Проблемы теории и практики управления


Consolidated Financial Reporting: Indirect Indicia of Fraud

Suyts Victor, Voloshin Dmitri

The main causes and consequences of the phenomenon of falsifying financial records are analyzed. Best known cases of bankruptcy suffered by the biggest world companies, leading in their respective branches, are cited.

Financial and Budget Stability as Fundament for Sustainable Regional-Level Development

Shimshirt Natalya

Issues linked with ensuring financial stability on the regional level are investigated. The need is stressed for an improved pattern of interbudgetary relations, notably, aimed at a more comprehensive tax receipts bookkeeping in accordance with budget system levels.

Institutional Aspects of Russian Pension System Operation

Solovyov Arkadi

The modern Russian pension system and its principal functions are investigated. Institutional and microeconomic problems affecting the stability of this system are identified.

Managing Intellectual Assets: Conceptual Approach

Gaponenko Alexander, Orlova Tamara

The notion of ‘knowledge management’ is specified, methodological contradictions lately emerged in its interpretation are adjusted. The limits of economic and social significance of the new management trend are amplified.

‘Manual’ Control as the Way of Proceeding Used by New Russian Top Managers

Bogachev Victor

The content, goals and methods typical for the category of new Russian efficient managers are analyzed. The historical retrospective of ‘manual’ control as a method of tackling state problems is displayed.

Medical University: Stakeholder Theory-Based Development Strategy

Krukovich Elena, Trusova Ludmila, Rasskazova Valentina

The article shows how the stakeholder theory is used in the methodology of strategic management of a medical university. This allows to assess the efficiency of the higher educational institution as stakeholder organization, to formulate its mission and strategic priorities.

Modeling Company Behaviour

Tretyakova Elena

A new typology of company behavioural models singled out in line with the predominant group of organizational resources is advanced. The typology has been tested theoretically, directions of its application are defined.

Optimization of R&D Funding

Kokhno Pavel

Methods are described which are applied to evaluate financial cost efficiency of R&D for new product samples creation. The author demonstrates the cost escalation and duration of the project ratio.

Program and Project-Based Possibilities to Raise the Competitiveness of Territory

Tatarkin Alexander

The author proposes his definitions of territorial competition, competitive positioning and competition immunity. The specificity and sources of competitive activity of territories are identified.

Russian Banks under Conditions of World Banking System Transformation

Ziyadullaev Nabi, Gorn Igor

The authors research the international activity of Russian banks under conditions of world banking system transformation, with a focus on the former’s specific pursuit in Russia, and in the context of the global financial crisis and post-crisis development.

Urban Agglomerations in Russia: Institutional Development Restraints

Kolomak Yevgenia

Issues connected with the development of urban agglomerations in Russia are treated. Problems of legal and organizational type hindering the process are examined.


1-3 июля 2013 г. на экономическом факультете МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова состоялась XIV международная конференция истории управленческой мысли и бизнеса на тему: «От стратагем к стратегиям, от стратегического планирования к стратегическому мышлению и озарению». Журнал «Проблемы теории и практики управления», выступивший в числе организаторов конференции, публикует на своих страницах наиболее интересные выступления.On July 1-3, 2013 the XIV International Conference on History of Management Thought and Business (HMTB) entitled ‘From Stratogems to Strategies, from Strategic Planning to Strategic Thinking and Enlightenment’ was held at the Faculty of Economics, M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University. ‘Problems of Theory and Practice of Management’ journal as co-organizer of the conference publishes its most interesting reports.

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