Проблемы теории и практики управления


Board of Directors: Assessing Its Performance

Sharov Vsevolod

A description of the methodology is given, which allows to assess the performance of the company's board of directors. Indicators used in this methodology are quoted.

Business Education - Element of Innovation Economy Infrastructure

Lide Elena

The role and place of business education in developing a modern economy - as innovation economy, knowledge and information economy - are defined. The relationship between transformations taking place in national economic systems and business education is substantiated.

Developing the Regional-Level Resource Potential of Tourism: Socioeconomic Factors

Gavrilov Andrei

The author describes the results of researching factors impacting the socioeconomic environment of the region and defines the role of these factors in assimilating the resource potential of tourism

Development Strategy for Russian Railway Transport: The Role of State-Private Partnership

Lapidus Boris

The author substantiates the need for state-private partnership mechanism in order to realize, under post-crisis conditions, the Strategy of railway transport development in the Russian Federation. He also indicates ways to attract private capital

Managing the Loyalty of Personnel in the Organization

Sveshnikova Elena, Asyutin Stanislav

The authors investigate the process of managing the loyalty of personnel, in whose framework the company provides for the commitment of its personnel and its high productivity. The conclusions drawn are based on findings of the survey held in the State University of Management (SUM) among students of the Faculty of Master's Programs.

Modernization of Russian Economy: Opportunities and Constraints

Tsvetkov Valeri

Topical problems linked with modernization of Russian economy, whose solution will open new opportunities to develop Russian economy and society, are researched

Organizational Culture: Notion, Mechanism, and Management Methods

Kondratyev Eduard

The author proposes an integral view of the process of changing and maintaining organizational culture, which is focused on enterprise management. This notion is regarded as organizational resource with ensuing applicable actions: diagnostics of the status, projecting, implementation, and status maintaining

Politics and Economy: Aspects of Interaction

Goncharov Vadim

The author analyzes the interaction of economics and political science. The problem is discussed in terms of categories of public, collective and social choices.

Quality Management: Gains in Performance and Effectiveness

Leshchankina Elena

The author exposes the notions of gains in performance, and effectiveness used in quality management and cites differing positions as to the content of the given notions as well as methods of their evaluation

Regional Economic Clusters within the System of Strategic Planning: Identification Methods

Mirolyubova Tatyana

Main qualitative and quantitative methods applied by foreign scholars to identify regional economic clusters are presented. Their applicability is demonstrated to Russian researchers.

State Regulation of Population's Well-being: Evolution of Approaches

Makasheva Gulbanu

The article characterizes the principal stages, in whose framework concepts unveiling the methodological essence of the category of population's well-being emerge and are formulated.

The Role of Coaching in Personnel Management

Borisova Natalya

In the system of personnel management in the organization, the use of coaching is regarded as an effective tool. The main advantages of coaching (growing individual effectiveness, better psychological climate in the company) are described.

The Role of Dynamically Developing Countries in the Global Investment Process

Pakhomov Alexander

Transborder investment trends over the post-crisis period are analyzed. Special attention is paid to the export of direct investments from dynamically developing economies

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