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Company Development in Telecommunications: Justifying the Strategy Choice

Kravchenko Tatyana

Conditions of company operation on today’s Russian telecommunications market are investigated. The importance is stressed of applying specialized systems ensuring analytical justification of decisions made in strategic planning.

DBA – a «Mutant» of Science and Business Education

Evenko Leonid

The author of the article focuses on the system of awarding scientific degrees (doctor and candidate of sciences), an object of hot discussions in Russia. An experiment is described of introducing study programs in our country that would be followed by awarding a new type of professional degree – that of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) widely practiced in the West.

Development Problems of Region and Economic Growth Reserves

Barabanov Andrei

Topical problems of the region (as exemplified by the Vologda Region) are analyzed. Emphasis is made on the key reserve of qualitative economic growth - innovative development of the industrial sector.

E-Government Architecture: Requirements, Criteria, Characteristics

Drogobytskaya Klavdia

Specific requirements advanced to governmental entities architecture are regarded. Criteria which may be used to evaluate the maturity stage of all of them are listed, directions of practical application of architectural descriptions are indicated.

Honesty and Trust As Institutional Conditions for Civilized Economic Relations

Nifaeva Olga

The author gives an explanation of important notions which refer to civilized business relations, such as honesty and trust, and shows the advantages for all interacting participants of an honest business.

Managing the Client-Oriented Organization - Searching for a Balance between the Formal and the Informal

Sokolov Lev

Particular tasks set for the management by customer centricity as a special type of organization strategy are formulated. Emphasis is made on finding a balance between formal and informal components in the management system.

New Human Capital Quality

Saralidze Anzor, Donichev Oleg

The condition of human capital in the regions of Russia’s Central Administrative District is investigated, main factors are identified which exert a maximal impact on the formation of relevant indicators. A regional cluster analysis was carried out on the basis of indicators \reflecting the population’s quality of life.

Object-Oriented Event Modeling in Risk Management

Rykhtikova Natalya

The findings of an object-oriented event modeling (as exemplified by procurement) are displayed. It is shown that if using risk maps are used the efficiency of this type of activity is higher.

Personal Quality Characteristics in Multicultural Business Environment

Dzyaloshinsky Iosif, Pilgun Maria

The findings of a research centered on the evaluation of businessmen’s personal qualities in various countries (Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, France and USA) are exposed. The opinion is justified that different social, professional and other groups of population form their own ideas about people engaged in business.

Process Management System in Coal Mining Company

Velikoselsky Andrei

The author examines the formation of process management system - with consideration of the specificity of a coal mining company. Problems are analyzed which emerge when the management system of the coal mining company is changed.

Russia’s Rural Economy: The Outcomes of Land Property Privatization

Zhukov Nikolai, Eremeyev Valeri

The authors investigate the privatization process in Russia’s rural sector which leads to its gradual monopolization. They argue that strategic management of rural economy based on developing state-corporate relations is needed.

Standard Model Form for Management System

Kryukov Igor, Shadrin Alexander

The principal characteristics of international management standards are compared to their Russian analogues. Basic requirements imposed to management systems are cited.

Strategic Planning: Accomplishment of State Programs

Penkin Alexander

New mechanisms introduced by recent legislative initiatives in the area of governmental management of Russia’s economic development are displayed. Risks connected with realizing state programs are enumerated.

The Formation of the European Financial System on the Basis of Single Regional Currency

Zimarin Kirill

The current state and problems of the European financial system under conditions of common socioeconomic space formation are exposed. The operation of the European Central Bank, a supranational entity, in the framework of the European Union responsible for a common monetary policy, is disclosed.

The Fourth Vector of Russian Economy

Sorokin Dmitri

Trends are discussed typical for Russian economic development since the 1990s. The author stresses that to achieve a real breakthrough the state has to take decisive actions that would help create an institutional environment stimulating national businessmen’s activities aimed at technological retooling of the economy.

The Genesis of Global Economic Management as a Function of Property Relations Globalization

Eletsky Nikolai

The link between global economic management and global property relations is displayed. The transitional character of economic relations in the course of world property formation is underlined.

The Public Management Paradigm: Providing for the Quality of Life

Glushakova Olga

A close interconnection between the notions «quality of human capital» and «quality of life'» is shown. A new paradigm based on the triad «public management – human capital – quality of life» intended for public management of quality of life provision is substantiated.

Transformation Models of Economic Development in Post-Soviet Countries

Baidurin Marat

Reform types of property relations as foundation for economic transformation in post-Soviet countries are analyzed. The impact of privatization on transformation processes and political aspects of the given processes are researched.

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