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Credit Derivatives: Their Utilization in Russia

Litvinova Svetlana

The essence of credit derivatives as a financial instrument is explained, their diversity as well as the role credit derivatives play in managing credit institution's risks are shown.

Enterprise Performance Management

Orlova Ekaterina

The notion of enterprise performance is analyzed. The structure of a performance management system (with allocative and adaptive components included) is proposed.

Infrastructure Provision for Business: Organizational Assessment

Oveshnikova Ludmila, Sibirskaya Elena, Stroyeva Olesya

The authors deal with the methodological approach to strategic planning and forecasting assessment of infrastructure provision for entrepreneurship. Proceeding from this assessment, the productivity of procedures applied and the efficiency of managerial decision making are appraised.

Managing the Effectiveness of Innovative Projects

Trifonov Yuri, Koshelev Yegor

The authors feature problems of managing the effectiveness of innovative projects in Russia. Among these problems are: the choice of the cost parameter in order to adequately formulate the investor’s goal when realizing an innovative project; the investment analysis of innovative project; the planning of project funding.

Organizational and Technical Systems: Assessing the Development Level

Isaev Dmitri

The author concentrates on instruments which aim, with the support of threshold maturity levels, to evaluate the development of organizational and technical systems. Well-known models devised to assess processes, information and management systems are cited.

Organizational Behaviour - Integrated Paradigm and Mesotheory of Human Development

Panayotov Dimitr

The concept of organizational behaviour is researched. Mechanisms are described which provide for maximal use of intellectual human capital and its transformation into social capital.

Performance Audit of Business Processes as Instrument of Control

Suyts Victor, Voloshin Dmitri

The authors focus on methodological issues related to performance audit of business processes. They enumerate the main stages of measures of control undertaken during this particular type of audit, and also present a standard analytical table.

«Portrait» of a Modern Russian Trader

Teryokhina Marina

The author researches the population’s investment activity at different stages of contemporary Russian securities market development. She pays attention to the impact the development level of the investment market exerts on traders’ personal qualities.

Practical and Competence-Based Approach to Training the Skill Pool

Nikulina Irina, Shishkova Irina

Paradigms of changes in managerial activity under contemporary conditions of management theory and practice development are designed. A model of practical and competence-based approach to training low-level management skill pool is advanced.

Russia as Attractive Destination for Foreign Investment

Emelyanov Yuri, Leonova Yulia

Indicators are addressed which allow to evaluate the attractiveness of Russia for foreign capital investment. Main international ratings are listed which help study the investment climate with its positive and negative factors.

Social Innovation in Russia and Abroad: Comparative Analysis

Kuznetsova Yulia

Innovative social projects carried out at present in several foreign countries (Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, etc.) are presented. The main trends in developing educational innovative projects in Russia are highlighted.

Stimulating Regional-Level Innovative Activity

Mitina Natalya, Shubina Elena

Problems linked with regional innovative development are treated. Evidence from the Voronezh Region underlines the role of clusters in boosting innovative activity.

Strategic Development Alternatives for Machine-Tool Industry in Russia

Akimochkin Alexander, Ryzhakina Tatyana

Development perspectives of national machine-tool industry are dealt with. It is shown that in order to raise capitalization of sectoral enterprises it is necessary to generate strategic alternatives and make a strategy choice.

The Company's Organizational Potential: Measurement Method and Evaluation of Condition

Tretyakova Elena, Glushkov Alexander

A method is proposed which allows to compute the consolidated indicator for the company's organizational potential; the directions of its application are defined, methodical techniques used in diagnostics and selection of target figures are displayed.

The Effectiveness of Public Property Management

Markvart Emil

Methodological approaches are analyzed to determine and assess the effectiveness of public property management. Evidences from regional and municipal practices of legal regulation in the area are given.

The Image of a Commercial Entity

Malinina Olga, Dolgova Anna

Indicators typifying the image of a commercial entity are detached, approaches to its evaluation and management are investigated. The main authors’ premises received practical approval at Metall-Don Limited Liability Company.

The Methodology of «Government» System Control

Boyko Alexei

Mechanisms are described which lead to destabilize and dismantle the state as an organic-type system. The author demonstrates that to control the «state» as a social system, permanent scientific observation of its condition is needed.

The Methodology of Organizational Changes and Business Monitoring

Gorshkova Ludmila, Poplavskaya Vera, Sovik Ludmila

The authors address the cyclic methodology aimed at organizational changes against the background of monitoring of economic agent's business activity already in place. The content of the process is defined which provides for transforming the type of organizational culture.

The Operation of Financial Markets: Organizational and Legal Aspects

Ivanov Victor

The author displays a variety of approaches to interpreting financial markets and financial instruments. He stresses the significance of an accelerated evolution of Russian investment-type financial institutions.

The Regional System of Supplementary Education for Children: Monitoring Its Functioning and Development

Zolotaryova Angelina

The specificity of regional system of supplementary education for children is investigated. A list of criteria is advanced to evaluate objective and subjective indicators which would promote an efficient resolution of tasks set in this area.

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