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Change Management in Industrial Enterprises: Modern Approaches

Blinov Andrei, Ugryumova Natalya

Methods of managing organizational changes in an industrial enterprise are investigated. The principal tasks of change management in the context of innovative development of production are formulated.

Educational Service: Assessing Social and Pedagogic Effectiveness by Statistical Methods

Kolesnikov Andrei, Lebedeva Irina

The essence of the notion ‘social and pedagogic effectiveness of educational service’ is researched, its measurement principles are defined which take into account the hierarchy of interconnected objective and subjective characteristics of service quality. Ways to gain and analyze corresponding results with the help of statistical methods are proposed.

E-Government as Efficient State Governance Mechanism

Tarasov Anatoli

The notion of e-Government and its role in raising the efficiency of state governance bodies are dealt with. An explanation of the term e-Government is given, its relation with the country’s socioeconomic development is shown.

Evaluating and Selecting Governmental Order Contractors

Kurbanov Artur, Knyaznedelin Radislav

The authors present methodological techniques, which help select governmental order contractors, and evaluate the condition of the normative base in this area.

Expectations Based Company Value Management with Regard to Russian Capital Market

Kozlova Nataliya

The author deals with the approach to value management of the company operating on a dynamic Russian capital market. This approach proceeds from expectations based company value management model, and, thanks to flexible strategy formation, allows a quick adjustment of business to the changing environment.

Gas Processing and Gas Chemistry in Russia: The Need for International Cooperation

Kaminsky Andrei

The main goals of modern oil and gas industry are formulated. Key development directions are defined with the perspective of transition from raw export to export of advanced processing products.

Human Capital Development in the Regions of the European North of Russia: Threats and Opportunities

Kekkonen Alexandra, Sigova Svetlana

Methodical approaches to quantitatively assess the possibilities and threats to human capital development in the regions are investigated. The condition of human capital in the European North of Russia is analyzed.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in Russia

Uemura Noritsugu

The Japanese Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has been operating already long on the Russian market. What should be changed in the Russian management system? Why is the corporation leadership interested in collaborating with Russian universities? Noritsugu Uemura, top manager of the company, answers these and other questions.

Project Financing in the Forest-Industry Complex

Romanov Vladimir

Problems linked with the use of project financing by Russian forest-industry complexes under conditions of raw resources and financial constraints. Ways are traced for further researches enhancing the development of theoretical and methodological foundations of project financing – a factor of sustainable economic growth of territorial and sectoral structures.

State Regulation of Innovation in the Social Sphere

Akhinov Grigor, Kamilov Daniyar

Factors influencing the state regulation process of innovation in the social sphere are investigated. The analysis is based on evidences from medical services.

Strategic Partnership in Quality Management and Organizational Excellence Conceptions

Guskova Nadezhda, Salimova Tatyana, Palkina Yulia

In the paper the evolution of strategic partnership in connection with quality management and organizational excellence is described. Strategic partnership is presented as the most important organizational resource, which helps attain key development goals of partner organizations.

Supporting the International Activity of Russian Banks

Ziyadullaev Nabi, Kibardina Yulia

World experience of state support rendered to banks in different countries is unveiled. New approaches and mechanisms supporting the international activity of national banks are substantiated.

The Company Innovation Strategy

Trachuk Arkadi

The author unveils the notion of innovation strategy, reproduces opinions of experts on the interrelation between corporate and innovation strategies of a company, and presents his own model of a company innovation strategy.

The Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Bulgarian Economy

Vidolova Maria

The situation in the Bulgarian banking sector against the backdrop of the financial crisis is analyzed. Measures adopted by the country’s leadership to stabilize the economy and facilitate its sustainable development are presented.

The Role of Corporate Entrepreneurship in Company Innovation Activity

Ermakova Elena, Kuznetsova Maria

The authors substantiate the significance of corporate entrepreneurship in realizing innovative ideas. They explain the essence and typical features of intrapreneurship as an important component of innovative company strategy.

The Salary and Social Insurance in the USA

Galaeva Elena, Rossikova Yulia

The U.S. social insurance experience is described. Statistical data on the size of insurance fees paid in 2010-2013 to U.S. social and medical funds are cited.

The System of Decision-Making Support for Managing Socioeconomic Processes in the Region

Kryukov Sergei, Patrakeyeva Olga

A simulation model of the regional socioeconomic system based on system dynamics is advanced. Proceeding from the simulation model, the system of decision-making support for socioeconomic processes management in the region is developed.

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