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Business Incubators in the Development of Russias Innovation Infrastructure

Gavrilova Natalya

The goals, functions and conditions of business incubators innovative development are unfolded. Typical features of a network, an interacademic and a virtual incubator are exposed.

Combating Corruption in Business: The Role of Self-Regulating Business Organizations

Krylova Yulia

The author shows the role of business associations in combating corruption and researches business problems caused by administrative barriers existing in Russian economy.

Construction Organization: Assessing Maturity Levels of Risk Management

Arkhipova Vera

The author examines the notion and typology of maturity levels of risk management in a construction organization, describes the methodology of assessing risk management practices.

Development Institutes As Innovation Catalysts

Orlova Tamara

In the article development institutes as organizational and economic entities enabling sustainable economic growth are presented, and the role, main principles of activities, efficiency validation criteria of development institutes in Russia are shown.

Economic Policy in the Agroindustrial Complex: Methodological Approaches

Prokopyev Mikhail

The author gives a definition of the main components of decision-making process in the agroindustrial complex and analyzes them. He enumerates the principal tools and methods used to attain the goals set both on the product and the resources markets.

High School Educational Services: Quality Measurement Concept

Kolesnikov Andrei

The author forwards a model of educational services monitoring in high school, its fundament constitute a systemic approach to and the authors original concepts of the complexity and quality of the educational service. He explores five cycles of monitoring which reflect the interaction dynamics between suppliers and consumers of educational services.

Industrial and Environment-Friendly Type of Modernization: Present-Day Approach

Motkin Gennady

The linkage between the economic modernization process and emerging environmental problems is explored whose solution, according to numerous experts, depends on the volume of investment into environment-oriented measures. The author substantiates his position in support of industrial and environment-friendly type of modernization.

Managing Innovation in Russia: Micro-, Meso- and Macrolevels

Yerokhina Elena

The author summarizes Russian practices in managing innovation activities of agents of various levels and investigates innovation at the micro-, meso- and macro-levels.

Russian Corporations: Ready to Grasp Modern Reality

Sorokin Dmitri

The monograph entitled The National Corporate System. Conceptual Bases of Efficiency Management (Moscow, Economic Education, 2011) by Dr. (Economy) L.S.Chernoi is reviewed.

Special Economic Zones: Area of Innovation Development

Burov Mikhail, Naumova Yulia

The situation in and development problems of special economic zones (SEZs) in Russia are analyzed as well as their involvement in the innovation process. On the basis of generalized international experience a set of measures aimed at higher efficiency of SEZs is advanced.

Strategic Management Concept: Evolution and Essence

Reznik Galina, Yashina Olga

The authors list the stages of strategic management methodology making. They focus on several topical issues related to strategic corporate management and formulate a new paradigm of strategic management.

The Educational Services Market: Infrastructure and Regulation Methods

Gorelik Olga

The place of educational services in the market space is researched as well as governmental administrative methods providing for efficient development of market infrastructure in educational services industry.

The Efficiency of Information Research: Models and Evaluation Methods

Evlikova Viktoria

The author generalizes the main models and methods of efficiency evaluation in communications companies, and enumerates most frequent problems emerging in this area, in particular in a situation of a governmental body as customer.

The Outsourcing Project: Specificity of Implementation

Kurbanov Artur

The outsourcing concept, specificity of design and implementation of the outsourcing project are exposed. The goals of outsourcing and directions of its application in a company are displayed.

The Scholar School of Management: Its Making, Notions, Conceptions

Afanasyev Valentin, Raichenko Alexander

The process of the scholar school of management making is shown. New approaches to researches oriented at mobilizing the innovative and creative potential for management are displayed.

The Sphere of Public Procurement: Managing Risks

Rykhtikova Natalya, Kartavy Mikhail

The article detaches the main types of risks in the area of public procurement and indicates measures to be adopted in order to mitigate the effect of risks in this sphere.

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