Проблемы теории и практики управления


Business Communications: Institutional Approach

Dzyaloshinsky Iosif

Problems linked with the analysis of the impact exerted by underlying institutional and communications matrices on how Russian business communications operate are explored. Development prospects of business communications are shown.

Financing Innovation in Russian Farmaceutic Industry

Balashov Alexei

Mechanisms of financing innovation in world leading farmaceutic companies are shown. The key role of capitalization in this process is identified, principles of its enhancing in Russian farmaceutic companies are formulated.

Human Capital - Factor of Innovative Development of the Region

Khmeleva Galina

The problem linked with harmonizing interests of the state, innovative business, and innovative researchers in the process of innovation management in the region. To identify shortcomings in human capital management the author proposes to make use of the stakeholder interest map as a tool.

Introducing Controlling into Enterprise Management System: Topical Questions

Guseva Irina, Kalugina Tatyana

The main prerequisites providing for the development of result controlling as one of the promising ways within management science are presented, the basic elements of the given system are described. Particular attention is paid to issues connected with joint involvement of management and controlling systems into the process of management by result.

Level of Corporate Culture and Management Quality

Rymareva Anna

The role of corporate culture in attaining the organizations goals, including by means of raising the effectiveness of corporate management, is evaluated. It is demonstrated that colleagues adherence to the values so their organization fosters the teams internal motivation.

Managing Organization Systems: Modern Research Lines

Gubko Mikhail, Korgin Nikolai, Novikov Dmitri

The place management theory of organizations systems occupies among research and researchand- practice-oriented directions within the area of organization management is scrutinized. Modern research lines devoted to issues of management theory and practice are briefly listed.

Modernization of Russian Economy: Strategic Goals and Tasks

Tsvetkov Valeri, Eliseyev Dmitri

The goals and tasks of modernization are formulated, under Russian conditions, proceeding from a generalized analysis of theoretical research and the practical experience of modernization. The correlation among economic, social and public components of the term modernization is investigated.

National Innovation Systems in China and India

Emelyanov Yuri

The author highlights the main trajectories traced in China and India to transition to hightech ideas and products, also including those based on more efficient interaction of state and business. The new national strategy followed by these countries implies their conversion into innovation-type states.

Project Manager: Professional Training

Neizvestny Sergei

Problems of training modern project managers are investigated. The role of managers competence in raising the organizations effectiveness is shown.

Regional Differentiation in Social-Labour Relationships

Zgonnik Ludmila, Gavrilenko Sofya

The regional interaction between remuneration of labour, gross regional product, and genderspecific labour relations are researched.

Russias Fuel and Energy Complex: Development Variants

Vdovin Alexei

Alternative scenarios for fuel and energy complex development in Russia up to the year 2030 are analyzed on the basis of Russian and foreign forecast assessments. The sectoral structure is presented with a view to the development line of every direction.

The Future Pension Scheme of the Russian Youth: A Modern View of the Problem

Kopasova Svetlana, Rakov Vyacheslav

The authors dwell on the lack of interest among modern young people to ensure their future pensions. The authors evaluate the opportunities available to actively influence the level of future pensions in todays circumstances.

The Interval Portfolio Theory: Concept and Tools

Lisitsa Maxim

The information status of capital markets and investors behavior are described, the concept of «profitability split of securities under the impact of financial investment risk» is formalized. A new approach to managing financial investment is developed, which helps consider investors specific way of thinking and their behavour while adopting feasible decisions on the purchase and sale of securities.

The Socioeconomic Development of a Municipality: Instant Diagnosis

Yushina Elena

Problems of evaluating the status of municipalities are analyzed (the case of a rural settlement is taken). Stages and methodology applied to give an instant diagnosis of the socioeconomic status of a municipality are described.


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