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Agroindustrial Clusterization as Instrument of Russia’s Sovereignization

Vazhenina Irina

A conception of regional agroindustrial clusterization is proposed, whose realization will help substantially raise the level and improve the quality of life of our country’s population. In the end, it will contribute to Russia’s socioeconomic sovereignization.

Assessing the Investment Attractiveness of Russia's Regions

Emelyanov Yuri, Leonova Yulia

Objective and subjective factors ensuring investment attractiveness of regions of the Russian Federation are explored. Relevant statistical data for investment motives and conditions are presented.

Business Culture and the Formation of Small Innovative Enterprise

Gaponova Olga, Korshunov Ilya

Business culture is considered to be an important factor for business success. The specific role of ethics and social responsibility practiced in a start-up innovative company are stressed.

Choosing Investment Priorities in the Framework of Regional Economy

Dmitriev Yuri, Fraymovich Denis

The approach to managing investment based on development indexes computation is described. It ensures an optimal choice of trends of investment in a regional economy required to carry out a set of optimal investment and resource-based transformations.

Environmental Insurance as Mechanism to Harmonize National Economy

Savkin Vladimir, Ivashchenko Tatyana

Problems are treated which hinder the development of environmental insurance in modern Russia. International and national experiences in placing this tool support the advantages offered to various interested parties.

Ethical Economy: Tre

Berzon Nikolai, Milevskaya Marina

Development regularities of the so called ethical economy are presented. The authors affirm that the emergence of ethical economy is preconditioned by certain public sentiments, which find their reflection in governmental and corporate politics, private and institutional investors’ activities, financial and other indicators.

Fundamental Science Development Management

Kleyeva Ludmila, Kleyev Ivan, Nikitova Anna

Key factors for the development of fundamental science are investigated. Proceeding from these, principal specific features in managing the fundamental science system are identified.

Inventive Strategies in Industrial Enterprises: An Empirical Research

Vlasov Maxim, Panikarova Svetlana

Regularities in the process of managing inventions in industrial enterprises situated in the Sverdlovsk Region are identified. Principal characteristics and specificities of these strategies are shown.

Post-industrial Social State Formation: The Vector of Human Potential Development

Tatarkin Alexander, Andreeva Elena

The authors reason the position, which asserts that the vector of human development potential embraces social orientation of the economy, industrialization and globalization processes. Within this set, social orientation is the main target of socioeconomic development, post-industrialization the method to attain it, and globalization the criterion, which implies a more efficient use of resources.

State-Private Partnership in Education

Mysin Mikhail

The author describes briefly the economic essence of state-public partnership (SPP) in education and practical problems existing in Russian higher education which can be solved with the help of this type of cooperation. Main risks emerging in the course of realizing SPP-projects in this area are detached.

The Management System of a Coal Company

Velikoselsky Andrei, Korkina Tatyana

The process- and project-based system of managing a coal company is presented, it helps constantly raise the quality of processes in the company and anticipate changes on the market. The experience gathered when applying this mechanism in SUEK-Krasnoyarsk LLC is demonstrated.

The Motivation Potential of Modernization

Cheberko Yevgeni, Krylova Yulia

He specifics of the motivation mechanism is addressed which, under modern conditions, provides for real producers' motivation opposed to compulsion. The role of innovative culture as fundament for new social relationships is presented.

The Role Played by the Economic Mechanism in Economic Growth of Agroindustrial Complex

Anokhina Marina

The author shows the significance of the agroindustrial complex in attaining national socioeconomic development goals, and demonstrates the role of the economic mechanism in providing for economic growth of agroindustrial production.

Transport Infrastructure: Effectiveness of Strategic Solutions

Livshits Veniamin, Mironova Inna, Shvetsov Alexander

The authors substantiate the need for governmental strategic decisions for transport infrastructure development based on evaluating the socioeconomic effectiveness of investment projects. Applied chances offered by this approach are evidenced by new railroad construction projects.

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