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Analysis of the effectiveness of the small business support

Bariev A.R.

The article analyzes the effectiveness of the system to support small businesses in the Republic of Tatarstan and recommendations for its improvement.

Approaches to concept definition «corporation»

Michel V.S.

Статья посвящена рассмотрению понятия «корпорация», а также подходов к ее определению.

Automation application when forming the consolidated financial statements of holding

Busigina A.V.

In article the order of formation of the consolidated financial statements of holding on the basis of the international standards of the financial reporting is considered. Proposals related to the formation of the consolidated financial statements of corporations are contained in a number of publications, however, the adoption of new regulations, causing the need for more research problem.

Competitiveness of the enterprise: the main ways to increase and its evaluation

Dudin M.N., Vdovina I.V.

In recent years the Russian economy has undergone radical changes due to the transition to building a socially oriented market economy, which leads to the strengthening of the role of competition in economic life. In today's competitive environment for all its scale, dynamism and urgency winner is the one who constantly analyzes and fighting for their positions, provides a systematic approach to the development of measures aimed at achieving and maintaining a high level of competitiveness. Competitiveness is a criterion of economic feasibility of the operation of business entities, so the market mechanism of management of the enterprise competitiveness evaluation requires constant attention and monitoring that necessitates its transformation into an independent plot of the analytical work, the results of which should be the basis for making management decisions. The existing methodology for assessing the competitiveness of enterprises for use in modern conditions of managing the crisis phenomena in the global economy is not enough, in view of this further research is required in this direction.

Conceptual bases of transformation of the organizational-economic mechanism of state management of housing and communal services in the region

Pronina A.M.

The article presents the main elements of the mechanism of the housing and communal services from the point ofview ofthe theory of public administration and public management mechanism.

Conceptual (methodological) basis for the development of the Strategy of socio-economic development of the city

Mirhadzhaev F.K.

This article discusses issues related to the organization of the system of strategic planning at the municipal level, the preparation of the Strategy of socio-economic development.

Consumer behavior of the student’s parents of sports schools in field hockey as a matter of marketing analysis

Shamin D.A.

At the moment the problem is updated business development in sports schools, and therefore, the focus is the analysis of consumer behavior of parents (legal guardians) of children engaged in paid sections Bandy. The article presents the results of studies on the views of parents in relation to visits paid and free classes, motifs consumption of paid employment and consumer segmentation.

Controlling of industrial product-service system

Panteleev S.S.

In article the author describes controlling as specific function of rational management of industrial product-service system (IPS), requirements to controlling and spheres of it’s implementation regarding IPS are offered.

Development of a conceptual model to improve the quality of product portfolio

Demyanov A.A.

In this article, the author develops a conceptual model to improve the quality of product portfolio of a business entity. This model includes a number of products produced by the company, who have a mutual influence on each other. This leads to a positive effect on the quality ofeach product. Mutual influence can be carried out oforganizational measures, as well as economic. Under the institutional arrangements means any action aimed at achieving this goal (improving quality) based on organizational methods that do not require financial costs or those costs are negligible. Economic activities include actions aimed at improving the quality of using the methods of the economic plan, based on which to contain costs.

Development of guidelines to improve the sustainability of the territorial economy through diversification territorial production complex with a dominant industry

Borisova I.S.

The paper proposes an approach to improve the sustainability of the territorial-production complex (TPC) with dominant industry on the basis ofthe diversification of the economy, represented by the mechanism of the WPK, based on the determination of the extent of diversification of major changes informs of support and selection criteria of comparison for subsequent decisions.

Economic prerequisites and conditions of creation of venture investment in the Russian Federation

Shakirtkhanov B.R.

In Russia bases for functioning of venture investment just start developing. The main barriers developments of venture investment getting in the way, consist in the high risks connected with implementation of innovative projects. Yet business of angels isn’t paid due attention to development of private financing through networks, investors simply don’t see real benefitfrom similar investments, tax incentives are absent. However along with existing problems, in Russia economic prerequisites and conditions for development ofthe venture industry are already created.

