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Automation of Air Company Production Management: Review of World Experience.................................

Kozlov Sergei

When designing automated management systems for an air company the question of feasibility of purchased software products which realize the necessary functional evolves. The results of implementing these systems are shown by citing examples of leading European, Asian and North American companies. The analysis made makes use of public data and reports as well as results of testing and experimental operation of 'Aeroflot' company in real-life conditions.

Budget as Instrument of Enterprise Financial Management....

Butenko Konstantin

A single classification of budgets is not available in scientific literature on financial management, the more so in practice; principles and characteristics of this classification, their subordination are not developed, a single terminology is lacking. An in-depth analysis of Russian and foreign practice helped the author formulate new approaches to classification of budgets and principles of developing their three variants - the optimistic, basic and pessimistic one.

Conceptual Pattern of Knowledge Management in an Organization..

Varlamova Zinaida

Knowledge management should be regarded as an integrated management subsystem and a super-system coordinating management components of an organization. The aim of these efforts is to convert knowledge into strategic resource and basic factor creating the company's value, securing its growth by sustainable competitive advantage formation.

External Environment of an Organization as Its Efficiency Growth Factor

Korol Svetlana, Husein Rimavi Mazuz

The interrelation between an organization and its external environment takes shape due to other organizations' operation. The type of these relations is in evolution and alteration influenced by various factors of external environment (civilizational included). Individual companies maintain contact with each other thanks to inter-organizational relations, the character and level of influence these exert on a company and its structure should be qualified and quantified.

Federal Programs - a Lever of Innovative Renovation of Russian Economy................................................

Mazurenko Sergei

Like all countries focused on technological development Russia is in quest of ways to bring together researchers and businessmen, not only to produce a new wave of economic growth but also to secure its high-technology nature. Targeted federal scientific-technical programs are the main instrument for coordinating researchers' and industrial workers' efforts which allows to practice the innovation chain - beginning with the moment a scientific idea surges up to the moment the market product appears in demand, the head of the Federal Agency for Science and Innovations argues.

Formation and Controlling of the System of Indicators in an Enterprise: System-Based Mechanism

Guryshev Anatoli

Efficient development of an enterprise is characterized by sustainable alteration of strategic parameters of the system aimed at raising its adaptability threshold. A problem often occurs, however, in a situation when the enterprise operates efficiently (according to established indicators) but at the same time a drop in the adaptability level is observed. Therefore, planning 'from a previously reached level' does not always support the company's competitiveness. By illustrating the mechanism of enterprise operation in form of a chart the author proposes an algorithm to analyze its functioning as a system.

Governmental Investment Programs: Assessment Methodology, Expertise, Efficiency Audit....

Belousova Olga

To efficiently carry out targeted federal programs and projects it is necessary to pass over to new working forms and methods implying the use of administration systems, time-setting and funding volumes, distribution of responsibilities between federal, regional and local authorities.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) and a Company's Higher Investment Attractivity...........................................

Gulyaev Konstantin

Successful IPO can far from always be guaranteed if only certain but not overall measures are taken. IPO prepared in advance helps achieve better results, implementation of a complex program of improving corporate management should be an element in the preparatory phase.

Intra-Economic Control as Mechanism of Agricultural Organization Management

Ovsiychuk Vadim

Intra-economic control viewed as a logically structured system supposes that numerous vertically and horizontally interconnected agents exist. On analyzing practical work of enterprise officials the author comes to the conclusion that in the majority of agricultural organizations written instructions meant for experts as objects of control are not available, which leads to non-compliance with their duties and parallel controlling functions carried out by different sections of the organization.

Intra-Firm Quality Management Audit as Instrument of Business Sustainability Analysis..............................

Borodulin Alexei, Zalozhnev Alexei, Chistov Dmitri

Analysis of financial reporting supplemented with the assessment of enterprise quality management helps the banks, on the one hand, more deeply evaluate the borrower's solvency and the investors, on the other, substantiate the expediency of proposed projects.

Main Approaches to Corporate Strategy Formation...................................................................................

Chichkina Vera

Many Russian enterprises have not yet appraised the opportunities unveiled thanks to implementing strategic management under uncertainty conditions. The situation can be partially explained by insufficient formalization of strategic management process proper and lack of efficient analysis and management methodology.

Olga Mirkina Elements of Technological Marketing in Products Distribution...................................................................

Mirkina Olga

The choice of the best structure of marketing channels for agricultural equipment producers is based on the analysis of potential buyers' demands and the quality of the product proper. The results of the study help set up those marketing channels which take into account specific features of the product and consumer demand, and thus expand the marketing volume of the product.

Russia's Fuel and Energy Complex as a Factor of Securing National Security...

Sharay Pavel

The government's intention to carry out deep reforms in fuel and energy complex can face serious resistance of certain social groups interested in preserving the system of uncontrolled command of natural resources. In the years to come Russia will have to stubbornly struggle to maintain state control over hydrocarbons and strategic economic branches of key importance for its national security.

Systemic Approach to Economic Policy...

Kleiner Georgi

In view of fragmentation of economic theory and in order to resolve fundamental problems of its reorganization a new, fundamental typology of economic systems based on key specifics of their relationships with basic essences of the surrounding world - space and time - is needed. The basis of this typology is the limitedness/unlimitedness of spacious volume and time period the system occupies, the author holds.


Под таким названием прошла VIII Международная научная конференция, организованная ГУ-ВШЭ при поддержке Всемирного банка и Международного валютного фонда, органов власти и бизнеса России. В работе этого представительного форума приняли участие министры Правительства Российской Федерации, руководители ряда учреждений и ведомств, ведущие российские и зарубежные ученые-экономисты, директора крупных предприятий и банков.Under this title the VIIIth International Academic Conference was held by the State University - Higher School of Economics and supported by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund as well as Russian authorities and businessmen. Ministers of the Russian Federation government, heads of several institutions and agencies, leading Russian and foreign scholars in economy, directors of big enterprises and banks participated in the representative forum.

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