Проблемы теории и практики управления


Business Solutions as Research and Methodological Object

Gueorguiev Roumen

Economic risk is not only a danger but also a chance to achieve enterprise success, professor Roumen Gueorguiev from Bulgaria asserts

Casting a New Glance at Financial Levers

Tinkelman Svetlana, Kazakevich Elena

According to auditors Elena Tinkelman and Elena Kazakevich, international standards allow to proceed from the price on the most favorable market easily accessible for a credit institution, even if the operation has taken place on a different trade site

Foreign Direct Investments: Policy Pursued by Central and South, East European Countries

Kulikova Natalya, Feit Nadezhda

Russian researchers Natalya Kulikova and Nadezhda Feit stress that in the Central and South East European region foreign direct investments flow primarily to countries which have successfully undergone market transformations and practise an active policy of attracting foreign capital

Forming a Quality Management System in an Educational Institution

Bagautdinovaa Nailya, Ibragimovaa Anastasia

Making a Choice between Standardization and Adaptation as a Basic Principle of Developing a Foreign Marketing Strategy...i

Panibratova Andrei

National Innovation Systems Formation: World Experience and Russia's Problems

Nesterenko Yulia

The potentialities of Russia's innovation development exceed its final results to a considerable degree - this is the conclusion made by senior lecturer Yulia Nesterenko, dean of the economic faculty, Russian State University for the Humanities

Outsourcing of Information Technologies: Where Lies the Verge of the Sensible?

Starikova Ludmila

Corporate information systems favor maximal productivity growth by minimizing the costs of both principal and auxiliary forms of activities, Ludmila Starikova, manager of WideXs company, assumes

Planning under Conditions of a Developed Market

Kochurova Lidia

Priority Projects - the Strategy of Resolving Social Problems

Nikolaev Mikhail

Priority national projects are social initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of Russian citizens, Mikhail Nikolaev, Deputy Chairman, the RF Federation Council, holds

Problems of Setting Up and Developing Corporate Information Systems

Kiryushin Sergei

Modern software products contain a big quantity of ready solutions which allow to radically reduce the time required for data bank formation - this is the conclusion made by top manager Sergei Kiryushin

The Assessment of Marketing Analysis Methods

Yegorovas Svetlana

The Concept of Organizational Changes in Modern Companies

Milner Boris

Organizational changes in companies are accompanied by the emergence of new challenges, markets and technologies, but at the start cause instability and unpredictability, professor Boris Milner, chief researcher, RAS Economics Institute, warns

The Genesis of Management

Korotkov Eduard, Kuzmina Elena

Studying the genesis of management allows to identify the natural trends of its development, Russian researchers Eduard Korotkov and Elena Kuzmina hold

The Impact of Intellectual Capital on Company's Policy

Teplova Tamara

The integration of financial and intellectual capitals introduces substantial amendments into investment and financial support of the company's strategic goals, this conclusion is made by Tamara Teplova, senior lecturer of the State University - Higher School of Economics




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