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Achievement of a stationary disbalance of the Russian economy as strategy of its strong growth

Rebrova V.V., Krasnikovsky V.Y.

In the article the research of essence of sustainable development of economy of Russia is provided, characteristics of the concepts «stability», «balance» are this, distinctions between extensive and intensive types of economic growth are carried out, discusses some of the economic indicators of the instability of the economy. Substantiates the assumption that it is social-economic development of Russia in the conditions of recovery from the crisis it is connected with achievement by the Russian economy of a condition ofa stationary disbalance.

Assessment of the development of the mortgage market in the regions of Russia

Kuznetsova E.O.

The article studies the problem of assessment and modeling of mortgage lending in the regions of Russia unstable economic situation. Presents characteristics the current state of mortgage lending in Russia.

Cluster analysis of marketing communication

Balabanova A.V., Zhuravlev G.T.

The article discusses the study of motives of consumer behavior on the market of information services; methods of collection of marketing information and its analysis; the role and methods of cluster analysis.

Features of development of the competition in the sphere services of physical culture and sport

Filonenko N.V., Ushakova N.A.

In article the aspects of foreign and domestic scientists concerning competition development are considered, its essence and a concept reveals, the factors constraining and promoting development of the competition in service trade of physical culture and sport (FKIS), types and signs come to light.

Financial terms of contracts: settlements, credits, guarantees

Barinov E.A.

This article discusses the terms of payment, used in international trade, commercial and bank credits, due to which purchased goods on foreign markets and the role of banks guarantees.

Functional-observation and oversight properties of control of stability of development of the banking cluster financial system of the subject federation

Milenkov A.V.

Defined in article the role function of monitoring and its oversight component in managing improving the stability of development of the banking cluster financial system of the subject federation lies not only in the financial support continuity of the production process, but and in support target orientation of the organization of the regional economic complex on achieving planned economic and social outcomes, efficiency, use of resources, to enhance the resilience of the banking sector of the financial system, in surveillance of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of economic stability and security of banking activities.

Importance of cluster policy at the present stage for the intensification of entrepreneurship in the regions

Kasyanov A.V.

The article discusses the importance of the development of cluster structures to enhance business activities. Describes the main approaches to the creation of innovative clusters whose functioning is intended to contribute to high competitiveness of Russian business. Special attention is paid to the role of the state in the implementation of cluster policy.

Improving public subsidy of passenger transport long-distance rail transport in Russia

Belyakova M. Yu., Agafonov D.V.

The article discusses the current system of subsidizing passenger traffic of the national carrier JSC «FPC», which currently has a number of deficiencies, including: missing the principle of targeting; in determining the amount of subsidy is no planning of the volume of traffic in the regulated segment. The purpose of this article is to show the necessity and urgency of further improvement of mechanisms ofstate subsidies in the field of passenger transport longdistance

Modern approaches to improving the quality and competitiveness of engineering products through innovation

Gladkova V.E., Zharikov V.V., Zharikov R.V.

Article is devoted to modern approaches to providing competitiveness of domestic engineering industry. In article the main tendencies in world and domestic practice are identified and used.

Multistage optimization of a non-institutional investor’s assents portfolio

Khalikov M.A., Maksimov D.A.

The article deals with the statement, mathematical model and features of numerical algorithm of solving the dynamic discrete task for optimization of financial assets portfolio of a non-institutional investor. Structure and element content of the model are substantiated including optimality and limits criteria. It is given a numerical method for search of optimal solution that is based on local optimization of continuous task solving. New criterion of effective management and evaluation method of fair rate of return of operations with assets portfolio within a certain time horizon are offered.

On the analytical aspects of diagnosis of the crisis state enterprises-participants of foreign economic activity

Shmulevich T.V., Kuzminykh Yu. V.

The paper studied the existing Russian and foreign practice of diagnostic techniques probability of bankruptcy. Author’s classification of their main drawbacks. The basic directions of improvement of diagnostic evaluation of a crisis state enterprises in modern conditions.

Operational monitoring of the labor market based on econometric modeling

Chekanova E.V.

The article covers the problem of unbalanced socio-economic development on labor markets of the regions of Russia. A new indicator that can be used for rapid response to short-term changes in labor market sentiment is introduced. Phase analysis of the indicator has been conducted for the period from Q12009 to Q2 2016, a distribution of subjects of the Russian Federation at the average level of the indicator is shown, a stable classification of Russian regions has been obtained and the features of each group of regions are identified and described.

