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Conceptual and Mathematical Modelling of Multiphasic Manufacture of the Cold-Rolled Belt

Oblomets Vladimir, Filippov Evgeny, Barankov Vladimir, Logunova Oksana

Most effective means at manufacture planning is use of possibilities of automation. For this purpose authors have suggested to construct preliminary conceptual and mathematical models of these operations in the form of separate consecutive repartitions. Similar modelling made in the conditions of "MMK-METIZ" OJSC, allows to enterprise realise one of modules of the corporate information system, expanding production management possibilities.

Criterion Estimation of a Management Efficiency in Plant Cultivation

Filina Natalia, Mozhaev Evgeny, Ginensky Roman

The economic efficiency estimation is connected with the monthly average salary, the price of production and other indicators. In plant cultivation for a management efficiency estimation it is possible to use such indicator, as the size of profit carried to quantity of heads.

Critical Competence of the Company as Competitive Advantage

Malygina Olga

At development and realisation of strategy of the company it is necessary to emphasise on knowledge management as a new kind of management. Its purpose is construction of system which provides motivation of carriers of knowledge to their creation and exchange and formation of the organizational promoting culture.

Estimation of the Financial Stability of the Industrial Enterprise

Galushkina Anna

The analysis of financial condition of the enterprise - one of the major elements in the control system. He allows to reveal the problems in activity of firm and to define ways of their decision. First of all it concerns the forecast of stability of activity of the enterprise from a position of long-term prospect.

Information and Communication Technologies in Demography Management

Strakhov Oleg

Essential obstacle in the way of efficient control of demographic processes is absence of the authentic and universal information about the population structure, its distribution on territory within the country and dynamics of the demographic situation. This disadvantage explain by the separation of departmental kinds of the account and imperfection of the regulatory base. The correction is possible by integration of information system, allowing to consider the free personal data of population and resources management.

Information and Nanotechnology Standards: Problems and Decisions

Guliaev Yuri

Priority value of innovative component in the academic programs is caused by the developed processes of globalization. The new situation in the world market causes an aggravation technological rivalries as the means to keep leadership, or to be pulled out forward, or simply to be integrated into a new world order. A guarantee of successful development is constant innovative updating of technologies.

Information of Sphere of Culture and the Youth Policy: the Program and Purposive Approach

Piyavsky Semen

By development of purposive programs the information and communication technologies allow to rectify the account of principles of information and interests of all categories of users of the formed information and communication environment, and also to use an Internet portal and administrative model.

Maintenance and Orientation of the Basic Administrative Functions in the Management Theory

Brazhnik Mikhail

Systematization of considerable number of existing interpretation of management terms allowed the author to draw a conclusion that management functions are certain kinds of purposeful activity on production management which generated by a division of labour in the enterprise. They represent the reciprocal and interconnected components of managerial process different under the maintenance and the purposes.

Motivation and Motivational Potential in Management System

Shakirov Nazir

Creation of atmosphere favorable for work in collective is represented as the problem, simple for understanding, but difficult for realisation. Management which can motivate the subordinates to the decision not only own problems, but also to achievement of the purposes of the company, most likely will achieve real successes.

Quality Management: Process Approach

Gladkov Valery

Improvement of system of a quality management should occur in many directions. For process acceleration it is important to use more than productive methods, to train better the personnel, in the greater degree to integrate mechanisms of this management into the general control system of the enterprise.

State Management of the Social Sphere

Sochneva Elena

The basic problem of the modern theory in the social policy is the certain separation of views and absence of the uniform concept. Laws in this sphere should have the general basis, arranged under the concrete device. Besides, the new Russian model of social policy possesses features which should be considered by its development.

Strategic Positioning of the Company: Financial Aspect

Palamarchuk Viktor

In the centre of complex model of strategic positioning of the company there is a matrix which help to reduce together results of the analysis of market forces and competitive positions of the

The North Siberian Trunk Railway: from XIX to XXI Century

Suslov Viktor

Struggle for Northern Siberia and the North Russian Euroasian trunk goes with variable success. When the positive decision will be accepted, it is necessary to consider, how many is lost at development of the Siberian deposits because of overdue input of a new trunk railway.



Реформы в России, формирование ЕС и другие изменения в мировой экономике дают богатый материал для анализа и выработки индикаторов и инструментов, нацеленных на поддержание оптимальных границ их функционирования. Развернув систематическое


Освоение Сибири и Дальнего Востока, благоустройство этой территории для комфортной жизни людей должно стать главной задачей на ближайшие 10-15 лет. К такому выводу пришли участники V Байкальского экономического форума, проходившего в г. Иркутске. В мероприятиях форума, организованного Советом Федерации, приняли участие свыше 2500 человек, среди которых руководители федеральных и региональных органов власти, крупные ученые и 726 членов иностранных делегаций.Development of Siberia and the Far East, accomplishment of this territory for a comfortable life of people should become the main object for the next 70-75 years. Such conclusion the participants of V Baykal Economic Forum passing in Irkutsk have come. In actions of the Forum, organised by the Federation Council, participated among 2500 persons, with heads of federal and regional authorities, leading scientists and 126 members of foreign delegations.

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