Essence, contents and basic concepts of strategic stability of enterprise structures

Balabanova A.V., Busygin K.D.

In article definition of concept strategy is made, the essence of process of strategic management of the organisations is considered; approaches to formation of the purposes of the enterprise are defined; the formulation of the purposes of strategy of the organisation is given; directions of increase of strategic stability of enterprise structure are presented.

Existing forms and features of a project financing in innovative activity

Ahmetov L.A., Shakirtkhanov B.R.

Для цели развития инновационной деятельности необходима бизнес-ориентированная политика государства, направленная на развитие комфортных условий финансирования предпринимательства, что оказывает положительное влияние на приток высококвалифицированной рабочей силы, переориентации традиционной модели национальной промышленности в направлении роста.

Features of decision-making on multigroup creation in regional economy

Anyurov F.F.

In article provisions on acceptance by subjects of the decision on multigroup creation on the basis oftheir own intentions and availability of resources and proceeding from behavior ofthe contractor are developed, provisions which influence formation of intention of the subject to enter multigroup are formulated, options of behavior ofthe subject depending on its availability of resources are allocated, models of total decisions on multigroup creation are presented. The provisions presented in work can be used at making decision on expediency of development ofprojects in the region within the private and state partnership, development and a formulation by economic subjects of the strategic directions ofdevelopment.

Features predicting the level of food security of Russian regions in the light of the geopolitical changes

Balabanov V.S., Dudin M.N., Ljasnikov N.V.

The article deals with the concept of food security predict regions of Russia, studied the system of natural balances of agricultural raw materials and by-products. The theme of this article is highly relevant in the light of the geopolitical changes, so the correctness and accuracy of the prediction offood supply and food security in the regions is new and one of the most important managerial tasks in the modern world.

Financial management of the enterprise in the conditions of crisis: economical and legal aspect

Dudin M.N., Frolova E.E.

The global financial and economic crisis of2008-2010 has heightened interest in the issue of crisis management. This interest is manifested both at the level of individual enterprises and the economy as a whole. At the same time revealed a significant drawback: the development of the theory of crisis management lags behind practice. The discrepancy between the existing theory to modern requirements leads to the fact that well-known approaches based on theoretical concepts and the empirical facts and developments, and, therefore, are not systematic, in view of this further research is required in this direction.

Financial stability in the system management of business structures

Repkina O.B.

The article deals with the problem of assessing the financial soundness of the enterprises taking into account peculiarities of business structures; value and estimates of financial stability in crisis management; main approaches to identify the factors crisis state companies; Factors crisis state the nature and significance of crisis management for the sustainable development of enterprise structures.

Food security in the economic security of the national economy

Menshchikova V.I., Greshonkov A.M., Abramova L.M.

The article proves that achieving food security in the modern geopolitical conditions associated with finding a balance between dependence on foreign contractors supplyingfood (import) and domestic food production (import substitution), especially in the framework of the Customs Union and the integration processes between the BRICS countries. Justified by the idea that the development of the conceptual foundations offood security doctrine should start from the concept of«consumer basket, the necessary economic entity for a comfortable stay,» and identified the key areas related to the implementation of the doctrine.

Forecast of balance of a manpower as way of management of an environment of a youth segment of labor market

Vishnevskaya N.G.

In the article there researched problems of the management of youth labor-market segment conjuncture. The important part in this question is assigned to the working out labor resources-balance forecast. There considered main tendencies and perspectives of the development of regional youth labor-market segment. The author carried out the analyses of deficient and over professions on the basis of the amount of tension ratio on separate professions of workers and of fice employees.

Formats of the enterprises of retail trade (on the example of X5 RETAIL GROUP N.V. )

Kalugina S.A., Makarov A.A.

The review of formats of the retail trade enterprises which are most used in practical activities of largest «player» of the Russian consumer market is presented in article - X5 RETAIL GROUP N.V

Group unidentifiable intangible asset - goodwill

Makashova N.A.

