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Confidence and Organizational Culture in Modern Entrepreneurial System

Levkin Nikolai

Russia's economic revival is unfeasible if spiritual values and moral norms based on confidence are not established. Unfortunately, no measures are taken on the level of the country's economic policy at large to purposefully cultivate confidence between economic agents as well as between economic agents and the authorities.

«E-Government» As Nation-Wide Information Environment

Matyukhin Vladimir

Improving the system of state governance, combating corruption, resolving problems of equitable social security - these tasks are extremely complicated. However, information technologies help tackle them in an unpretentious and informal way. The course of informatization of society and, in the first place, of managerial labour the country has embarked on has given an impetus to the development of the sector.

Experience in Forming and Managing US Innovation Environment

Goncharov Vadim

In the U.S. a stronger economic role of the State is an important prerequisite for the development of new planning and governmental programming forms of forms. When introducing governmental innovation projects the State appears in the role of customer of new appliances and R&D activities and the contracting companies turn into suppliers of new products and goods.

Government Procurement Management: Anti-Corruption Pattern

Bazhin Igor

The criteria of assessing procurement reliability allow to take account of all reliability components when choosing the supplier, the author holds. Application of enumerated mathematical instruments excludes a subjective approach and optimizes the procurement process thus attaining the best price, reliability and timeliness of procurement as well as supplied product quality indicators.

Innovations - Targeted Embodiment of Knowledge

Lapin Nikolai

The most recent approach to innovation management draws together innovatics and marketing strategy: most successful innovations are, at the same time and first and foremost, new marketing concepts. If this approach is applied the idea that consumers are in demand not of the new product as such but of new advantages suggested by this product comes to the forefront. Accordingly, one should distinguish between inventions and innovations: the former is the new product, the latter the new advantage

Managing Russia's Trade-and-Production Sphere: Scientific Approach

Kochurova Lidia


Money Supply Optimization As Factor of GDP Growth

Masyukov Vadim

The advance of macroeconomic optimization balance models is connected with pursuing a stricter goal-setting of mathematical programming and determining a series of internal model parameters, which depend on the country's macroeconomic development scenarios. Expanded opportunities of information support offered for managerial decision-making at this level, which aim at optimizing money supply, helps evaluate the growth prospects, thanks to optimizing money supply, of financial policy effectiveness.

Raising the Automobile Dealer's Stability

Ishutin Alexei

Managing a company's stability means enabling most efficient use of corporate resources in order to prevent threats and create conditions for normal business processes. With this aim in view the dealer has to identify threats at the stage when measures to mitigate them can mobilize minimal efforts and resources

Russia's Economic Strategy under Conditions of Globalization

Ziyadullaev Nabi-Said, Larin Andrei

At present favourable world oil prices and their high level have no stimulating effect on the development of the fuel energy complex and do not enable expanded export. It does not mean, however, than opportunities for Russia's dynamic development are exhausted. The ideas of national projects, free economic zones and investment growth open favourable perspectives for the country's economy.

Social Capital of the Region: Content and Manifestation Forms

Savelyeva Marina

Social capital manifests itself differently at different levels and has, consequently, different content. At micro-level (family, organization) it involves resources based on kinship or relationships between group members. At macro-level (country, region) it can be defined as an aggregate public good resulting from the performance of the entire system of public links, as a combination of governmental and public institutes, relationships and norms.

Synergy-Based Approach to Optimize the Calendar Plan of Programs Realization

Martyshenko S.N., Martyshenko N.S., Gusev Yevgeni

Economic development goals of the Far East can be achieved if two principles are considered: a properly chosen strategy and optimal timing commissioning of new projects, which aimed it is to raise the population's living standard and quality of life. Both principles keep within a synergetic approach to planning positive shifts in socioeconomic systems of the region.

Systemic Approach to Research of Information Flows in Product Quality Management

Logunova Oksana

The complexity of information flows and their volume require that a software system for their processing be developed. The author proposes, as initial data of this system, to use a set of indicators collected during a passive or active experiment.

The Agro-Industrial Complex of Komi Republic: Innovative Development Potential

Ivanov Valentin

Innovations - when applied to the agro-industrial complex - are the implementation of R&D results in form of new varieties of plants, breeds and species of animals, new or better foodstuffs, new technologies, organization and management forms in the agrarian sector of economy. Innovation processes here are diverse in their specificity. Therefore in their management not only economic regularities but also laws of nature should be taken into consideration.

The Specifics of Officers' Integration in Holding Companies

Ovsyannikov Sergei

The majority of Russian enterprises transform in their evolution into specific holding structures. Further narrow specialization enables them to convert into horizontally integrated holding companies and the push for accentuating and securing the principal business implies a vertically integrated association. Companies engaged in business activities not linked with each other in their trends tend to form a diversified holding company.



Главная цель государственной политики - обеспечить доступность и комфортность жилья для всех категорий населения - пока еще далека от того, чтобы стать реальностью, подчеркнул, открывая форум ЖКХ в Колонном зале Дома союзов, председатель Совета Федерации С. Миронов. Аргументируя свой тезис, он указал, что цены на жилье продолжают стремительно расти, условия ипотеки постоянно ужесточаются, уровень государственной поддержки молодых семей при решении жилищной проблемы остается невысоким. 23 апреля 2008 г. в Колонном зале Дома союзов состоялся Форум жилищно-коммунальной сферы и инвестиционно-строительной деятельности. В конференции, организованной Советом Федерации Федерального Собрания Российской Федерации при участии ряда министерств, ведомств и общественных структур, приняли участие около тысячи представителей законодательных и исполнительных органов государственной власти, местного самоуправления, предприятий строительной отрасли и жилищно-коммунального хозяйства, финансовых и инвестиционных компаний, а также общественных организаций и научного сообщества, работающих в сфере ЖКХ. В рамках форума прошли выставка «Инновационные и эффективные решения в сфере реформирования ЖКХ и инвестиционно-строительной деятельности», а также церемония награждения победителей отраслевого конкурса «Лучшее предприятие XXI века» в сфере ЖКХ и строительстве.The main goal of the governmental policy - securing accessibility of and comfortable dwelling conditions for all categories of the population - is yet far from being a reality, S. Mironov, Chairman of the Council of Federation, stresses in his opening speech at the Utilities Forum held at the Hall of Columns of the House of Unions. The price of dwellings continue growing swiftly, mortgage conditions constantly become tougher, the level of governmental support to young families in solving their dwelling problem remains rather low, Mironov argued in his statement.

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