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Assessing the Company's Innovation Potential

Gerashchenko Irina

When designing the pattern of assessing the company's innovation potential the author has chosen a scheme which was based on elements of income and expenditure approaches and combined real options and excess profits. Investigations showed that the variant suggested is in good agreement with the strategicality methodology whose advantage lies in the opportunity to quantify long-term advantages of the company.

Federal Contract - the Most Important Instrument of R&D Planning and Financing: US Experience

Goncharov Vadim

To win a federal contract for a long-term scientific-technical program is a symbol of prestige and recognition for any industrial company or research center of the country. Apart from funding from state or off-budget sources this order gives broad access of the contracting company to American banks and financial institutions and opportunities to get credits, loans, borrowings or subsidies on preferential terms.

Investment Activities of German Companies on the Russian Market

Potapenko Sergey

German investors in Russia prefer equity of machine-building and chemical enterprises which corresponds to their strategic interests in these branches. On analyzing their activities the author detaches the main stages of German firms' penetration into the Russian market and describes individual companies' strategy on these stages.

Management and Financial Soundness of Banks

Kostikov Igor, Mikhailov Mikhail

By pushing management systems into the center of practical surveillance and management of credit organizations the regulator's effectiveness can substantially increase. This approach

National Innovation System Formation Principles

Polterovich Victor

Transition to innovative development may take place only gradually on mastering even more advanced technologies designed by the leading countries. The principal prerequisite for the transition is the change in relative effectiveness of borrowings and innovations. Only when the creation of something "new in principle" turns out to be more profitable for the country than imitation, mass demand for novation may surge. For this to happen, highly developed fundamental and applied sciences as well as infrastructure are needed, which can promote rapid implementation of the research results.

Non-Commercial Sector of Culture: Socioeconomic Effectiveness and Management Level

Koshkina Marina

Many non-commercial organizations in the sphere of culture and arts face a choice whether to retain faithful but conservative-minded workers in the driving seat or attract alien quick-minded managers to supervise the organizations. The author holds that top managers with economic and legal education and knowledge of interpersonal communication psychology should be "raised" within these organizations.

Optimization Mechanism of Team Management and Self-Organization Process Regulation

Shteinbok Gennadi

By applying deduction and induction methods the author attempts to evaluate team behaviour under conditions of instability of the relations system primarily on the stage of analytical reasoning of generals to particulars (from strategy to realization) and on that of synthesis (from results to strategy). The investigation allows to develop a scenario of shifts from particulars to generals experienced by the team and its workers.

Principles of Foreign Economic Development Strategy of a Region

Vasilyev Vladislav

A strategic analysis of enterprise foreign economic activities involves a pre-planned research aimed at systemic and targeted investigation of environmental factors and enterprise internal opportunities. The results of this analysis can provide an appraisal of the objective situation in the company, design a development forecast and - then - a scenario of its further operation.

Regional Strategic Planning: Main Approaches and Implementation Conditions

Maracha Vyacheslav

By applying methods of regional strategic planning and communication for strategic enterprises and municipalities the effectiveness of state management of the region can be enhanced. In this case favourable conditions are created to cope with existing and potential problems and remove limitations in the formers' socioeconomic development.

Science and Scientific Potential As Knowledge Source: R&D Organization and Management

Pavlenko Yuri

Science is not only the most important source of knowledge and information but also management object for economy as a whole and for individual organizations. In addition, the role of scientific knowledge as management object and resource to enhance the companies' efficiency grows steadily.

Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Managing Brand Capital

Gvozdetskaya Irina

The ultimate goal of growing brand capital and its retention is to increase consumer capital. Therefore we need to have its initial indicator to be able to see how it has grown after certain marketing measures aimed at capital growth are taken. To promote competitiveness on the market the company has to engage in brand building, brand management and assess intangible assets (brand value included).


Может ли Москва стать мировым финансовым центром? Какие меры должны быть приняты, чтобы этот проект стал реальностью? Что это даст экономике России? Найти ответы на эти вопросы попытались участники «круглого стола», проходившего в здании правительства Москвы. В дискуссии приняли участие члены Совета Федерации и депутаты Государственной Думы, руководители структурных подразделений правительства Москвы, ученые, представители финансовых и банковских центров.Can Moscow become a world financial center? What measures have to be adopted to convert the project in reality? What effect will it have for Russian economy? Participants of a round table discussion organized by the Free Economic Society of Moscow and Moscow Public Chamber tried to find answers to these questions.


На эту тему аналитики МВФ подготовили доклад, презентация которого состоялась в Академии бюджета и казначейства Минфина России. Комментируя результаты этого исследования, глава Постоянного представительства МВФ в России Невен Матес отметил, что устойчивый курс евро и замедляющийся спрос со стороны торговых партнеров тормозили развитие экспорта. А исключительно сильные финансовые потрясения отрицательно сказывались на странах с развитой экономикой, одновременно подвергая испытанию устойчивость экономики стран с формирующимся рынком.The IMF analysts have made a report on the above issue whose presentation has taken place at the Budget and Treasury Academy. Commenting on the results of the research Mr Neven Mates, IMF Resident Representative in the Russian Federation, has stressed that a strong euro and slowing demand from trade partners have acted as a drag on exports. And extraordinary financial stresses have been negatively affecting advanced economies, while testing the resilience of emerging economies.

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