The article gives a refined definition of the concept of «goodwill» is as inseparable from the potential business structures intangible asset that can bring additional benefits. Disclosed dual nature of goodwill as internal monitored resource, on the one hand, and as a result - on the other, to control which requires the formation of a unified policy.

Historical analysis of special economic zones in Russia

Tazutdinov I.R.

The article casts light upon the history of special economic zones in Russia, providing its periodization from the ancient times to the present time. The author focuses on some prototypes of modern Russian SEZs finding certain successive links between them. He analyses the main factors which have been determining the development of SEZs at different stages as well as the changes in the government's economic policy approach towards such projects.

Identification of institutional problems in the personal services sector

Bardasova E.V.

Researched the market of services of public catering and its features. Analyzed the importance of small enterprises in the sphere of public catering services. Identified problems of effective development of small business.

Improving land management mechanism cities to housing development (in the Tver region)

Vlasov A.V., Lebedeva O.I.

The article describes aspects of the city’s land for development of housing construction in the Tver region. Particular attention is given to the current legal and economic basis of housing in the region.

Influence of tax mentality and tax morals on condition of system of tax control in the state

Arabov R.R.

Tax control is important for economy. Nevertheless, need of studying ofthe reasons of this phenomenon and measurement of its consequences for the state scale taking into account influence of tax mentality and tax morals is the cornerstone of any kind of control.

Interdependence of internal savings, investments and economic growth

Dmitriev A.N.

The analysis of interdependence of internal savings, investments and economic growth is presented in article, and also the mechanism of their interaction is shown.

Management information systems as an effective instrument for the development of business structures

Podsevatkin A.V.

The article presents a modern approach to the formation of an effective tool for the development of business structures based on management information systems. Outlined the main specificity of functioning and development of enterprise structures in an information economy, a key aspects of specifying the peculiarities of development strategies of these organizations. Besides, in this paper the author’s interpretation ofthe concept of «information management system of the enterprise.»

Management of the financial stability of the enterprise

Busigin A.K.

In article concept definitions «financial stability» are considered, the characteristic and types of financial stability is resulted, the technique of the analysis of financial stability of the enterprise is presented, the factors influencing financial stability of the enterprise are defined, and also directions of increase of financial stability of the enterprise are presented.

Method of training neural networks for use in exchange robots based on intuitive analysis

Khromov S.S.

The article deals with the development of teaching methodology for exchange robots based on neural networks using intuitive analysis for more effective evaluation of the securities. The article compares methods, which used by the human brain during assessment and finding solutions for tasks, with the algorithms, which used in modern exchange stock robots, in order to develop new and innovative algorithms to improve the efficiency of trading robots that take advantage of the intuitive analysis. The article gives the necessity to use non-standard methods of analysis such as intuition, and provides suggestions for its implementation in the algorithms used in trade robots.

Methods and tools of financial recovery of companies in the real sector of the economy

Ivanova M.A., Denikaeva R.N., Merkulova I.V.

Financial recovery of economic entities of the real sector of the economy is the main element of economic reform and restore economic growth. Based on the demand for optimal ways of implementing this approach, studied and basic tools and techniques of financial recovery, which is the priority in the use of the companies studied sector of the economy.

Methods of forming threshold value of risk’sin financial sector index

Bezukhov D.A., Khalikov M.A.

Problems of choosing justified value of equity ratio characterizing by admissible risk of financial sector in concerned enterprise are studied. As methods of modeling this value the approximation of relation in pair «cost of loan capital - equity ratio»by third degree Lagrange polynomial in which coefficients are calculated basis on values of this pair in a certain period of time is suggested.

Methods of quality assessment services airport operations

Fridlyand A.A., Soluyanov V.K.

Evaluation of the level of quality of services at regional airports of Russia, in our opinion, should be done in 2 ways: qualitative and quantitative assessment. This article presents a unified methodology for the evaluation of the quality of services at regional airports of the Russian Federation, which is a priority for improving the quality of customer services.

