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About methodical approaches to the pairing of qualifications in the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Commission

Brovchak S.V.

The article deals with the development of qualifications of financial market specialists of the Eurasian economic Commission, as well as their interface on the basis of the interstate register of qualifications, monitoring of the labor market, approval of qualification requirements, unification of requirements for educational standards and programs, the procedure of professional and public accreditation and independent assessment of qualifications.

About various aspects of self-management of the entrepreneurs in the conditions of crises and risks

Botavina R.N.

In the article features of entrepreneurship in the modern society are considered. Recommendations about self-management of the entrepreneurs in the conditions of crises and risks - in the presence of a tendency of their growth are made.

Analysis of categories of essence of the concept "innovative enterprise"

Zubareva L.V., Shutro E.N.

The main definitions given by local and foreign researchers, to the concepts «innovations», «innovative activity» and the «innovative enterprise» giving the chance of a choice of the most effective tools ofimplementation and development of activity are presented in article.

Approaches, methods and models of assessing synergy and market efficiency of integrated production structures at the stages of creation and functioning

Abbyasova D.R., Mazikin E.A., Shabalina U.M.

This article describes the problems of changing organizational structures and internal management mechanisms ofdomestic companies. Reported problems of the industry and directions of their solution within the framework of regional and proprietary programs for the development of production and supply chains. A special place is given to the problem of improving intra-firm mechanisms and organizational structure, primarily corporate ownership, with a significant potential for growth in market efficiency and competitiveness as part of the introduction of modern organizational management structures, including divisional ones, with separate business units-investment and profit centers.

Basic approaches to assessing the effectiveness of public administration communication support

Chugunov A.E.

The effectiveness of public administration is determined by the concepts of «public goals», «resources expended» and «results obtained». The higher the efficiency of public administration, which is promoted primarily by communication, the higher the credit of civil society to the power structures ofthe state, the authorities, the higher the political stability ofthe public life ofthe country as a whole.

Characteristics of sports events as a factor of increasing the efficiency of management in the scope of physical culture and sports

Talalaev A.A.

In order to improve the management ofthe scope of physical culture and sports, it is necessary to classify sports events both in terms ofanalyzing the existing laws and in terms of their consumer properties. The article also explores the phenomenon of «sport for all» and its distribution in the assessment ofthe development ofthe scope of sport.

Coworking as a flexible form of organization of the working space of the company

Vladimirov I.A.

In the article coworking is studied as a new form of organization of the company in modern conditions of globalization and post-industrialism. Key features and characteristics of coworking are considered. The practice of coworking application in the Russian organization and the problems arising during its implementation are analyzed. Practical recommendations for negative outputs elimination ofcoworking implementation are proposed.

Development of educational programs of the Russian Orthodox Church in the sphere of charity and social service

Petrova A.B.

Responding to the requests of the clergy of the Moscow and Moscow region parishes, and then remote parishes, since 2017 The Department for Church charity and social service of the Russian Orthodox Church in partnership with the Department of social work of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox humanitarian University (PSU) has developed and is implementing a course of distance learning of Church social work «Social service in the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church: organization, management, communication», which provides for full-time practice in Moscow. Training is conducted using distance learning technologies. The basis of the training program is practice-oriented tasks, the implementation of which is carried out by students directly in the parishes, in which the students carry out social service.

Development of the distance learning programs for employees under formation of the educational environment

Gubachev N.N.

Currently there is a renewed interest in development of the corporate education programs, based on the distance technologies. The article considers the distance learning of employees in Russian companies under formation of the electronic information-educational environment: priorities, technological solutions, elements of information- communication technologies. Special attention is given to the distance learning principles, the impact of distance-learning components on labor productivity and enhancing the workflow efficiency in the organization.

Distance learning as the professional development tool of employees under the company staff policy

Popel A.E.

Competently organized personnel management system helps to achieve the company business-objectives. The best result is achieved when using the training systems in the staff management. Among approaches to the corporate education management recently the distance (electronic) learning technology is becoming more relevant. This article discusses the following issues: implementation ofthe corporate learning management system based on the distance technologies, diagnostics of problems and identification of training needs, management ofthe staff professional development through the distance learning.

Economic and mathematical instruments of formation of the insurance tariff for various types of product innovations

Yashin Y.S., Ross G.V.

The article discusses the possibility of using insurance services to enhance innovation in Russia. It proposed a conceptually new approach to calculating insurance tariff for innovative products, based on the formation of the insurance statistics by selecting analogues using data mining methods (growing pyramidal networks and fuzzy logic).

Employment and unemployment as indicators of labor market development in Krasnodar region

Martirosyan O.A.

In the current economic situation, the role of regions as subjects ofthe Federation in the development ofthe labor market is significantly increasing. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of employment and unemployment, it is necessary to build all the links in the employment management system in the region. The article deals with the main indicators of the labor market on the example ofthe Krasnodar region.

