Проблемы теории и практики управления


Assessing Russian Territories within the System of State Governance

Anokhin Yegor

The author gives a general review of information flows circulating in the system of state governance of territories in the Russian Federation. Changes that took place over 20072012 in the methodology applied to assess the socioeconomic development of territories are analyzed.

Budgetary Federalism Problems in Georgia

Glonti Vladimir, Tsinaridze Ramin

The authors dwell on the demarcation of tax powers between various budget levels in Georgia as a precondition for further economic development. The streamlining of inter-budgetary relations in general is classified as a factor of progress under modern conditions.

Developing a Modernization-Based Industrial System of High-Tech Society

Kovalchuk Yulia, Stepnov Igor

Against the background of innovation economy, theoretical aspects of economic growth based on modernization processes in industry are researched. Factors and motives determining the decisions on the practice and funding of corresponding enterprise modernization measures are analyzed.

Economic Genetics and Harmonious Development of Organizations

Muratov Alexander

The author states the evolutionary-genetic development theory of economic systems investigates primarily the stages of organizations' life cycle, the changeability of their qualities under the influence of environment. According to the author, it is, however, precisely the basic organization's qualities (heredity - in the economy) that count for a harmonious development of organizations.

Evaluating the Territory Brand: Informative-Logical Model

Groshev Igor, Shapkina Yulia

Approaches to study the territory brand are analyzed. An informative-logical model is proposed which allows to evaluate the brand impact brand on innovative development of the territory.

Innovative Forest-Industry Complex Development

Romanov Vladimir

Problems and prospects of innovative development of the Russian forest-industry complex are examined. It is shown that in order to carry out a radical innovative modernization in the sector the management system should be improved and, notably, project funding should be practiced more broadly.

Institutionalism-Based Projecting of Local Self-Government

Lukyanova Marina

The author shows that in projecting local self-government (LSG) many variables should be considered. To avoid essential errors which emerge in case foreign experience is copied, she recommends to rely on institutional theory and the concept of matrix organization.

Local Economy Development in Russia and Municipal Governance Models

Abramov Ruslan

Best-known foreign municipal governance models (public, public-rental, municipal-rental) are highlighted. The chances of their application for Russian local economy development are evaluated.

Managing Corporate Organizations in Economic Clusters: Methodological Aspect

Pustynnikova Ekaterina

Problems are investigated related to improving organizational and methodological approaches to management of corporate organizations in economic clusters. The author advances her version of corporate cluster conception.

Merger and Acquisition of Companies: Management and Assessment Problems

Simionova Nina

The article focuses on problems linked with assessing companies in the course of mergers and acquisitions. The author explains the advantages which surge in the process for the buyer, the essence of acquisition bonus, unveils eventual causes of failures in applying relevant programs.

Methodological Basics of Cost Management

Zhaltyrova Olga

Main approaches to and methods applied in cost management are researched. The role of cost management system in raising enterprise effectiveness is shown.

Project Portfolio Management Model Aimed at Launching New Products

Pertsev Dmitri

An integrated model is advanced which can be applied to select, with a view of long- and short-term company objectives, the portfolio of projects aimed at launching new products. The interaction of projects within the portfolio is mirrored, the timing for launching a new product launch on the market is determined.

Russian E-Government in the Context of World Experience

Shvetsov Alexander

A short review is given of the experience to implement information technologies in OECD countries’ government organizations over the period of 1980-1990s. Foreign achievements comport with Russian efforts in establishing an e-government.

Small Business: Organization and Management Problems

Milner Boris, Orlova Tamara

The authors present selected results of the activity aimed at setting up the institution of small business in Russia. They state that its broadest possibilities are fully made use of, that is why radical changes are needed in managing the sphere

Socioeconomic Development of China: Focus on the Middle Class

Fulin Chi

The research is centered on China’s experience in middle class formation as fundament to meet the country’s strategic objectives. China’s long-term development prospects until 2020 are unveiled.

The Role of Financial Marketing in Enhancing Investment Activity of Uzbekistan’s Banks

Ziyadullaev Ulugbek

The situation on the stock market of the Republic of Uzbekistan is analyzed. A marketing approach is recommended to meet targets connected with higher investment activity of commercial banks.

The Role of Financial Market in the Economy: Theoretical Approaches

Shimshirt Natalya

Theoretical views on the interrelations between financial market and economic condition are captured. The standpoints of modern researchers engaged in studying the causes of financial crises and their impact on the economy are presented.

The Specificity of Merger and Acquisition Transactions

Tarasova Yulia

Specific historical features typical for transactions dealing with mergers and acquisitions are highlighted. Present-day investment transactions signed on Russia’s insurance market are characterized.

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