Проблемы теории и практики управления


Anti-Crisis Levers and Their Impact on the Policy of Enterprises

Krasilnikov Sergey

The author shows how instruments of economic regulation are used in stimulating demand and supply. These instruments have a considerable impact on enterprise policy formation.

Business Management: Process Approach

Lapshin Vladimir, Kozlova Olga

At the contemporary stage, team approach constitutes the fundament of labor organization systems. At the same time high-level personnel motivation aimed at attaining enterprise goals acquires particular importance.

Educational Systems of Regional Level: Management and Informatization Problems

Gorelik Olga, Mitrofanova Yana

Stage-by-stage modernization of the country's educational activities at the federal, regional and municipal levels is linked with solving a series of problems. The authors pay special attention to those connected with optimal management of the regional market for educational services, creation of a set of instruments to model the higher education management system, and informatization of institutions of high learning.

European Security: The Modern Context of Management

Likhachev Vasily

The author highlights the basic and innovative idea of the European security management concept presented by Russia as fundament for inter-state relations between European Security Agreement participants. This concept is the most important factor in managing inter-state relations under modern conditions.

Forming Packages of Orders for Deliveries of Homogeneous Products: Optimization Methods

Zalozhnev Alexei, Shuremov Yevgeni

When forming packages of orders it is necessary to find a combination which will help gain maximal marginal profit with regard to the existing production capacity.

IDC: Researching the Information Technologies Market

Farish Robert

The article discusses specific features of International Data Corporation's operation on the market of information technologies and examines issues connected with the situation on the IT-market in Russia

Managing the Company's Equity

Aksyonova Natalya, Prikhodko Yevgenia

In regarding issues of managing equity methods of calculating various coefficients and indicators as well as management stages of the company's equity are examined. However, apart from the methods, attention needs to be paid to the interaction of financial experts and their corresponding interaction with specialists representing complex directions.

Russian Capital: Modern Transformations

Chernikova Ludmila

At present, modern typologies of capital are not fully reflected as a component of classical theory. Without pretending to revise the latter the author proceeds from the need to interpret current financial and economic phenomena in terms of classical theory of capital and build into it the modern transformations of capital.

Systemic Approach to Management: Quality and Innovation

Shadrin Alexander

The author shows the role of systemic approach ensuring the quality of innovation. At the same time the satisfaction degree of at least one of the interested parties grows without impinging on other parties' interests.

The Algorithm for Management Tasks Solution and Its Application in Innovation Process

Reshetov Igor

The algorithm to manage tasks solution associated with self-organization mechanisms has been developed. Its goal is to most fully use the self-organizing potential of the socioeconomic system for management needs, its task is to develop a set of measures in order to identify the contradiction existing between management subject's and management object's aims, and to settle it. The application of the above algorithm is exemplified by solving the task of raising innovation activities.

The Bakery Industry: Development Problems and Trends

Nalivkina Victoria

The situation in the bakery industry of the Russian Federation as a whole and in the Krasnodar kray in particular is analyzed, current problems of production are formulated, measures to solve them are proposed.

The Bank Lending Portfolio Formation

Yugay Alexander, Kagirov Rafis

The article focuses on the task to find the optimal set of credit requests when managing bank lending portfolio formation. To solve the task the authors propose to apply the ant optimization algorithm - a new and promising optimization method based on modeling the behavior of an ant colony

The Concept of Flexible Enterprise Development as Basis of Countering Economic Crises

Kislukhina Irina

The problem of higher efficiency of methods aimed at countering critical phenomena in modern enterprises' operation is topical today. The author proposes a new approach to enterprise management under conditions of instability and unfavorable environment. This approach ensures forecasting critical phenomena and their preventing by means of timely adjustment of the enterprise (flexible enterprise development) to new market conditions.

The Cooperative Movement: Canadian Experience

Fyodorova Ludmila, Yemelyanov Sergey

The article describes problems, the present situation and development prospects of the Canadian Desjardins Cooperative Movement, shows the efficiency of this institution and the chances to apply the Canadian credit cooperative movement experience in Russia, notably in training personnel, in infrastructure servicing, in attending cooperative members.


На Международной банковской конференции государств-участников СНГ, проходившей в Баку (Азербайджанская Республика) рассматривались актуальные проблемы, стоящие перед финансовыми и банковскими системами стран СНГ в связи с преодолением мирового экономического кризиса.The International Banking Conference of the CIS Member States held in Baku (Republic of Azerbaijan) discussed current problems facing financial and banking systems of the CIS countries which are linked with overcoming the world economic crisis

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