Проблемы теории и практики управления


A Value-Based Conflict as Enterprise Development Resource

Zakharova Ludmila, Leonova Irina

Problems arising in the area of social regulation of individual, collective and organizational behavior are discussed. Value-based conflicts related to enterprise's organizational culture are analyzed.

Cluster Image Formation

Shchetinina Natalya

The author describes the general process of cluster image shaping, she presents it in form of a systemic model, and gives an integral cluster image indicator.

Enterprise Managerial Staff: Evaluating Its Development Potential

Kondratyev Eduard

The author unveils a set of tools which help evaluate the development efficiency of enterprise managerial staff in consistency with the systemic-institutional concept. He investigates the conceptual model of effectiveness appraisal and two game models.

Forecasting as a Stage in Enterprise Strategic Management

Guseva Irina, Sinitsyna Svetlana

The main stages of enterprise strategic management are discussed. Special attention is paid to the forecasting process as a separate stage within the general process of enterprise strategic management.

Horizontal Management: Trust, Coordination, Leadership

Milner Boris, Orlova Tamara

A modern approach to innovation processes linked with horizontal management in the organization is presented. The role of factors like trust, coordination, power is identified.

Impact Resources: Information Aggression in Business Communications

Dzyaloshinsky Iosif, Pilgun Maria

Methods and practices of the so called information warfare are addressed. Examples of advertising campaign practices of well-known firms are investigated.

Implementing Private Cloud in Small-Scale Productions Network

Rusyaeva Elena

Real chances to implement cloud-based computing in the network of small-scale productions, notably in productions of advertising, souvenir, award and representative objects, are evaluated. Most acceptable approaches to create a software set of ready-made solutions are substantiated.

Improving the Tax System: Transition to a Unified National Tax

Koshkin Vitali, Afanasenko Alexander

An improved model for the Russian tax system is proposed. The new model will allow to increase the rate of accumulation in the national income, thus providing for additional acceleration of economic growth, the authors claim.

Innovation-Oriented Development of Services

Rozhkova Ekaterina

Production, exchange, dissemination and application of knowledge are regarded as the fundament for material and spiritual evolution of society. Services are treated as an important component of knowledge-based economy.

Management Accounting in Project-Oriented Companies

Kuznetsova Elena

The principal issues connected with forming the system of management accounting in project-oriented companies are described. The viability of applying transfer pricing and direct costing in companies of this type is shown, a system of financial effectiveness indicators is proposed.

Managing Cooperation of Organizations: Alliances Management

Khakhanov Yuri

Alliances are regarded are an inalienable component of modern business. Alliances management methods are exemplified, the role of an alliances manager is explained.

Managing Human Capital i n Industrial Enterprise

Bogolib Tatyana

The process of managing human capital in industrial enterprise is researched. The impact of human capital on economic development and on improved competitiveness of industrial enterprises is shown.

Product Pricing in Long-Term Contracts

Buchnev Oleg

The author unveils the approaches to products pricing in long-term contracts. He assesses the use of a sliding-scale price as a universal method allowing - under conditions of inflation - to set prices in enterprises with extended production cycle.

Russian Pharmaceutical Industry: Condition and Development Prospects

Andrianov Vladimir, Toropylin Yuri, Shvaryova Natalya, Gorst Mikhail

The situation in the pharmaceutical industry of Russia under conditions of tough world competition is analyzed. Problems of the sector and its development prospects are addressed.

The Agricultural Economic Policy and Entry to WTO

Prokopyev Mikhail

The goals faced by the Russian agroindustrial complex are discussed in connection with WTO accession. Factors providing the country's food security under given conditions are cited.

The Concept of the Organization’s Dynamic Capabilities: Definitions and Essence

Sharnikov Alexander

The foundation of the concept of the organization’s dynamic capabilities is explained. Various viewpoints as to the definition and essence of dynamic capabilities are presented.

The European Integration: History and Prospects

Kondratov Dmitri

The stages of the European integration are described. The role of the euro as world and anchor currency, and its use as a tool for currency interventions are analyzed.

The European Union: Measures Aimed to Overcome the Effects of the World Financial Crisis

Zimarin Kirill

The author investigates chronologically various measures adopted by the European Union to overcome the effects of the world economic and financial crisis. He focuses, in particular, on the situation which has emerged in Greece.

The Formation of Science-Intensive Productions: Sources of Funding

Pilipenko Elena, Batalov Yuri

The authors defend the statement that governmental participation in the transition of the industrial complex to a knowledge-intensive and high technology base is an objective and necessary prerequisite. Appropriate experience accumulated by advanced industrial countries is quoted.

The People and Property in Russia: How to Set Up a State of Property Owners

Belyaev Sergei

The author proposes a model which embodies the idea of population’s participation in state governance by way of assignment of property to it. This model implies high-quality power inseparably linked with a high quality of life of people.


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