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Evaluation of Efficiency and Creditworthiness of Investment Projects

Stanislavchik Elena

The article highlights the problem of assessing efficiency and creditworthiness of investment projects in the real sector of economy. The author makes a distinction between these overlapping but not identical features of attractiveness of projects for different investors; for this purpose she detaches a clear-cut framework of the project and its isolated evaluation without reference to the recipient enterprise.

Foreign Experience in Creative Entrepreneurship Regulation

Son She

The author investigates foreign experience in creative entrepreneurship arrangement and makes its comparative analysis. She claims that the principle and method of direct support examined by her will help improve state governance and can be used in programs of creative economy development.

Formation Principles of Cross-Cultural Personnel Management Models (as exemplified by Russian-Iranian organizational relations)

Amir Nikpour

Key aspects of building a cross-cultural model of human resources management are addressed. According to the author the principal problem, which emerges when an approach is formed to managing personnel in a Russian-Iranian organization, lies in the perception by the employees of management bases and specifics as well as their adjustment. In addition, inspiring respectful attitude to the peculiarities of national cultures is one of most important steps towards building transcultural values.

Forming Cross-Border Clusters along International Transportation Routes in the North-Eastern Asian Region

Andreev Vyacheslav

The article presents the results of forecasting the cargo transportation volume along international routes at the junction of border territories of the Russian Far East and countries of North-Eastern Asia. The importance is justified of integrating national freight operators into an international system to provide services of intermodal and multimodal transportation in the region of North-Eastern Asia.

Forms of Interaction of Pharmaceutical Companies in Emerging Markets

Bek Nadezhda, Lyubakova Nina, Podsypanina Tatyana

It is shown that in emerging markets big pharmaceutical companies seek to develop partnerships with local companies to gain access to distribution channels or to unique knowledge about national specificity. When making a choice between a strategic alliance or a merger/acquisition deal, the companies prefer the first option, which allows them to achieve strategic goals at lower cost.

Geological and Geophysical Information-Based Decision-Making on the Development and Operation of Oil and Gas Deposits

Guliev Igbal, Litvinyuk Igor

The role of the state in supporting the exploration process is discussed, and also problems connected with economic assessment of the feasibility of developing newly discovered deposits, exploration risks and decision-making processes, which deal with the choice of optimal exploration and development project portfolio meant for subsoil user companies. It is proved that a company as subsoil user should apply a systemic approach when it adopts the decision to start industrial development of a natural gas deposit in order to minimize risks and achieve maximal efficiency of the gas producing enterprise.

“Manufacturability” of Russian Economy and New Industrial Policy Measures

Sukharev Oleg

The technological function (manufacturability level) of Russian economy is assessed. A system of industry management proposals for the Russian economy is formulated. Necessary measures are advanced to enhance a new industrial policy aimed at raising the general manufacturability of Russian industry.

On Corruption, Bureaucratism and Entrepreneurship

Rumyantseva Elena

The author raises problems of interrelation between and contrariety of theoretical interpretations of corruption, bureaucratism and entrepreneurship, stresses the deficiencies in practical countering bureaucratization processes and also the capabilities - misappreciated by law enforcement institutions - to make expert examinations of management documentation in order to identify and combat multifold corrupt acts at all management levels. She advances a typology of bureaucratism forms as manifestation of corruption in the system of power.

Regional Problems of Development Centers Formation

Agafonov Vladimir

The goal of designing a program of territorial development centers formation in RF constituents is discussed. The notions of development centers and their structure are introduced. Issues linked with efficiency of programs aimed at development centers formation are addressed. An expert procedure of elaborating integral efficiency estimations for individual projects and programs as a whole is proposed.

Relations between Manager and His Superior: How to Make Them Effective

Reznik Semyon

The author centers on technologies of building “proper” relations between manager and his superior. Special attention is paid to key tasks of manager - like rendering real help to the chief, mastering techniques of protecting his superior’s reputation, acquiring the skill of learning the latter’s opinion about him.

Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) Effectiveness in Monitoring Public Procurement

Mamedova Natalya, Shcherbakova Xenia

The activities of FAS Russia and its territorial units in monitoring public procurement are analyzed. A system of criteria is proposed to evaluate their efficiency by immediate results. The authors also define parameters, which, in case of their data missing, do not allow to evaluate the effectiveness in terms of governance process indicators.

Russia’s Sustainable Development Problems

Mudretsov Anatoly, Tulupov Alexander

Economic, social and environmental components of sustainable development are researched. The specificity of new economy, modernization and innovative development accompanying the transition from industrial to post-industrial social structure is shown. The authors highlight the impediments to and opportunities of Russia’s transition to a new economy based on principles of sustainable development.

The Competence of Local Self-Government – Mutation during a yet Another Municipal Reform

Markvart Emil

Amendments are evaluated which have been introduced in federal legislation and require a revision of approaches to local self-government's competence formation. The author reasons about the possibility to retain the constitutional principles and the very institute of local self-government. Particular attention is paid to local self-government competence formation.

The Firm's Mission as Communication Tool

Kryuchkov Vladimir

A new approach to design and realize a firm's mission based on its perception as communication tool is described. The aspect of applying the mission to linearize the firm staff's mental space is addressed. A process model is proposed to design the firm's mission on the basis of the Book of Exodus.

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