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Affiliation of Corporate Relationships Parties: Features and Consequences

Chizhik Vera

The article mirrors the results of an investigation into the essence and content of the term 'affiliated parties', presents affiliation characteristics of a legal and a natural person as well as of related concepts used in Russian legal acts. The author analyzes features and fundaments of the parties' affiliation, the role of affiliated persons in managing joint-stock companies.

Assessing the Investment Attractiveness of IT-Projects: Service-Oriented Architecture Application

Likhvarev Alexei

The author regards the main principles of an overall method of assessing the investment attractiveness of IT-projects and underlines the diffusion of service-oriented architecture (SOA) at the moment. Among modern works taking SOA into consideration in the framework of the methodology of assessing information systems (IS) economic efficiency, he detaches the approach based on event-driven process chain (EPC) extension.

Computer-Aided Automation System for Wide-Strip Hot Rolling Mill Geometrical Dimensional Control

Egorova Ludmila, Kukhta Yulia, Kozhushkov Evgeni

The authors describe the algorithm of main modules of the Computer-Aided System for Hot Rolling Geometrical Dimensional Control based on mathematical process modeling, which previews exact forecasting of changes in current parameters, adjustment of impact factors, and information on resulting changes.

Economic Modernization: The Impact of Communications on Human Capital Quality

Blinov Andrei, Zakharov Vladimir, Zakharov Ilya

In Russia communication programs aimed at the country's human capital destruction, not its growth, prevail, which is incompatible with Russia's economic modernization strategy. Methods of solving communication problems of modernization both at the level of enterprise and national economy are investigated.

Enterprise Staff Management: Motivation, Adjustment, Coaching

Yagunova Natalya, Gonova Anna

Results of a research dedicated to managing labour resources in an industrial enterprise are given. The authors show that to overcome identified problems it is necessary to improve quality management, the system of personnel motivation, attestation and adjustment, enterprise's skill pool, and to automate the staffing service.

Human Capital Management: Efficiency, Business Reputation, Creative Potential

Korotkov Eduard

The article analyzes personalization of management, including qualities, which constitute human capital. Factors impacting on the growing efficiency of human capital management are analyzed.

Innovation Results: A Structural Approach

Grishin Vladislav

The author analyzes the present-day situation and trends in innovations which dominate in our country and abroad, makes an attempt to identify a connection between the results gained at the stages of the innovative process and the intellectual property forms. The topicality of the research problem is due to the fact that nowadays product and process innovations turn into the most important factor of qualitative economic growth and basis for social progress in industrially developed countries of the world.

Modern Economic and Production Systems: Types and Specificity

Melnik Margarita, Gorshkova Ludmila, Poplavskaya Vera

The authors show tools to hive-off an organization and present the typology of business structures

Planning as Basis for CEO's Practical Activities

Permyakov Mikhail, Permyakova Alexandra

The authors explain the essence of tactical planning, characterize its stages, propose a scheme allowing a CEO to simplify this function and most efficiently practice it.

Planning Innovations in Small and Middle-Sized Industrial Enterprises

Meledin Andrei

The modern market tests the enterprise planning system, the ability to study the situation created on the market, and draw related conclusions. Innovation planning, design and introduction of new products take on great significance.

Restructuring Companies in Critical Conditions

Karlina Tatyana

The article investigates how Russian companies are gaining competitiveness in conditions of the modern world. Restructuring is a tool for strategic success widely used by foreign companies. The author stresses the specificity of the restructuring concept evolution in Russia.

Systemic Laws and Corporate Management

Glazunov Sergei

Management in socioeconomic systems, including corporations, is really efficient only if based on fundamental knowledge of systemic laws and management theory. The article specifies some provisions of the systems and management theories applied to the section of socioeconomic systems.

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba - the Highest Body of State Government

Lomakina Natalya

The author analyzes the legal status of the Council of Ministers - the government of the Republic of Cuba, shows its authority in the area of state administration, outlines the competence of the head of government and his relationships with other state governing entities. The broad powers of the government of the Republic of Cuba make this body central in the country's state structure.

The Culture of Organizational Behaviour under Conditions of a Dynamically Developing External Environment

Korsakova Alla, Prokoshenkov Sergei

Under conditions of a dynamically developing external environment the culture of organizational behaviour formation is needed. The article examines the opportunity to apply organizational behaviour models, which take into account the impact of this environment.

Training Innovation-Oriented Managers

Buchnev Oleg

The lack of a training program for managers capable to shape the innovation process, set up real interaction between science, production and the market is a core problem, which deters the national economy from embarking on an innovative development path. The author suggests the approach to the modern education system as fundament of training innovation-oriented managers should be revised.

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