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Assessing Risks Run in Big Companies: Methodological Issues

Krasilnikov Alexander

Various risk levels that might be used in the process of integral risk management aimed at ranking and comparing time-related evaluations are regarded. Special attention is paid to quantile risk levels and their economic interpretation. Recommendations are given as to the choice of adequate risk level dependent on how exact the data available is.

Crediting and Enterprise Innovative Development

Usakov Vladimir, Degteryov Denis

The essence of the syndicated long-term crediting method is highlighted, a computation example demonstrating advantages of the given method compared with the traditional one is given.

Deposit Insurance System: World Experience and Russia's Specificity

Melnikov Andrei, Evstratov Nikolai

The author analyzes the content and aims of the Basel principles of deposit insurance systems and shows the specificity of their application under Russian conditions.

Environmental Management: Goals and Functions

Savkin Vladimir

Problems of improving environmental activities within the framework of systemic transformations whose aim it is to shape new economic models are investigated, relevant statistical data on the Oryol Region of the Russian Federation is quoted.

Foreign Experience in Managing Creative Activities

Krymov Mark

In conditions of the new economy creative activities in companies acquire particular importance, innovation comes to be the requirement whose meeting helps the companies retain their positions on the market. The paper explores models of managing creative activities and foreign experience in applying them.

Higher Learning: Commercialization of Knowledge and Innovation

Maksyukov Nikolai, Krivov Viktor, Barbashin Igor

World-scale processes in higher learning are addressed, the concept of a business university is presented.

Planning as Management Tool for Small Businesses

Pisarev Vasili

The topicality of the paper is determined by the need to develop small business as an integral part of Russia's economic system. The paper displays the basics of how the planning system should be formed in small businesses, gives an idea of structural and functional interrelations in decision-making, advances the author's approaches to the planning process introduced by the businessman.

Privatization for the Sake of Country's Modernization

Koshkin Vitali

The paper explores the essence of the privatization principle declared by young reformers and shows how the Russian privatization paradigm should be changed so that the country can take the path leading to the solution of real socioeconomic tasks.

Process Model of Management in Housing and Utilities

Khakimova Elena

Main aspects of applying the process model of management in housing and utilities are described. The approach proposed by the author may be applied in designing programs to improve the competitiveness of organizations operating in the area.

Production Orders: Typology and Efficiency

Yukhina Yevgeniya, Grishkin Vitali

Factory orders are classified in accordance with several features, the algorithm is presented which is used on the stage when decision is taken to either put the order into production or reject it.

Russian Economic Forum-2009

Lazareva Natalia

Main topics discussed by the first Russian Economic Congress (REC-2009) are listed, various economic schools of thought and positions presented.

Science, Education and Innovation - Main Factors of Economic Growth and Social Progress

Todosiychuk Anatoli

In the paper conditions of the country's innovation potential are investigated, key problems hampering innovative activities identified, main goals and tasks of governmental innovation policy formulated, suggestions to improve organizational and economic mechanisms of its shaping and implementation in order to ensure the transition of the Russian Federation to the innovation development path developed.

Social Policy in the Organization

Zaitsev Dmitri, Berezin Alexei

Results of a sociological research devoted to the study of social policy strategies in the organization are analyzed, conclusions based on the poll are drawn.

The Concept of Company Production and Investment Program

Mezhov Stepan

State-of-the-art investment and innovation processes distinguish themselves by the integral character of new technologies and organizational solutions, and demand adequate approaches to their analysis and efficiency assessment. This is linked with substantiating the strategic trend in company development, enhancing its competitiveness and solving other important management tasks which cannot be tackled without designing and applying efficient tools and procedures aimed to analyze innovation in industrial companies.

The Principle of Management Integrity: Modeling Subject-Object Complementarity

Mirzoyan Valeri

The author proposes a new approach to analyze the integrity of management systems by way of modeling types of complementing the management subject and object. He substantiates the heuristic value and methodological role of identifying management integrity types to tackle several theoretical and methodological problems.

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