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Activating the Role of State Property in Innovative Enterprise Development

Bely Valeri

A search for new ways to overcome the state property management crisis resulting from the lack of the corresponding function is needed. The state as proprietor of certain public goods has, for the time being, neither provided for rational and efficient management of these goods, nor defined the paths to accomplish strategic goals and tasks linked with priorities and principles of state property operation, nor elaborated (theoretically and methodologically substantiated) approaches to state-owned economic sector formation and development.

Government Scientific-Technical Policy: The Role of Scientific Institutions

Khlunov Alexander

In critical years innovations turn into the main 'locomotive' of all industrial branches and services development, the country's move towards a qualitatively new technological level. The main emphasis should be made on technologically updating production on the basis of advanced scientific-technical designs, creating a competitive national sector, forming the population's and enterprises' innovative behaviour pattern.

Human Capital and Corporate Management in a Modern Economy

Slipenchuk Mikhail

World economy and its corporate environment undergo rapid changes. Due to the dynamics of sales markets and competition conditions, new players emerge, the importance of intangible resources increases. After researching two of their components - individual human capital and the quality of corporate management - the author comes to the following conclusion: an enterprise with creatively-minded employees turns into a conspicuous innovative company.

Identifying the Company's Key Business Processes: Modern Approaches

Salimova Tatyana, Istratova Ekaterina

The process approach as a direction in creating an efficient enterprise management system is based on identifying key business processes which improvement gives significant results: higher manageability of the company, reduced costs, and, consequently, an additional competitive advantage.

Intellectual Property and Innovative Economic Development

Kulikov Maxim

High innovation potential of enterprises, their financial support by the state as well as formation of a coherent legislative fundament regulating and stimulating innovation provide for developing the innovation sphere. R&D intensive goods, intellectual product, high technologies - all of them are also commodities, which have to be sold on the basis of a previous analysis of market regularities.

Intellectual Servicing of Entrepreneurship in Small Business

Kulapina Galina

In Russia small and middle-sized businesses operate under conditions of growing uncertainty of the situation, inconstancy and aggressiveness of economic environment. Hence, vagueness and uncertainty as to the end result emerges and leads to growing unforeseen losses. To lower this risk territorial business centers able to take over managing and servicing functions, which decentralized accomplishment is economically inexpedient for small and middle-sized businesses, are recommended to be set up.

Labour Motivation of Industrial Enterprise Workers: Rational Ways

Lobaskova Natalya

In devising the motivation complex, methods of influence inducing the worker's conscious inner motivation should be placed first. But such motives as the importance of work and profession, qualification growth, approval of success and its encouragement are insufficiently used in enterprises.

Managing Innovation Processes in the Economic Systems: Basic Principles

Assorina Galina

Investigating qualities of the organization as a socioeconomic system helped the author detach several basic principles, which match the necessary requirements of innovative processes management. The completeness and variety of these principles mirror the complexity of innovative processes conditioned by permanent shifts, which occur in the environment, and the high requirements the educational level of the staff and its personal features should meet.

Managing Transnational Corporations under Conditions of Global Competition

Konina Nataliya

The concept of 'value chain' - a system of interlinked types of activities aimed at creating added value - is basic in managing modern TNCs. Appropriate management of ties within the chain ensures that additional costs incurred to combining individual types of activities are compensated in future.

Patterns of Socioeconomic Development of India

Mavlanov Ibragim

In the course of socioeconomic reforms India did not totally dismantle the system of state regulation of the economy. Moreover, instruments of economic diplomacy like export policy support and import policy optimization, investment climate improvement, and foreign economic sector liberalization played a significant role. All this helped propel the country to the category of rapidly developing economies of the world.

Public-Private Partnerships: International Experience and Russian Practice

Bogomolov Oleg

After analyzing one of the latest publications of the Federation Council on problems of public-private partnerships the author holds out the hope the monograph will be of interest to representatives of the ruling and business circles.

Self-Developing Regions Formation and Their Functioning

Tatarkin Alexander, Tatarkin Denis

To activate self-development of regions the specificity of every territory has to be objectively investigated. As a result, an opportunity will emerge to consider interests of the regions, incorporate new forms and institutions in the process and thus make a spurt in the socioeconomic development of the regions towards new growth quality and higher competitiveness.

The Forming New World Order Provides for Coping with the Economic Crisis

Kvint Vladimir

The economic crisis makes it evident that the world community has to radically change the existing 'organizational structure' of global economic order. New rules and norms of bevaviour are required. The global market space needs global rating agencies, monitoring of crises as well as monetary and financial tools used by global regulators.

The Sphere of Society: Psychological Aspects of Management

Bagaev Alexei

High-level manageability is linked with a developed structure of the world outlook, its spirituality counteracting emotions of ordinary consciousness. Active participation of management objects in planning and organizing their activities finds its manifestation in various forms, moves and the exhibition degree. The priority of personality and harmonization of the environment, which overcome objective crises in relationships between group members, are the criterion of self-government.

The Strategy of Forming and Developing Market Infrastructure in the Region

Yarosh Ruslan

It is important for a region to not only set up a viable and complex network of objects of market infrastructure but also allocate it rationally. The system of local business nuclei set up in industrial zones, transport hubs, and scientific centers seems to be most efficient. A local nucleus may comprise a bank, business centers, communication center, a set of standard office premises.


На пленарные заседания Х Международной научной конференции в ГУ-ВШЭ впервые для обсуждения были выдвинуты две основные темы, связанные с механизмами и сценарными прогнозами преодоления финансового кризиса - как в России, так и во всем мире: «Производительность и человеческий фактор» и «Мировой экономический кризис и роль России в его преодолении».Two main topics connected with mechanisms and scenario forecasts of coping with the financial crisis both in Russia and the world as a whole - 'Productivity and human factor' and 'The world economic crisis and Russia's role in getting over' - were, for the first time, suggested for discussion at the plenary sessions of the International Academic Conference held at the State University - Higher School of Economics.

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