Experience and problems of usage of IT-Technologies in the system of air cargo services

Edigareva U.G., Vlasov A.V.

The article deals with the problems ofdevelopment and use ofIT-Technologies in air cargo transportation,as well as a number of aspects of the interaction of air cargo carriers and customs services in the conditions of Russia’s membership in the EAEU.

Features of the socio-economic security of Russia in the development of the system of compulsory medical insurance

Sinitsyna E.V.

The article «the health of the nation» is considered as one of the socio-economic aspects that shape the «quality of life» of the population, and the development of the compulsory health insurance system as the most important factor affecting the level of Russia’s socio-economic security.

Formation of the company’s brand capital on the basis of different value assessment approaches

Sinelnikova E.A., Markina N.I.

The article deals with the formation of brand capital, the analysis of individual methods of valuation used in the practice of Young & Rubicam, Interbrand, Millward Brown. The model of BrandAsset Valuator brand evaluation is considered, the main parameters of the brand value are determined. The rating of top 10 most expensive brands in the world according to Millward Brown for 2017 is analyzed.

Free employment (freelance): prospects in the Russian labor market

Titov V.N.

The article discusses some aspects of the development of free employment (freelancing) at the present stage of economic development of the Russian Federation. Presents some analytical data that reflect the characteristics of freelancing compared to remote employment. It is concluded that freelancing as a special type of professional employment is developing and increasing in scale.

Interbudget transferts as a tool for regulating of socio-economic development of the regions

Kuznetsova N.R.

A significant differentiation of regions in terms of socio-economic development indicates the need to develop effective policies in the provision of intergovernmental transfers to constituent entities ofthe Russian Federation, aimed at reducing socio-economic differences by ensuring sufficient financial resources necessary for the implementation of their powers. The article considers intergovernmental transfers as a tool for regulation, leveling and development of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The directions for improving intergovernmental relations in the formation of the revenue base of budgets are proposed.

Investitsionny tax deduction and peculiarities of its calculation

Dyatlova A.F., Nazhmutdinova Z.K.

In the article the questions of expediency of the recovery of the tax benefits on tax on profit of organizations with the aim of stimulating investment activity of economic entities. Particular attention should be paid to the restoration of investment incentives for income tax; the need to expand the rights of regional and local authorities in the provision of benefits for taxes credited to the relevant budgets; tax incentives for business.

On the content of state regulation of innovation processes in industry

Sanin N.V.

The main components of the state regulation of innovation processes in the sectors of domestic industry are revealed. The factors of improvement of state regulation of innovative activity of enterprises are revealed. The main directions of innovation, scientific and technical policy are determined.

Organizational and economic algorithms of digital audit and digital controlling in the management system of large industrial enterprises

Belyaeva M.V.

Goals. Based on the analysis of literature sources, as well as international experience in the development of digital audit and digital controlling technologies, to study organizational and economic algorithms of digital audit and digital controlling in the management system of large industrial enterprises Methodology. The methodical basis of this article is the literature on the construction of organizational and economic algorithms of digital audit and digital controlling. Results. This article defines the role and purpose of digital audit and digital controlling. The analysis of modern organizational and economic algorithms of digital audit and digital controlling is carried out. The role ofdigital audit and digital controlling in the management system of a large industrial enterprise is considered. Conclusions/relevance. The world continues to change and the speed of change increases. It is useless to struggle with the concept of universal digitalization - it must be accepted and understood how it can be integrated. However, digitalization is less about technology and more about culture, about change and about the model of interaction. Of particular importance today are organizational and economic algorithms ofdigital audit and digital controlling. It is the competent construction of these algorithms that is the source of reliability and importance of modern enterprise management.

Organizational and technical environment of financial controlling in agricultural organizations

Bychkova S.M., Zhidkova E.A., Elyashev D.V.

The article describes the organizational and technical environmentfor controlling the finance ofan agricultural enterprisefrom the position ofstudying the controlling environment of the application of tetrad theory. The main problematic issues of organization of controlling at the enterprise are considered, taking into account the role of various stakeholders, the requirements for the technical implementation of the controlling system based on the use of modern information technologies and automated systems are disclosed.

Perspective directions of blockchain technology usage in digital marketing

Gavrilina O.P., Komarov V.M., Makarov A.A.

The article outlines the key directions for usage of the blockchain technology in digital marketing, describes the new business models of digital enterprises. The article characterizes the dynamics of changes in IT budgets of new business models of digital enterprises. Authors define the relationship of new business models in the digital economy. Authors suggest classification of enterprises based on approaches to the use of operational efficiency and customer experience. The directions ofdevelopment ofdigital enterprises are determined. Conclusions made on the structural changes ofdigital marketing.

Phenomenon of organizational synergy as salvation from crisis situations

Kozhatkina E.V., Filyushina A.V.

