Проблемы теории и практики управления


Agricultural Products Market: Regulation Mechanism

Burlakova Olga

In the article mechanisms of state regulation of agricultural products market are considered, main regulation directions and tools are described.

Arranging Creative Activity: Main Principles and Goals

Milner Boris

The author highlights the main principles and goals of arranging creative activity in a company and shows the role the creative potential of an entity plays in raising management efficiency and intensifying production.

Enterprise Development Management System Based on Phase Transition Mechanism

Kondratyev Eduard, Chemezov Igor

The authors present a description of the approach to manage an enterprise on the basis of phase transition, give characteristics of the management system and the competences of the leadership in enterprises on various stages of their development.

How to Evaluate the Competitiveness of Experts on the Basis of a Comprehensive System of Indicators

Kara Anna

The article deals with the problem of forming a system of indicators to evaluate the competitiveness of an economic expert and exposes a comparative and the authors original approach to the above system formation.

Interaction between Telecommunications Companies and National Branch Regulators

Tsurichenko Maxim

The author raises questions related to the interaction between global telecommunications groups on the one hand and national regulators providing for building of a telecommunications infrastructure on the other.

Managing Enterprise Finance: Multilevel and Marketing Approaches

Guseva Irina, Podmareva Maria

The authors propose a multilevel and a marketing approach to enterprise financial management. Both approaches allow an in-depth exploration of various problems emerging in financial management and help find optimal ways to solve them.

Product Promotion Complex: Principles, Methods and Means of Its Formation

Korokoshko Yulia

The author proposes her original interpretation of the notion 'product promotion complex', which takes into account modern aspects of its formation.

State Identity Formation: Socio-Managerial Aspect

Sanina Anna

The author examines the principal trends of modern society, which have an impact on identification processes of individuals and social groups. She argues that integration of science, education and business may become fundamental for state identity formation.

The Innovative Development of Russias High School Institutions: Regional Aspect

Gubarkov Sergei, Sazonov Viktor

The authors investigate recent structural transformations in Russias high school institutions and expound the notion of innovation development pivots in high educational establishments.

The Role of Risk Control in Enterprise Anti-Crisis Management

Nesterova Tatyana, Koforova Nadezhda

The authors analyze the modern approach to managing risks oriented at forecasting future situations - risk control. They describe the stage-by-stage participation of the risk control system in the process of crisis management.

The Social Sphere in Internal Troops: Management Practice

Filimonov Oleg

The article gives the results of a sociological survey held in 2010 aimed at identifying opinions, judgements and evaluations related to key issues of management efficiency as applied to the social sphere of internal troops.

The Transformation Crisis and Economic Development of Serbia

Bukvich Rajko

The article considers the theoretical bases, outcomes and perspectives of Serbias economic transformation. The countrys transition to sustained development path should build on an alternative economic theory (the Other Canon concept).

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