Personnel involvement in development of strategy

Suschitskiy O.V.

This article is devoted to the implementation of motivation of the personnel in development of strategy.

Problems of system of training for the tourist industry in Russia

Orlova E.R., Koshkina E.N., Koshkin M.V.

Now tourist activities are positioned as one of priority industries of economy of Russia, but full development of the Russian tourism requires significantly bigger number of professional specialists. In the article the analysis of distribution of the profile educational organizations in the territory of Russia is carried out, the directions on enhancement of system of training, increase in professionalism of workers in a tourist industry are offered.

Problems of the organization electrical power market of the Central Asia

Alisherov E.T.

The article describes condition of electricity market and basics of pricingfor electricity in the electricity markets ofthe Commonwealth independent states. The actual problems of managing the power market.

Process of strategic management by innovative projects

Bibarsov K.R.

In the article process of strategic management of innovative projects is provided. The methodology of development the system of strategic management instruments of innovative projects which will allow to increase efficiency of decision making in development of social and economic systems is considered.

Role and the place of the state credit and financial institutes in support of small and medium entrepreneurship

Yakhjyaev M.A., Mortaza A.Y.

There are the problems of the place and a role of the state credit and financial institutes in support of small and medium entrepreneurship promoting financial support of entrepreneurship in implementation of programs of foreign economic affairs ofSME.

Russian education in the field of commerce: aspects of formation

Kalugina S.A., Makarov A.A., Lebedeva T.P.

The article provides a brief history of the development of business education in Europe and Russia XVII - early XX centuries. Described some features of the commercial origin of education, types of educational institutions, the dynamics of their development, aspects of the educational process, the role and importance of entrepreneurs in financing it.

Scientific-theoretical aspects of small entreprenership in the conditions of crisis and globalization

Mortaza A.Y.

Entrepreneurship development around the world is the most important problem of the state promoting formation of middle class in the country and formalizing opportunities for providing a sustainable rise of economy in the conditions of crisis and globalization.

Strategic analysis of freestone market in Russia

Sidorova S.A.

In the article, there is a strategic analysis of freestone market in Russia, which includes an analysis of the dynamic of the marble and granite goods’ production, average industry prices, demand for products, and dependence of the mining companies on a number of factors and their general economic conditions now.

The bankruptcy of a private investor in a project of public-private partnership

Rastegaeva F.S.

The article presents an analysis of the interaction between private companies and the government to resolve social and economic problems and to achieve mutual objectives. In particular the difficulties encountered in the implementation of PPP projects due to the bankruptcy of a private party.

The institutional traps and externalities of the neo-industrial import substitution

Kolotov K.A.

Today in Russian economy the lack of investment resources for processing enterprises, the stagnation of the real and financial sectors interactions are observed. In such circumstances, the initiation of the import substitution process depends on the state's participation in the process; however, it occurs in the institutional vacuum with the absence of mechanisms to coordinate the interests of government and business, entities of manufacturing and raw material producing industries in their technological recovery and domestic market saturation. This article describes the institutional traps, preventing the release of Russian economy on the path of neo-industrial development using the market, technological and social potential of import substitution.

The theoretical understanding of risk-management business structure: terms and essence

Palbin A.V.

The article talks about the basic concepts of risk, risk-management, risk-management process. Given the interpretation of the essence of these concepts, refined objectives and role of risk-management, the necessity of involvement in the field of risk-management such elements as uncertainty and current issues, potentially generating risks.

Value of Strategic Planning to Ensure the Sustainability of the Business Structures of Education and Science: Experience and Problems

Galushkin A.A.

This article presents an analysis of the transformation of the realities ofbusiness organizations and science educators in an effort to improve their competitiveness.



The paper studies the problems of conventional power engineering and the prospects of its development related to the use of hydrogen as energy carrier. The role of hydrogen economy and power supply systems on the basis of hydrogen fuel cells in the context ofRussian power engineering has been specified. The promising use of fuel cells as alternative sources of electric energy in power supply systems has been described. The proposals for improvement of strategic hydrogen economy management and implementation of the tools for public stimulation of the use of hydrogen fuel and fuel cells to supply consumers in various industries and major sectors have been developed.

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