In a crisis, resources are often limited and it is only possible to save a business by transforming management. Synergics-managers are able to take the enterprise out ofthe crisis or not to admit it at all. In a synergistic organization it is possible to change the elementary composition and bring it to the desired state, thereby avoiding a crisis. Also, the organization must set a high-quality goalfor success in business. The management ofthe organization itself should contribute to the achievement ofthe goals.

Problems of underestimation of the weight of the load in containers, moved by sea transport

Tonkonog V.V., Filatova E.V., Golovan T.V.

The market of container transportation is actively developing due to the universality of containers. It opens wide opportunities for transportation of absolutely any type of cargo, regardless of their volume, size and chemical condition. At the same time, the negative consequence of the use of this method of delivery is the understatement of the weight of cargo in containers by shippers, which entails a violation of customs legislation and the failure to receive customs payments and their transfer to the Federal budget in full. It is noted that the process of transportation of goods in containers by sea is accompanied by a large number of documents, and the VGM certificate is the main document confirming and containing the weight characteristics ofthe container, so we consider it in more detail. The article also considers the grounds for refusal to load containers on Board the vessel, as well as the consequences ofthe statement ofthe incorrect weight ofthe cargo in the container. In addition, the article States that in practice, the procedure for cargo operations is defined, which consists in the preparation ofthe necessary documents by the shipper for each container ofthe necessary cargo documents with the name ofthe cargo, the gross weight ofthe cargo loaded into the container unit and other data. Trying to avoid payment of customs duties in full, many unscrupulous transport companies are deliberately trying to understate the weight ofthe goods in the container module during transportation by sea. In this regard, the authors proposed recommendations to address the issue of understating the weight of cargo in containers transported by sea.

Prospects of development of network interaction of universities in training for the sphere of advertising and public relations

Moreeva E.V.

Network interaction of educational organizations provided by the Law «On education in the Russian Federation» is most effectively implemented in the process of cooperation of universities in theframework ofdistance learning programs. Thus, in particular, networking in the training of specialists in the field ofadvertising and public relations on the basis of a unified distance learning program possible on the basis of a number of Moscow universities: Russian state University for the Humanities, national research University «Moscow power engineering Institute», Moscow financial and law University, Moscow University named S. U. Vitte, etc. The article discusses the conditions for the implementation ofdistance education program by participating universities, as well as the data reflecting the degree of students « satisfaction with the process ofdistance learning.

Some aspects of small business development in modern Russia

Korshunov A.M.

The article deals with some aspects of small business development at the present stage of economic development of the Russian Federation. Some statistical data reflecting entrepreneurial activity are presented. It is concluded that in Russia the increase in the number of entrepreneurs is associated with the crisis that caused the loss of work, and as a result - more and more citizens of working age are forced to do business on their own way.

Strategic aspects of staffing industrial biopharmaceutical companies

Glazkova A.S., Duljasova M.V.

The role of biotechnology in the development of the Russian economy has been identified. The results ofthe analysis ofthe main trends in the development ofbiopharmaceutics and biomedicine were presented. Options for the development strategies of biopharmaceutical companies, strategies for organizing the processes of staffing industrial biopharmaceutical companies and strategies that determine the characteristics ofthe organization of training and retraining of personnel were proposed, and their relationship was shown.

The experience of regulating retail Forex in the foreign jurisdictions

Dulyov A.A.

The article deals with foreign jurisdictions on the subject of regulation of the retail Forex market. The analysis of the activity of the state agencies for the stable functioning of the OTC Forex market is carried out.

The instruments of project financing

Barinov E.A.

The article deals with a wide range of instruments, used in project financing.

Theoretical aspects of impact of automation on the efficiency of the activity of the firm

Vishnevskaya N.G., Sergeev S.S.

The article is devoted to the study of automation of management processes as a factor of improving the efficiency of the company in the modern market. The authors consider the specifics of the implementation and use ofautomation systems of management processes in enterprises. The key modern reengineering complexes that have a positive impact on the financial result and competitiveness of the company in the market of its business segment are also identified.

Youth entrepreneurship as a factor of economic development

Bazhenova S.A.

The activity in the aspect of youth entrepreneurship is aimed at solving problems, primarily of socio-economic nature: reducing the unemployment rate, the possibility of creating a number of new jobs, the development of new directions and sectors of the economy, etc. Youth entrepreneurship is one of the factors in the development ofthe country’s economy, so there is an urgent need to attract young people to entrepreneurship. The article presents a modern scientific interpretation of youth entrepreneurship, which identified some of its features, as well as a number of strengths and weaknesses of this phenomenon.



В статье рассматриваются цифровые платформы как одно из новых явлений, характерное для современной экономики. Выделяется, что цифровые платформы являются сетевыми благами, для которых характерен двойной эффект масштаба. Рассматриваются односторонние и перекрёстные, а также прямые и косвенные сетевые эффекты. Отмечается, что развитие платформ приводит к развитию двусторонних рынков, имеющих свои особенности в части ценообразования, а также распределения добавленной стоимости.

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