Проблемы теории и практики управления


Cold Mill Roll Production Technology: Management Practice

Vdovin Konstantin, Egorova Ludmila, Davydov Alexei

The authors display the method of assessing work roll life by applying an integral indicator named «total roll life». This indicator allows to efficiently manage the technology of work roll production.

General Bases of Resourceology

Plotnikov Nikolai

The article describes the sphere of knowledge, which comprises organized activities as a whole, pooled on resource basis and conceived as a new discipline named resourceology. General scientific, systemological and tectological foundations of resource theory are researched.

Managing Innovative Company Projects

Emelyanov Yuri

Principles of managing innovations in a company are analyzed, the infrastructure of innovative projects are presented, and mechanisms of active company development are described.

Middle-Sized Industrial Enterprises: Process Approach to Management

Silakov Alexei

Middle-sized industrial enterprises, compared to big businesses, dispose of a limited set of instruments to solve their tasks. The author shows that in this particular case the importance of several managerial, technological and marketing problems grows considerably.

Monitoring Industrial Enterprise Investment Capital Efficiency

Terekhina Marina, Stepochkina Elena

The article is dedicated to monitoring investment capital efficiency of an industrial enterprise. The method displays the scenarios of realizing the project. Variants of reaction to deviations at operational, tactical and strategic levels are reviewed.

Museum Directors and Curators: Managers or Spectators?

Janes Robert R.

The author advances the conception of a new, more responsible museum and stresses the need to consolidate the socioeconomic management of the environment in order to create a reliable future. He also discusses the barriers, which hinder organizational efficiency, and gives examples of progressive museum management.

Organizational Management: From Decision to Implementation

Drogobytsky Ivan

The article conveys basic provisions of a new organizational management theory, which negates the existence of a universal manager and affirms that qualitative management requires a complementary managerial team.

Raising the Informatization Level: Lines of Activities

Gens Georgy

The interview given by G. Gens, president of LANIT group of companies, which deals with issues related to informatization of the country and the role of national IT companies in raising its level.

Regional Transportation Infrastructure: Management and Information Space

Zadvorny Yuri

The author researches transportation infrastructure management of a region, detaches elements («soft», «average», «tough») of this infrastructure.

Regions: Assessing Investment Attractiveness

Novoselova Irina, Smirnova Marina

The authors evaluate the investment climate in the regions of the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation (CFD RF) and, proceeding from the results gained, rank CFD RF constituent entities according to the level of their investment attractiveness.

The Competitive Potential of Organization: Impact of Positioning

Bogatyreva Natalya

Structural elements of enterprise competitive potential are researched, the role of positioning mechanism in resolving marketing problems is explained.

The Forecast of Enterprise Profitability Proceeding from an Innovation-and-Investment Approach

Radionov Nikolai, Radionova Svetlana

The authors investigate the problem of choice of an intensive enterprise development path - on the basis of a scientifically substantiated investment program aimed at creating and introducing innovations, but under conditions of contracting investment resources. Option contract is suggested as a promising risk-sharing instrument.

The Scientific-Technical Sphere: Modernization Stage

Todosiychuk Anatoli

The author deals with goals and objects of modernization in science and education, formulates the notion of innovative entrepreneurship in the state-run sector of science.


Рассматриваются основные доклады и выступления на V Международной конференции «Параллельные вычисления и задачи управления», проходившей в Москве в Институте проблем управления (ИПУ) им. В.А.Трапезникова.Main reports and statements presented at the Fifth International Conference Parallel Computing and Control Problems held in Moscow by V.A.Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences are regarded.

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