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A Long-Term Strategy as Basis for Socioeconomic Complex Management of a Region

Mikityuk Valentina

Problems linked with implementing a long-term regional socioeconomic development strategy are exemplified by the Arkhangelsk Region. Particular attention is paid to the forestry complex, which is one of leading sectoral priorities within the strategy. The article shows that the crisis and its implications provide the need to specify the development strategy of this group of industries both from the point of view of target indicators and mechanisms of attaining them, notably while modernizing enterprises and diversifying their products.

Competitive Agricultural Production: Development Strategy Formation

Zinina Lyubov, Burlakova Olga

The article identifies the need to design a development strategy for competitive agricultural production as element of governmental agricultural policy. The shaping of production strategy is presented as a gradual process, which implies several functional stages, each of them having its own goal, criteria and parameters.

Coordination of Companies' Investment Decisions within the Framework of the Mega-Project of Oil and Gas Resources Development

Plyaskina Nina, Kharitonova Victoria

The authors regard the set of goals of governmental administration aimed at coordinating the investment activities big investment projects players targeted at developing an oil-and-gas rich province. They suggest to introduce changes into network models of mega-project management and evaluate the impact the companies' investment decisions exert on the efficiency of implementing the East Siberian oil and gas mega-project.

Designing Intra-Organizational Behaviour Forms

Kotelnikova Tatyana

Organizational behaviour is a tool, which may help raise the company employees' labour productivity and, in this way, the competitiveness of the company on the whole. A systemic appraisal of the organizational behaviour and its forms needs to be developed. The definition of the intra-organizational behaviour form is referred to as a most important managerial decision and analyzed in the framework of decision-making theory.

Informational Business Analytics - a New Line in Business Education

Kravchenko Tatyana

The author substantiates the topicality of Informational Business Analytics vocational refreshing program practiced at the Faculty of Business Informatics (FBI), State University - Higher School of Economics.

Information Technologies and Organizational Structure

Burina Natalya

The author describes a new type of organizational structure, whose main qualities are: environmental vulnerability and adaptability. She analyzes problems linked with implementing information technologies allowing to automate the labour process.

Managing Regional Services: Methodological Approaches

Nikitina Natalya, Shnyakina Yulia

The article shows the need to apply theoretical and methodological approaches in managing the operation and development of regional services, which would allow to combine and coordinate the transformations underway with all natural processes occurring in the subsystem managed.

Modernization of Regional Economic Management Systems: Methodological Aspects

Mustafaev Aziz, Spiryagin Vasili

Recurrent development of simulation variants of management is a most significant factor of sustainable economic development. Special role is played by accelerated modernization processes in economic management systems, and a switch of specific industries and enterprises to the intellectual development path.

Russia: A New Management Paradigm

Kuzin Dmitri

In the article a conceptual model describing the main premises for a new management paradigm in the early 21st century is designed. The author gives several characteristics of Russian management, unveils problems it faces in the new reality.

Shaping Public Relations: Theoretical Aspects

Yushina Elena

The author proposes the approach to public relations as a function of local community management; she demonstrates there is a difference between two notions: the public and the local community.

Sociological Analytics and Managerial Decision-Making

Kharchenko Konstantin

The author concentrates on the condition and prospects of converting the results gained during municipal sociological surveys into managerial decisions. He shows that mutual adjustment of managers and sociologists determines the degree of efficiency to which sociology is built in the management process.

The Essence of a Company: Evolution of Thought

Goncharov Vadim

The author investigates problems related to market and innovative approaches to company development.

The Impact of the World Economic Crisis on Russian and Ukrainian Stock Markets Interaction Development

Golovnin Mikhail

The author investigates interaction processes taking place between stock markets of Russia and Ukraine in pre-crisis and crisis period with an emphasis on the presence of Russian investment companies on the Ukrainian stock market and projects of Russian stock markets in the Ukraine. Perspective development scenarios of this interaction are presented.

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