These problems are mostly aggravated in the rural area, which is clearly evidenced when the degree of availability of social services for rural and urban residents is compared.

The Specificity of Influence of Organizational Culture on the Efficiency of the Firm's Personnel Activities

Groshev Igor

Organizational culture of a company is a factor mobilizing hidden human resources and in this quality it becomes an efficient competition tool. The author regards in his article the influence organizational culture has on the firm's personnel and organizational models in modern society. Forming small teams integrated by workers with most different talents and the competences to act independently is a progressive approach, the author stresses.

The Typological Approach to Inter-Firm Strategic Alliances Formation

Kit Pavel

The mechanism of inter-firm strategic alliances (ISA) formation is not only very complex but also the most important goal for potential participants of these alliances, whereas the formation motives, management methods and consequences will be different in every alliance. As a result, when creating an ISA, it would be expedient to rely not on the universal, but on the typological method, which takes into account the typical features of a particular alliance.

Types, Forms and Principles of State Financial Control

Rozhkova Nadezhda

The author's analysis of publications on financial control written by national researchers allows her to draw the conclusion about a terminological confusion in the field: in papers of scholars and practitioners the content of typified groups of financial control are interpreted equivocally. It is, therefore, recommended to observe two criteria in the work, namely, subjects and objects of control. Great attention is also paid to the principles of controlling activity.

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