Modeling production function of enterprise in conditions of uncertainty and risk

Bezukhov D.A.

Enterprise production activity in conditions of uncertainty and external and internal environment risk modeling peculiarities are studied. Theoretical method of modelling production function based on mathematical model at which formal statements taking into account uncertainty and risk factors is given.

Model of banking system functioning

Boldin B.S.

In this article we provide a model of optimum banking system behavior using optimum management theory and also using econometric analysis of the movement of major types of financial instruments in banking system. This model successfully shows us reaction of banking system on such events as worlds financial crisis. Also here is a description of banking system functioning which is useful in more common econometrical model of balance.

Optimization of the national economy structure as a fulfilment of objectives of the strategic course of Russia

Stepin E.A.

The author considers the prospects for socio-economic development of Russia and raises the question about the necessity of the optimization of the national economy structure in terms of the sanctions policy realized by the Western countries.

Prospects of creation of the national card payment system in Russia and experience of Asian countries

Aidrous I.A., Filimonova A.S.

Using the capabilities of payment systems Visa and MasterCard along with the proposed benefits for end-users and the national banking community carries and risks that may lie within the payment system, and can be sanctioned by the political leaders of the neighboring States. The creation ofa national payment system based on Bank cards will be successful businesses for the Russian banking community, if the architecture will allow to resolve the conflict of interests between key players of the market of payment systems.

Role of interfirm cooperation in a sustainable development of the innovative industrial enterprises

Baranenko S.P., Busygin K.D.

The article deals with forms of interflrm cooperation and its influence on stability of the enterprises.

Some questions in the application of tax regulations leasing

Egorov R.V., Ognev D.V.

В данной статье рассматриваются некоторые наиболее часто встречающиеся в практике проблематичные моменты налогового законодательства, которые присутствуют в ряде нормативных документах, применяемых на территории РФ при использовании лизинговой формы финансирования. Подробно представлены исчисление некоторых налогов при различных условиях учета и передачи имущества в лизинг.

The basic methodical positions and principles of the organization of interfirm cooperation

Busygin K.D.

Article is devoted definition of methods and principles of the organization of interfirm cooperation.

The Necessity of forming the adequate policyholders rights protection system in Russia

Borisova Y.B.

В статье представлен анализ текущей существующей системы защиты прав страхователей в Российской Федерации и обоснована необходимость ее реформирования.

Theoretical approaches to classification of financial strategy of industrial corporations

Baranenko S.P., Michel V.S.

Article is devoted consideration of methods of definition of classification of strategy of industrial corporations.

The role of billing settlement system in the implementation of the lean production concept in the chain of production and consumption of electricity

Sychkov A.V.

The article considers the problem of improving the accounting system consumption and energy losses, tariffs and payments for electricity when using the concepts of lean manufacturing in the electric power industry. Analyzes the role ofautomated billing systems calculations in the implementation of the concept of lean energy.

To questions on profitable powers of local governments

Krasnicky B.R.

In article the current situation in the field of regulation of powers on formation of a profitable part of budgets of municipal unions is considered, and also the analysis of reform of local government is resulted. Directions of development of system of local taxes which will promote satisfaction of various requirements of local communities are offered.

Ways to optimize the structure of the financial resources of the enterprise: administrative aspect

Dudin M.N., Gryzunova N.V., Shuvalova E.B.

The topicality of the research is that in the limited domestic sources and the high cost of funds needed to develop a financial mechanism, which will enable the most efficient use of available resources. Problems of development of methodology of financial management are discussed quite actively. A significant influence on the formation of the system of financial management in Russia provide worldwide trends in the development of the theory and practice of corporate governance. Tools of the theory and practice of financial management is constantly evolving and improving under the influence of the changing economic environment. For resource management organizations financial instruments can be thought of as a Toolkit for the development of existing enterprises and instrumentation used in the formation of new organizations. The existing methods of optimising resources, serving as criteria optimization of resources and cash flow, profit maximization, minimization of financial risks, and others, are fairly generic, in view of this further research is required in this direction.

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