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Business Education Systems Formation in Russia

Makeeva Dina, Mukhimkhanov Ramil

Main directions and principles, which may serve as fundament for business education formation in Russia, are investigated, a model of system formation for business education services formation is proposed.

Financial Relations in the Household: A Matrix-Based Model

Glukhov Vladimir

The article points out how the state form of government impacts on financial relations in the household, and presents differing views as to the modeling of household.

Industrial Enterprises of the Region: Innovative Development Prospects

Zinina Lyubov, Ponetaikina Ludmila

Modern trends in innovation development are researched through the prism of various activities both at regional and world levels, the process of setting up a technopark in the Republic of Mordovia is described.

Innovative and Technology Development of Russian Economy: Up-to-Date Targets

Blinov Andrei

The author deals with problems of innovative technology modernization in Russian economy, and suggests that resources should be concentrated in key directions of scientific-technical progress, scientific and production structures able to compete on the domestic and external markets should be formed.

Intellectual Capital of Organization: Generalized Indicators

Tretyakova Elena

In the article approaches to formulate an integral indicator to characterize the intellectual potential of an organization are proposed, merits and drawbacks of the given approach are pointed out.

Management Classics: F.W. Taylor and H.L.Gantt

Khokhlova Tatyana

The article is dedicated to the jubilees of the founders of management science: 155th anniversary of birth of F.W. Taylor and 150th anniversary of birth of H.L. Gantt. The author points to some of their biographical data, which helped the management fathers shape their principles in life and their scientific ideas.

Managing Relations with Suppliers through Feedback

Pleshchenko Vyacheslav

With the support of system theory, an analysis of mutual relations between suppliers and consumers on the selection stage is given in the article, variants of shaping management models (supplier selection procedures) are investigated.

Measuring Population Satisfaction with Household Services: An Adapted Method

Rudakova Olga

The author explains the notion of consumer satisfaction with household services and the methodology of measuring satisfaction. She suggests the use of methods aimed at calculating the integral index of personnel satisfaction, considering complain reports of clients, computing average marks (in points, percent) by taking account of the average statistical significance coefficient, as well as the Kano method.

Microfinance - New Tool for Small Business Development

Mironov Sergei

The author investigates microfinance as a new tool for small business development, and comments on the Federal Law No 152-FZ On Microfinance and Microfinancial Organizations dated 02.07.2010.

On the Influence of Manager on Production and Personnel Management Efficiency

Alekhina Olga, Udalov Fedor, Kulagova Irina

Management of personnel behaviour is treated as an integral part of production management. Special attention is paid to the ability of the manager to find most effective tools in every particular situation in order to exert influence on his/her immediate subordinates and the environment.

Process Approach-Based Analysis of Purchases

Koptelov Andrei

Applying process approach to optimize purchases implies a presentation and analysis of activities (in form of operation chains) practiced by business process performers. This helps enterprises reduce internal costs.

Quality Management in a Commercial Bank

Teryokhin Sergei

The author researches the theoretical bases of quality management in a commercial bank, presents the model of quality management system applied to banking.

Regional Tourist Complex: The System of Development Indicators

Vinogradova Marina

The author deals with issues related to formation of a balanced scorecard, which characterizes the development of the regional tourist complex; she unveils the stages in elaborating the system.

The Convergence of Management Conceptions: Controlling and Quality Management

Muratov Alexander

The author shows the need for and opportunities of combining two conceptions - controlling and quality management, and proposes a matrix-based general management system of an enterprise, which provides for a convergence of controlling and quality management systems

The Notion of Social Standardization: Content, Subjects, Objects

Emirov Nazim

Standardization problems in the social sphere are researched, the socioeconomic content of these standards analyzed, typical lines of their application shown.

The Structure of Automated Production Management System: Development Trends

Oblomec Vladimir, Filippov Evgeni, Logunova Oksana

In the article the automated production management system for industrial enterprise is presented, a decomposition of the system proposed, trends of its development are described.

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