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Averaged ‘vision of the future’ and control of a ‘science-production-consumption’ system

Aisen Nikolay, Gorbunov Vladimir

The article suggests a model of a ‘science-production-consumption’ system, which imitates limit state towards which developed markets are moving. It is shown that proportionality and input-outcome structure are interrelated.

Ecological management: new methodology formation

Savkin Vladimir

A new paradigm methodology of ecological management is being presented in the article. It is ‘ecological self awareness’, which contains economic activity, economic consciousness, economic thinking and economic interest. Fundamental constants and basic principles of new methodology of ecological management development have been described in the article.

Emotional management as a part of organizational culture in modern organization

Groshev Igor, Krasnoslobodcev Aleksey

Emotional management concept is described as a principal part of organizational culture. Modulation of emotion process among the employees, and emotional competence of the employer are being surveyed in the article. Emotional management model is suggested, and its principles are being analyzed.

Firms’ strategic orientations: origins of the concept and the main stages of development

Belyaeva Tatiana, Shirokova Galina

The article describes the evolution of approaches towards strategic orientation of the firm. It defines origin and timeline of the theory.

Goods and investments behaviour: European countries experience

Lavrovskiy Boris, Luzin Rodion

The article investigates correlation between product behaviour and investments on a macrolevel, particularly in manufacturing. New approach towards outcome and valuation measures of innovation activity has been suggested, settlements on several European countries have been performed.

Human capital as a basis for market economy model choice

Khachaturian Ashot

The article deals with the link between business culture and mentality in the country with the acting national economy model. The author shows that national mentality understanding and considerations in context of economic system construction, give additional advantages for business and entrepreneurial development in the country.

International labour migration management: global experience and Russian practices

Ivahnyuk Irina

The article describes tendencies, which have been formed in global practice of international labour migration management. And with the view to them, in Russian practice of government labour migration policy implementation, especially in international industrial intake. Special focus is on new regulations, which have been put in force in January 2015 and deals with labour migrants, who come to Russia from CIS.

New tools in territory development economic revival

Shvetsov Alexander

According to the author, the growing number of various ‘zonal’ preferential conditions formations, which are set up in different part of the country, leads to increased competition among them. They compete for public recourses, private investments, people. Nationwide coordination and coherence in the decision-making process are required.

Northern Sea Route under climate change conditions: risks and perspectives

Eliseyev Dmitri

The article presents geopolitical, legal and economic operational basis for Northern Sea Route. It describes special aspects in the arrangements for NSR using as a traffic artery. NSR long-term usage scenarios have been systematized with the view to climate change.

Problems and contradictions in marketing research development in context of modern market economy

Kublin Igor, Saninskiy Sergey, Tinyakova Victoria

Debating points of marketing research in context of modern market relations are covered in the article. The statistically confirmed fact of exponential growth in quantity of companies, involved in marketing research is discussed in the text. The author justifies system approach towards professional activity assessment of marketing specialists. This activity implies scientific knowledge use.

Revisiting frame of society classification in management

Novichkov Nikolay

Definition, features, some aspects of classification of social systems in management are presented in the article. The author pays attention to the whole range of subcategories in social systems, precisely to social organizations, human activity and social environment. Some aspects of such frames of society as city and management are analyzed in the text.

Social innovation: forecasting, planning, organization, coordination, control

Kuznetsova Julia

The article reads about the difficulties in social innovation control abroad, in context of certain functions of management. It is identified that the distinguish feature of social innovation control abroad is orientation on strengthening cooperation among all parties to the process in social sphere

State administration in the framework of identical legal categories

Voronov Aleksey, Gogolev Aleksey

The article identifies interconnections and at the same time distinguishes between terms ‘management’, ‘government control’, ‘state administration’. It has been established that the term ‘state administration’ has broader interpretation, which contains all previous categories.

Strategic tendencies in economic growth and modern environmental constraints

Kosarikov Aleksandr

The article provides with analysis in the field of economic growth influence on the tendencies, important for sustainable development: waste consumption and growth, recapitalization, population process speed. Mentioned correlations enable to broaden perceptions of the limits to socio-economic growth.

System of payment in sports: US divisions’ experience

Solncev Ilya, Osokin Nikita, Tarasyuk Vitaliy

The article provides with analysis in US sport divisions’ experience. In particular, on job payments and salary cap formation, its types and method of settlement, bonus system in NFL, structure of the contract, which is signed with team member. Some suggestions for Russian club sport are formulated in the article.

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