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Corporatization as National Economy Modernization and Development Factor

Senko Anna

The dependence of economic results of modernization of the economy on conditions of corporate sector formation is unveiled, the area of matching national and corporate economic interests is defined. A methodological approach to managing the process of economic modernization is advanced.

Investigation of Market Structures: Lind’s Concentration Ratio

Bukvic Rajko

Chances are displayed to apply Lind’s concentration ratio as instrument in the analysis of market conditions. The idea is substantiated that the above index can be used even for a small economy with a relatively low competition level.

Long-Term Development Strategy for the Pension System

Solovyov Arkadi

At present the pension system is treated as one of the principal chains in the budgetary and financial system of the country. Its further development should be based on coherent application of insurance principles providing for actuarial (long-term) budget balance of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Managing Contextual Advertising

Kmet Elena, Pysina Xenia

Advantages and flaws of contextual advertising are explained. The outcomes of a sociological survey made in the above field with the use of Yandex.Direct service are quoted.

Managing the Process of Private Investment Attraction into Russian Special Economic Zones

Zeldner Alexei, Kozlova Svetlana

Findings are cited which were made by the Center of State Regulation Institutes, RAS Institute of Economics, when researching management private investment attraction into special economic zones of various types. Factors and risks are identified, which hamper the development of special economic zones, proposals to motivate private investment are formulated.

Measures Aimed at Combating and Preventing Financial Reporting Fraud

Suyts Victor, Voloshin Dmitri

Chances to identify fraud of consolidated financial reporting proceeding from indirect indicia are investigated. Proactive measures, which help combat and prevent fraud in financial reporting and are practiced by foreign and national companied, are analyzed.

Moscow Spatial Integration: Concept, Essence, Importance

Ragulina Yulia, Butova Tatyana

The notion, essence and importance of territorial integration are treated, positive and negative effects of local space integration are investigated. Specific spatial development of the city of Moscow and Moscow region on diverse integration stages is mirrored.

New Researches in Cross-Cultural Management: Modification of Geert Hofstede’s Model

Evtikhieva Natalya

Findings connected with cross-cultural management are presented. Main statements of leading experts in this sphere are cited.

New Threats to Economic Security and Defense of Russia's National Interests

Senchagov Vyacheslav

The essence of «economic security» as scientific topic and training subject is explained. New threats to economic security of Russia are listed, measures to defend the country's national interests are proposed.

Organizational and Legal Aspects of Land Use Management

Lipsky Stanislav

Shifts are analyzed, which have occurred during over more than twenty years in federal executive bodies» competences linked with land use regulation. Proposals are formulated to improve state governance in this area.

Regulating Modern Business Processes: Ethical Bases

Dzyaloshinsky Iosif, Pilgun Maria

Research findings dedicated to identify value bases of business ethics in various countries are presented. The research was carried out with the help of a questionnaire survey of 500 respondents in Russia, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England and USA.

Strategic Development Management of Russia’s Light Industry

Volkova Galina

A description of the situation in Russian light industry is given. A strategic management model of the branch is proposed.

The Federal Contractual System: Public Procurement

Mamedova Natalya

The current Russian governmental orders system is analyzed, the relevant normative base is quoted. The specificity and basic principles of the federal contractual system providing for public procurement are explained.

The Organic Model of Brand Architecture

Landgraf Polina

Topical issues of modern brand management (top-quality portfolio management and brand architecture projecting) are dealt with. The author describes the organic model of brand architecture, which is developed on the basis of the theory of business ecosystems and takes account of complex interconnections of company’s brands and the environment.

The Russian Model of Venture Capital Funding: Development Prospects

Novikov Igor

Today’s situation in the system of venture business and venture capital funding is researched. Active involvement is supported of state-run corporations and companies partially owned by the state in setting up specialized venture capital funds in order to stimulate innovative development.

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