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Analysis of managerial decisions in resource provision of innovative development and scientific services of higher education

Tikhonov G.V.

The article considers the questions of resource provision of innovative policy of Russia on the basis of management decision-making in education and scientific services of the higher school. Significant place in the work assigned on management decision-making in an innovative environment of the educational space of Russia, especially in the Two-profile system of training. The paper also examines the scientific and methodological issues Two-profile organization of training for innovation.

Approaches, methods and models of assessing synergy and market efficiency of integrated production structures at the stages of creation and functioning

Maximov D.A., Abbyasova D.R.

Traditional and modern theoretical approaches and methods of assessing the effect of synergies and market efficiency of integrated production structures at the stages of creation and functioning are considered. The advantages and disadvantages of the most well-known approaches are given and the conclusion about the relevance of developing criteria and models of evaluating the effectiveness of integrated structures, taking into account changes in the target direction of integration processes in modern economy, is made (the transition from cost and profitability criteria to the strategic value criteria), as well as the consequences of creating an integrated group of companies to strengthen the financial framework and diversify the market risk of structural units of the group.

Civil participation in sustainable development of single-industry towns

Golivtsova N.N.

Among the most urgent trends that characterize the development processes of many regions, its significance in the socio-economic impact highlighted the growing contrasts of municipalities within them. The article analyzes the existing approaches to definition of concept «monocity». The authors defined the Russian specificity of «towns». The analysis of characteristics of single-industry towns of the North-Western Federal district by categories. Directions of support the development of «company towns» on the basis of broad public participation in development management.

Development of models of interaction between non-profit organizations and businesses to solve social problems in Russia

Dolina O.N.

The groundlessness ofthe Russian state in solving socialproblems is substantiated, the models of social partnership of non-profit organizations (NGOs) and business are discussed to overcome them. The mutual benefits for business structures and NGOs from mutual cooperation in the implementation of social projects are shown.

Direct foreign investment in the modern world economic mechanism

Borodushko I.V., Kuzminykh Yu.V.

The article reveals the main mechanisms for the formation of foreign direct investment flows in the context of globalization. The basic trends and trends in this area are determined. The main ways of their differentiation under the influence of a complex of factors are shown. Particular attention is paid to the development of foreign direct investment in the transition to the information society model and the digital economy. Contradictory of modern processes of development of FDI and slowing down of growth of the world economy are noted.

Entrepreneurship development - one of factors of growth of national economy

Zhuravlev D.A., Dzhurayev D.M., AKhmetova E.I.

In the article problems and questions of improvement ofable-bodied population employment of the country due to steady increase in number occupied in entrepreneurship and enterprise structures, increases in trust and support by the public, supervisory, tax and law enforcement authorities of entrepreneurs and enterprise structures are considered. Need of sufficient budgetary financing of small and medium entrepreneurship, providing with available and acceptable bank financial and credit resources with economically acceptable interest (credit) rates is proved. Some problems of adaptation of shots in connection with the forthcoming widespread introduction ofautomatic systems and robotics are considered.

Ethical fundamentals of doing small business in Russia

Sidorova S.A.

The article mentions the need for development of small business in Russia based on the principals of perfect competition market from the point of view of the business ethics development. At the same time, the role of the government is a «night-watchman». Now Russian small business isn’t developed because of the system ofprinciples that Russia inherited from the USSR.

Internal banking security in the events of Anti-Money Laundering

Krestovskiy I.A.

The main problem of banks today is the theft committed by ordinary operational staff (fraud in cash with customers, withdrawing money from depositors’ accounts without their knowledge, conducting illegal operations withforeign currency, embezzling cash, etc.). To disclose and suppress the aforementioned bank crimes, employees ofdepartments (sectors) of internal banking security do not need to have a special economic education and know all the subtleties of conducting banking operations. If it is necessary to stop abuses in the field Money Laundering, the fact of working in the police will clearly not be enough.

Large Russian agro-industrial holdings: current state and development prospects

Zhuravlev P.V., Khalikov M.A.

The article considers the problems of the state of the agrarian sector of the Russian economy at the stage 2014-2016, marked by the introduction of restrictive measures, political and economic sanctions from the United States, Canada, Australia and EU countries. It is shown that the sanctions pressure on the Russian economy initiated the growth of integration processes, including in the agrarian sector, which is most susceptible to imperfections in the market environment. Being one of the drivers of economic growth, the agrarian sector nevertheless by now exhausts the development potential on its own, which implies its active regulation by the state and, first of all, in the relative increase in the investment attractiveness of the sector.

Modeling of the structure of expenditure liabilities of municipalities

Nikitskaya E.F., Valishvili M.A.

The article considers the system of rationing budgetfunds at the municipal level, aimed at increasing the budget provision. The authors substantiate the options for economic modeling of the cost of municipal services provided at the expense of the budgets of municipalities by the example of the Moscow region.

Motives of consumption of paid physical culture and health services for the adult population (gender aspect)

Pasechnik P.V., Filonenko N.V.

