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Forming and Implementing Management Resolutions in a Commercial Bank: Organizational Model

Shalaev Oleg

The organizational model allowing to adopt and practice management resolutions in a bank is described. Proceeding from the model a relevant algorithm is developed.

Innovative Technologies and Transformation of Personal Consumption

Platonova Natalya, Komarov Nikolai, Vapnyarskaya Olga

The authors examine the role of scientific-technical gains in altering final consumption. The linkage between innovation in production and personalization of demand is shown.

Inter-State Integration: Regional Institutional Structures

Novokshonova Ludmila, Shmeleva Natalia

The authors unveil the essence and general characteristics of economic integration, stress its importance for national development under conditions of globalization, identify several new trends that manifest themselves in forms and methods of integrational associations.

Investment Projects: Definition, Life Cycle, Efficiency Evaluation

Kolesnikov Maxim

The author exposes the conceptual framework and efficiency evaluation methods used in investment projects, explores ways to take into account uncertainties and risks.

Managing Competitiveness of a Region: Methodological Aspect

Barabanov Andrei

Problems of inter-regional competition are discussed. A methodology allowing to evaluate the competitiveness of a region is presented. The author advances a comprehensive mechanism to manage the competitiveness of a region based on territorial marketing concept.

Managing Russias Foreign Trade: Strategy and Tactics

Petrosyan Alexander

The author examines methodological and methodical problems in strategic planning and tactical management of Russian foreign trade, formulates the definition and gives a typology of management technologies applied in state regulation of foreign trade.

Marketing Strategy of a Technopark: Formation Specificity

Maltseva Anna

The author introduces her original approach to design the marketing strategy of a technopark based on classical marketing. The approach is adjusted for innovative infrastructure objects supporting innovative business.

Organizational Management: Team Work Institutionalization

Drogobytsky Ivan

The article mirrors an approach to organizational management based on relations of trust to and respect for organization members. The approach takes into consideration that management activities develop, as a rule, against the background of permanent conflicts.

Public Councils Operating under Departments: Functions, Goals, Structure

Garifullina Guzel

With the Public Council under the Federal Tariff Service as an example the author analyzes functions, goals and structure of advisory bodies, and identifies factors impacting the choice of functions (general and specific for a given area) exercised by these bodies.

Recruiting in an Organization: Methodological Approach

Gaponova Olga, Chilipenok Yulia

The authors research a systemic approach to recruiting, its main principles and stages. They present the methodology which is basic in the recruiting procedure.

Social Technologies in Regional Development Management

Babintsev Valentin

The typology of social technologies practiced in regional management are researched, conditions are specified which are favourable to apply scientifically substantiated venture technologies in managing a region.

Territorial Public Self-Government in Russias Regions: Social Bases

Yurasov Igor, Yurasova Olga

Findings gained during a sociological research on the municipal reform in the regions are analyzed. The research made use of information about the Penza region.

The Concept of Socially-Responsible Business: Development Prospects in the Ukraine

Lebedev Igor

The concept of socially-responsible business as a system of scientifically founded notions, principles, statements and conclusions is presented, specific features of its implementation in the Ukraine are investigated.

Venture Capital Market in Germany: Networks of Business Angels

Ulyanova Olga

The author unfolds the economic significance of business angels in developing small innovative businesses. Institutional methodology is applied to analyze the formation of German national network of business angels.

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