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Bill of Exchange Liabilities: Theoretical and Methodological Issues

Yanov Vitaly

The principles regulating bills of exchange circulation are closely interconnected. If one of them is violated the rest will be changed. This interrelation and interdependence of principles of bills of exchange circulation leads us to the need to investigate them in their dialectical unity.

Evaluating the Efficiency of Organizational Management Structures

Dezhkina Irina, Potasheva Galina

The efficiency of management structure depends not so much on the structure as such but more on the organization mechanism functioning in its framework. Therefore the task of evaluating the management structure efficiency can be tackled only if the operability of the organization mechanism determined thanks to the resource-and-potential approach is taken into account.

Innovation Development Strategy: the National Innovation System

Lapin Nikolai

Despite pessimistic assessments it is precisely due to default that massive institutionalization of innovation practices has taken place in Russia; by 2002 the input of industrial enterprises' innovations into their competitiveness level made 15 to 20%. It is high time to design a real government innovation policy aimed at creating a modern national innovation system.

Main Problems in the Transition of Modern Companies to Marketing-Oriented Management

Kompaniets Olga

Under modern market conditions the content of factors influencing the function of marketing -the level of environmental predictability, competition, quality and degree of production innovation - changes. In this connection a shift to adequate forms of marketing is necessary. The art of management should correspond to the concept of management of changes'.

Migration Management

Zolin Igor

The situation with the lacking workforce in Russia is developing approximately in the same way as in other countries of the world with similar development level. According to the author the position should be supported, which asserts that in long-term perspective the country will need human resources even if achievements of scientific-technical and social progress are relatively efficiently applied.

Refunctionalization as Mechanism of Chamging the Company's Institutional Structure

Frolov Daniil, Chernykh Vladimir

Scientific awareness and economic substantiation of refunctionalization consist in introducing the institutional approach into modern strategic management theory. Differentiation between and scientific awareness of restructurization and refunctionalization as categories should be crowned with a theoretically-based substantiation of Russia's development strategy of microeconomics.

SWOT Analysis: Application Practice

Kuznetsova Svetlana, Markova Vera

A strategic study made with the help of SWOT analysis and combined with creative analytical work of generalizing its results allows to generate a broad array of strategic solutions aimed at making use of the company's external opportunities and considering its specific features. In this context SWOT analysis is not only a form of structuring factors of enterprise external and internal environment but also a tool to design strategic alternatives of its activities.

The Hierarchical Structure and Evaluation of an Integral Construction Enterprise

Zhigunova Olga

The method proposed to evaluate an integral construction enterprise makes it possible to explain and eliminate the contradiction between the resource and the resulting approach to determining the enterprise's potential, the author holds. Besides, it allows to regard the potential as dialectical unity of enterprise resources and the results of their use.

The Innovation Dynamics: Global Trends and Russia

Dynkin Alexander, Ivanova Natalya

In the first decades of the 21st century the transition of the majority of industrially developed countries to a new phase of government scientific and technological policy with its evolving general direction towards solving social-economic tasks will continue. The need to tackle most urgent problems connected with unemployment, health care and the quality of life has moved to the forefront.

The Management System of Marketing Stocks: Aggregate Assessment

Rogozhkina Natalya

The analysis of how the system of managing marketing stocks functions helps, first, to find internal deviations in the system and, second, to adjust its operative parameters. Destructive deviations causing system failure can also be identified. The aggregate assessment method is based on the model, which ensures that optimal managerial solutions can be found.

Theoretical and Methodological Fundaments of Staffing in a Big Company

Drogobytsky Andrei

Efficient management of an economic institution envisages on the one hand that a related organizational structure is available and on the other that the company is staffed. At the same time the managing team should be two-dimensionally skilled as a minimum - in management functions and management style.

Theoretical Problems of Corporate Management

Antonov Victor, Samosudov Mikhail

In Russian companies corporate interaction and management are set up spontaneously. As a result a dangerous situation has developed: a multitude of corporate structures of different types and forms exists but they have not formed a scientific base of efficient management, which not only hampers the process of company experts' training but due to managerial errors also causes appreciable losses.

The Quantitive Evaluation of Corporate Investment Management Efficiency

Kodjoyan Ripsime

The methodology proposed by the author to evaluate corporate investment management envisages that related market institutions capable to ensure a real assessment of the company's value are available. Developed stock markets allow to set up a system, which reflects varied information in market prices, and thus ensure more efficient resource allocation.

The Social Economic Growth Pattern under Conditions of Inter-Budgetary Interaction

Alexeeva Natalya

By supplementing the budgetary policy instruments with normative methods of planning and the system of consumer budgets, as well as by realizing the normative budgetary demand, which is more sensitive to the needs of the people, the necessary guidelines for economic growth in extraction, processing and other production activities, in trade, transport, communications and other economic spheres are created.


Под таким названием в Москве прошла IX Международная научная конференция, организатором которой стал Государственный университет - Высшая школа экономики при участии Всемирного банка и МВФ. В работе форума приняли участие авторитетные российские и зарубежные ученые, эксперты и, конечно, представители высших органов государственной власти. Выступления последних и были восприняты как главная интрига первого дня конференции. Под таким названием 1 -3 апреля 2008 г. в Москве прошла IX Международная научная конференция, организатором которой стал Государственный университет - Высшая школа экономики при участии Всемирного банка и Международного валютного фонда. В работе форума приняли участие авторитетные российские и зарубежные ученые, эксперты и, конечно, представители высших органов государственной власти. Выступления последних вызвали большой интерес: ведь по тому, что скажут министры, ответственные работники властных структур, можно будет судить, какой будет экономическая политика России в ближайшие четыре года.This was the title of the IXth international conference organized by the State University - Higher School of Economics in cooperation with the World Bank and the IMF. The conference was attended by well-known Russian and foreign scholars, experts and, of course, representatives of high governmental bodies. The statements of the latter were interpreted as the principal intrigue of the first conference day: according to the statements of the ministers mentioned in the conference program one can make a judgement about the nature of Russia's economic policy for the next four years

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