This article deals with the problem, in particular the gender aspect, of the motivational factors of consumption when choosing paid physical culture and health services for adults, the results of a questionnaire of men and women of 30-59 years are given separately, conclusions of a recommendatory nature are presented.

New opportunities and challenges in financing of the enterprises of small and average business in Russian Federation

Shpilkina T.A.

The mechanisms of financing of the enterprises of small and average business and their main features. The possibilities and problems of development of subjects of small and average business in the current economic conditions. The role of crowdfundingplatforms in the development of small businesses.

Occurrence of corporate anorexia in the process of payroll costs optimization

Nurislamova A.F.

The cost control and optimization is the continuous process within the conditions of the increasing competition. The article reviewed the payroll costs optimization and the corporate anorexia as a malaise of a business organization resulting from an extra-economy cut on staff.

Online cash desk for individual entrepreneurs

Nikiforova O.V.

The article deals with the concept of an online cash desk, the principle of its operation, the procedure for switching to an online cash register, administrative fines for violations in the field of implementation of a control and cash equipment (CCE).

Problems of population economy development in Bryansk areas

Korosteleva O.N., Kubyshkin A.V.

The paper describes the basic data on the development of agricultural enterprises and households of the population and suggests measures to improve the efficiency ofthe development of households, including on the creation of cooperation in personal subsidiary plots.

Production and consumption of fruit and berry crops in the Bryansk region

Korosteleva O.N., Kazimirova T.A.

The paper presents the main indicators gross harvest, yield of fruit and berry crops in the Bryansk region, analyzed the volume of consumption and production.

Return on equity factors

Frolova V.B.

The article contains the results of research into the formation of a financial strategy for integrated holding structures in the field of information and communication, in particular, publishing organizations, as well as the factor model developed by the author, which allows assessing the impact of tax optimization results on the return on equity.

The middle class in Russia: possible ways of its formation

Gavrilyuk M.V., Panteleeva T.A.

The article discusses the role of public enterprises as one of the possible ways of formation of middle class in Russia.

The problem of attracting an internal investor: the importance for the economy and ways to increase the attractiveness of the national financial market

Rubanovskaya A.V.

The necessity of legislative definition of the economic category «investor» is considered in the article, the importance of internal investments for the economy of the country is given, the definition of«individual portfolio investor» is given. The current capacity of the life insurance market is shown, the volumes of client accounts from brokers and mutual fund accounts are indicated, the ways of attracting an internal investor to the domestic financial market are outlined.

The search of additional financial sources for public social costs

Golubtsova E.V., Novikova E.S., Ponomareva N.V.

This research paper is targeted to study issues of social security both as developed and developing countries including the situation in Russia. The comparative analysis of allocation for the social payments between an employer and an employee is provided including the influence of its correlation on the investment climate. Main solutions in the search of additional sources for social payments within the frame if the Russian budget are offered for next forthcoming years.

The socio-economic problems in Egypt: is the way out of the crisis possible?

Babenkova S. Yu.

Currently, the Egyptian economy has quite problematic times. On one hand, coming to power of the military in 2014, who brought down President Morsi, and the association «Muslim Brotherhood», President-elect Al-Sisi’s promise to reform socio-economic policy, was meant to lead the country out of the indefinite political chaos and return stability; on the other hand, the country’s Government’s recent actions say about short-sightedness of their economic steps. It must be pointed out that perhaps not enough flexible system of the interaction between the authorities and people, the corruption in the bureaucracy impede significant state reforms. In doing so, the financial interests of some major dominant groups are put before the interests of the general population of the country, including the middle class of the business community. Solving problems and searchingfor the way out of the crisis must be primarily performed by the Government by finding domestic economic potential, adoption of large-scale programmes aimed at the modernization of the competitive domestic market, provision constant financial links for the small and medium-sized businesses to satisfy necessary socio-economic needs of the state.

The trend of weighted average cost of capital of Russian companies in conditions of sanctions restrictions

Khalikov M.A., Kukharenko A.J., Osherov N.S.

Nowadays the Weighted average cost of capital indicator plays an important role in assessing the financial and economic situation of Russian companies. This article describes a detailed algorithm for calculating this indicator using the example of the four largest Russian companies. The dynamics of the Weighted average cost of capital under the conditions of the anti-Russian sanctions are considered and conclusions are drawn about the role of this indicator and the prospects for the development of Russian companies in the conditions of a new market situation.



Автором рассмотрена динамика изменения численности организаций (юридических лиц) в РФ за 2005-2017 гг. и сделан прогноз на 2018-2020 гг. В статье обозначены «петли» обратной связи, препятствующие улучшению деятельности организаций в условиях кризиса. Выявлены подходы к использованию информационных технологий для внутрифирменного маркетинга в современных организациях.The author describes the dynamics of changes of organizations in 2005-2017 years and makes forecast for years 2018-2020. The article defines the feedback loops, crimping development of organizations during the crisis. Author defines approaches for using informational technologies of internal marketing in credit organizations.

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