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Assessing the Efficiency of Financial Control as Means for Social Sphere Management

Bolshakov Nikolai, Yents Galina

A review of theoretical and practical issues is given connected with financial control over the process of complying with social obligations which results in economic synergy effect of interaction between fundamental factors of market environment, state management, normative and information regulation, the infrastructure created, territorial specifics and the impact of municipal authorities.

Corporate Management System Evaluation: Methodology of Analysis

Tretyakova Elena

The relationship between corporate management and company strategic efficiency is substantiated, principles of devising the methodology of analysis are designed, a certain algorithm for researching corporate management is proposed in the paper

Creative Activity of the Staff and Innovation Environment of the Organization

Pogudin Oleg, Tarasov Alexei

The leading status of any economic organization is determined by its personnel and is achieved under the impact of innovation environment formed in the organization. The most significant factor influencing its positive dynamics is encouragement of the personnel's creativity, whose mechanisms may be multivarious

Designing a New Product: Substantiation, Stages, Prices

Ponetaikina Ludmila

The author presents methods of assessing the expected economic effect of manufacturing a new product, shows the relationship between quality and competitiveness of the product planned to be manufactured.

Evaluating the Performance of a Russian Insurer on the Basis of EVA and RAROC Financial Risk Management Indicators

Beznoshchenko Diana

Risk management in a Russian insurance company is improved thanks to the use of complex measures like economic value added (EVA) and risk-adjusted return on capital (RAROC) - new evaluation criteria for company's performance. The paper cites the author's definitions for EVA and RAROC, unveils ways of their application by risk managers in insurance companies, shows their advantages against other efficiency indicators.

Governmental Financial Control on the Regional Level

Zakharov Konstantin

Specific tasks and functions of governmental financial control in the case of a region are regarded. The basic factors conditioning the need for developing the above type of control on the regional level are featured. Factual data referring to control executed by Moscow Control and Audit Chamber is presented.

Household Finances: Structure and Management

Glukhov Vladimir

The role of household finances in the course of interaction between the state and economic agents is investigated. Household is presented as an independent sector of economic relations having its specific internal structure and links between its members, whose behavior stems from practicing individual preferences and is aimed at meeting personal needs.

Improving the System of Innovation and Strategy-Oriented Development of Industrial Enterprises

Vinnikova Irina

Innovative investment is an important source of economic growth. The main features of innovative investment system formation for an industrial enterprise are its long-term character and inclusion into general organizational and economic development of the given enterprise.

Modern Consumer and State Paternalism

Petrovich Mikhail

The global specifics of consumer behavior on the consumer market in the 21st century are researched. The essence of the problems linked with the interaction of commodity producers, retail networks and the consumer is presented, several suggestions are made to improve the mechanism of governmental protection of consumer rights.

Principles of Enterprise Architecture Management

Koptelov Andrei

The number of changes in external environment is growing at a high speed, that is why the requirements addressing company adaptivity are increasing with every year. The paper considers the main principles of enterprise architecture management, the best-known methods used in the area and advantages of their application.

Russia's Diplomacy: The Vector of Modernization

Likhachov Vasili

The goals of Russian diplomacy on the modern stage are the object of the paper. Processes of general type as well as the use of diplomatic methods for the solution of particular problems are analyzed.

Socioeconomic Development: State Regulation Strategy

Zolin Igor

Objective fundaments for strengthening state regulation in the economy are investigated, evolution of perception and new trends are discussed. Specific directions and forms of legislative regulation of the economy are analyzed, primary tasks to minimize negative processes in the economy and social sphere are substantiated, avenues to improve governmental policy aimed at ensuring employment of the population are suggested.

Sociology of Innovatics: Third Conference

Lazareva Natalia

The Functional Typology of Transaction Costs

Popov Yevgeni, Vlasov Maxim, Veretennikova Anna

On the basis of process approach a functional typology of transaction costs in the area of increments in knowledge is developed. Through this prism the structure of transaction costs surging in increments in knowledge on industrial enterprises is displayed.

The Unified Taxpayer Concept as Element of Financial Management in a Holding

Brykin Ilya

Key provisions of the unified taxpayer concept are quoted and analyzed, examples of world experience in applying the consolidated taxpayer concept are given. On the basis of the analysis made the author proposes to amend some provisions of the concept to have them more adjusted to the interests of state and business.

The World Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Real Estate Market

Razgulin Alexei

The price growth for real estate and increase in construction volume result in a bubble on mortgage loans and derivatives markets. The author shows the findings illustrating the historical impact of economic crises on real estate market, analyzes the prospects of world real estate market development.

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