Проблемы теории и практики управления


Auditing the Municipalities

Tarasov Vladimir

The author explores the experience accumulated by foreign countries in auditing the municipalities, and comments on the main audit models applied in Eastern and Western states.

Comprehensive Development in Big Cities: Cluster Model of Management

Ivashova Svetlana

The author explores the use of a cluster approach to managing investments into comprehensive development in big cities. Principles, which are fundamental in setting up a construction cluster, are cited.

Computing Penalty Charges in Trade Organizations

Udalov Fedor, Khvorenkov Sergei, Khvorenkova Irina

The authors identify the algorithm applied in computing the amount of penalty charges in case of violation of contract liabilities by trade organizations and their counterparts. Relevant practical examples are cited.

Decentralization and Financial Potential of Regions

Shimshirt Natalya

The author analyzes the lines in regional activities, which provide for efficient budget management, and presents statistical data for the development dynamics of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Designing Software Products for Small Businesses: Analysis of Methodological Approaches

Rusyaeva Elena

The author presents an analysis of efficient approaches to development of software products for business processes in small production units. When designing software products for small production units a structural approach consisting in a stepwise break-down of the main target into several goals is the most acceptable one.

Developing Electronic Payment Systems

Kmet Elena

The author investigates up-to-date forms of payment for a purchase, which are offered by virtual shops. It is now common that bank cards remain the most preferable form of payment made by physical persons in cases the value of the purchase is significant, however on the Russian market international card products are still dominant.

Devising the Socioeconomic Development Program of a Region

Yakushkina Tatyana

Topical issues linked with devising socioeconomic development programs in the framework of the state-run governance system are featured. The role of planning under conditions of budgetary and administrative reforms is shown.

Managing Innovation in a Holding Company

Krasilnikov Sergei

In the article the process of innovation in a holding company is analyzed, the specificity of planning, organization of the process as such, as well as the mechanism of innovation management are examined.

Modern Russian Economy: Strategic Orientation and Economic Space

Korolyuk Elena

In the article the dominant trends typical for the contemporary stage of Russian economic development are investigated. The need for changes, whose general essence may be expressed by the term de-etatization of economic policy, is substantiated.

Result-Oriented Methods in the Budgetary Process

Guseva Natalia, Medvedev Georgi

The authors investigate the opportunities of applying result-oriented methods to the budgetary process, and describe the experience of the U.S. where these methods have been in use during a lengthy period of time.

Russian Economy at the Brink of the Decade

Sorokin Dmitri

The author analyzes the main results of Russias economic development in 2001-2010 and evaluates the prospects for the years 2010-2020.

Self-Assessment as Management Tool

Salimova Tatyana

The author contemplates the specifics of self-assessment as a quality management tool based on recommendations of the international standard ISO 9004:2009 Managing for the sustained success of an organization - A quality management approach.

The Innovative Approach to Training Managerial Personnel: Stages and Levels of Management

Otradnova Ludmila

The author deals with problems of training managerial personnel and advances an approach, which proceeds from a unified basic managerial set of instruments needed in the course of training.

The Origin and Role of Human Rights in US Foreign Policy

Petro Nikolai N.

The author highlights the political history of the United States, features the evolution in the attitude to human rights as a pillar of the countrys foreign policy.

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