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Constantly Improving Company Performance: Concept and Methods.....................................................

Shilkina Alvina

Improving company performance should be a permanent process, however it is unreal everywhere and always even at the level of individual divisions. Every time the choice of priorities and limited resources distribution is a task to be solved, therefore the right choice of improvement areas will in many aspects determine cost efficiency and allow to recognize which will be the return on input and whether the results achieved will lead to the goals set.

Corporate Plans as Leverage of Corporate Management in Companies with Government Participation........

Dementyev Victor

The chance to combine centralized management and property decentralization makes managing companies particularly attractive within the framework of production and technology complexes with a diversified property structure. Under these conditions an agreement between the state and the shareholders of other enterprises (in which the state does not exercise the controlling interest) on transferring competences of their executive body to a holding company as managing company can provide for real manageability.

Financial Stabilization of the Komi Republic Organizations and Factoring Application...

Broilo Elena

The insolvency crisis of organizations can in many aspects be coped with by means of a competent design and by applying anti-crisis management programs. Broadly used internal mechanisms and reserves of financial stabilization play the leading role in these programs.

Globalization of Metallurgy Market..

Petrosyan Andrei

The development of world metallurgy will promote the evolvement of two or three mega-companies with the capacity of more than 100 mln t as well as relevant capitalization. Objective development conditions of world economy and globalization processes moving the requirements of standardization and unification of goods and services production as well as of the entire management system to the forefront dictate the process of enlarging corporate associations.

Growth Factors of Russian Economy..

Ivanter Victor

In the next two or three years, average growth rates of Russian GDP may achieve 7.5 to 8% whereas - due to natural limitations - raw extracting branches would not be able to outstrip a 3% rate. It means that the main share would be produced by processing and manufacturing sectors where growth rates should approach two-digital indicators. Of course, these branches have now a low base level, bu, they will be fundamental for economic growth

Managing Servicing Organizations: a Service System Formation............................................................

Predvoditeleva Marina, Balaeva Olga

Under conditions of an intense development of 'service economy' new and innovative service types evolve, technologies of producing traditional services change which compels servicing organizations to adjust to rapidly changing conditions. That is why servicing system formation turns into a most important strategic issue. Practical application of approaches researched in the paper attaches certain structurization and complexity to the process, provides managers with real management tools.

State Regulation of the Social Sphere in Western Developed Countries..

Sukhovsky Alexei

Modern policy of investment development in the social sphere implies major tools to attain an optimal proportion of economic efficiency and social justice, economic expediency and social leveling, intensive and extensive economic growth factors. It helps consider the interests of the population in various regions without exceeding the bounds of common government strategy and federal laws.

Strategic Management of Enterprise Operation, Improvement and Development Processes........................

Dresvyannikov Vladimir, Loseva Olga

Strategic management should not only define the general concept of enterprise business operation but also combine all specialized management subsystems. Integration of three organization processes - operation, improvement and development - with the help of a set of management tools facilitates better performance of an enterprise and secures its status as a leader.

The Algorithm of Operative Controlling Model Formation.....

Guseva Irina

The algorithm of a complex controlling model in an enterprise envisages implementing its two systems, operative and strategic. Algorithm creation is hard and labour-intensive, a multitude of factors have to be considered, approaches and methods elaborated to promote changes without disrupting the performance of the enterprise at large. If this element is undervalued existing management mechanisms may be paralyzed

The Board of Directors Activities and the Company Strategic Efficiency...................................................

Ivashkovskaya Irina, Ponomaryova Maria, Settles Alexander

The new approach to evaluate the role of the board of directors in efficient corporate strategy of companies assessed by economic profit, is a promising analytical instrument that might be used in analyzing companies on different stages of their life cycle. In case models with fixed individual effects are applied the dependence of economic profit on the quality of corporate management is most clearly expressed.

The Essence and Necessity to Deepen Management Socialization in National Enterprises

Kalyugina Svetlana

The interaction of CEOs and employees should be oriented at a higher role of the human factor in organizing and managing enterprises. This management socialization can be achieved on the basis of diffuse distribution of management competences and responsibilities among all production agents - proprietors, managers, experts and workers - as well as by changing the mentality of CEOs.

Transfer Prices in a Group of Companies

Kozenkova Tatyana

The system of intra-firm prices provides for optimizing the aggregate amount of the income tax and customs duties, it is effectively applied to redistribute a part of incomes between subsidiaries operating in countries with varying economic conditions of taxation.

Unitary Enterprises: Financial Planning and Financial Control..

Shubina Tatyana

The system of unitary enterprise financial management researched by the author is based on the presumption that the financial operation of the enterprise is oriented at planned indicators and the safety of property in economic use. When applying financial policy aimed at strategic development goals of an enterprise the financial control method is applied to identify deviations of actual data from the planned.


Обзор материалов специализированной конференции на тему «Финансовые и правовые механизмы государственно-частного партнерства в России», состоявшейся 20 июня 2007 г. В числе участников этого форума были представители Администрации Президента и Правительства России, Федерального Собрания, руководители региональных и муниципальных органов власти, международных и российских банковских и предпринимательских структур и научных центров.Papers of a specialized conference entitled 'Financial and Legal Mechanisms of State-Private Partnership in Russia' held on June 20, 2007 are reviewed. Representatives of the Presidential Administration, Russian Government and the Federal Assembly, high officials of regional and municipal authorities, international and Russian banking and business institutions and research centers were among the forum participants.

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