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Assessing the Efficiency of Real Estate Investment Projects

Razgulin Alexei

The author analyzes the specificity of investment projects in real estate, defines the investment project and shows typical features within the typology of investment projects in development.

Environmental Management: Efficiency Evaluation

Savkin Vladimir

The author unveils the goals, tasks and instruments of environmental management in agriculture, presents stages of environmental management and its assessment model for a long-term, medium-term and short-term perspective.

From Tolerance to Dialogue: Experience of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

Filippov Vladimir, Krasnova Gulnara

The article shows the goals, role and opportunities of universities in developing an intercultural dialogue in society and student milieu.

Gliding Planning and Budgeting in Assessing Company Value: An Automated System

Shcherbakova Ekaterina

The author presents an automated system, which enables to asses the implications of managerial decisions for key financial indicators as well as changes in company value. With the help of budgetary models value characteristics are computed automatically.

Government Regulation of Foreign Investment

Aksyonova Natalya

At present under conditions of competition aimed at attracting foreign capital into national economy problems related to government regulation of foreign investment inflow acquire particular importance. The article reviews various approaches to government control over foreign investment in Russia and in international practice.

Harmonizing Organization's Laws and Its Mission

Muratov Alexander

The «classical» system of organization's laws does not meet the demands of our times. The author proposes an innovative system of organization's laws based on harmonious approach, and displays the area of convergence for economic laws and organization's laws which constitutes the essence of organization's paradigm.

Management in Industrial Enterprises: Modern Trends

Gonov Alexei

The author concentrates on investigating approaches of researchers and experts to enterprise management process, cites their views on main targets, subjects and goals, analyzes the survival problem of an organization in unstable environment, defines the role of self-government in the organization.

Managing Access to the RAS Urals Branch Information Computer Space Services

Sozykin Andrei, Goldshtein Mikhail

The authors describe the semantic integration-based access providing higher interoperability of the system in formation which is needed to integrate heterogenic information and computer environments of organizations in the framework of the Urals Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, into common space.

Modern Development Level of Machine-Building Enterprises

Yagunova Natalya, Grosheva Irina

The article researches the condition of the machine-building complex under market economy conditions, pays attention to the key problems preventing enterprises from pursuing an efficient and strategically innovative policy. All identified problems are ranked according to their significance, main measures to be taken to resolve them are traced.

Overall Evaluation of Innovative Projects Aimed at Associated Petrol Gas (APG) Recovery

Bocharov Dmitri

The author investigates the overall evaluation method for APG recovery. The method implies their selection based on oil-and-gas fields parameters, economic assessment with environmental parameters considered as well as their ranking.

Recent Trends in E-Commerce Market Development in China

Kmet Elena

The author determines the mechanism of assessing the development level of e-commerce in China, analysis of principal development determinants, subjects (participants) and objects, models and processes included. An evaluation is made and recent trends in e-commerce market development in China as of late 2009 are mirrored.

Russia and the EU: Combating Illegal Drug Traffic

Surikova Darya

The article regards one of the topical global problems - the struggle against illegal drug traffic. A specifically acute drug situation has evolved in Russia and the European Union, both areas stand now at the crossroads of numerous channels of drug traffic.

Russian High Schools Innovative Development: Basic Structures

Gubarkov Sergei

The author reviews the vocational high education system in Russia, which provides for innovative economy formation and modern condition of the network of federal and national research universities.

The Infrastructure of Knowledge Management: Types and Characteristics

Victorov Evgeni

The author investigates issues related to the methodology and technology of applying the knowledge management system in an organization, describes infrastructure types needed to successfully practice a complex project of introducing an organizational, social and technological system of knowledge management.

The Organizational Culture of Students: Management System and Mechanisms

Reznik Semyon, Chernikovskaya Marina

The authors develop a management system model for organizational culture in the student milieu, the goals, subjects, objects, methods and mechanisms of managing organizational culture.

Tourism Management: Regional Approach Specificity

Frolchenko Svetlana

The article mirrors the condition of tourist services market in Russia, researches its typical regional-level features

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