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Analysis of approaches to the essence of the competitiveness of employees of organizations

Olennikova O.V.

In the article the analysis of approaches to definition of essence of competitiveness of employees on the basis of works of Russian scientists in this area. The author’s interpretation of the concept «competitiveness». The conclusion about the influence of the formation and development of competitiveness of workers to increase of efficiency of their work.

Approaches to the evaluation of the quality of life of population

Panfil L.A.

The article presents the analysis of the existing techniques evaluation of population’s quality of life, identifies their advantages and disadvantages. The comparison of the world community countries on the population’s quality of life is made according to UN procedures and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The dynamics of the quality of life in the Russian Federation is analyzed as a whole for the period from 2008 by 2014.

Conflicts of sports science with the practice of Physical Culture and Sports

Filonenko N.V.

The article describes the socio-economic and legal aspects of the development budget sports complex of marketing means of paid services, analyzes the problem of the relationship of sports science to physical education and sport management practices, outlines possible solutions to problems.

Economical legal basis of program budgeting and its implementation in system of compulsory medical insurance

Antonova G.A., Zorina E.E.

Territorial funds of compulsory medical insurance as public educations, assume account liabilities and for their financial provision create the budget which account part includes the economic classification allowing to provide assignments by the priority directions of state policy in the sphere of compulsory medical insurance.

IPO, as a new way to raise investments in Russian sports organizations

Askarov A.D., Sukhanovskiy U.A.

In the article the analysis of now a days sposts economics situation in Russia and the mechanism of IPO, and plusses and minuses of it for Russian sports organizations.

Modern solution of the problem of cost

Repin S.S.

Cost is among fundamental problems of the economic theory, on the basis of the theory of cost the purposes and motives of activities of economic actors are determined that allows to glance in the mystery of social bases of a production process of material benefits and services, to find out options of distribution of economic resources and the income, social justice of this distribution, to reveal regularities of forming and movement of the prices.

Prediction of stock price is an important and challenging problem for studying financial markets

Rusakov V.M.

The present study is mainly based on time series of stock prices. In this article, I propose to predict the stock price based on trading behavior of investors. For each stock, we study the trade relations between the investors through the trading network. Then classified network nodes in three ways, according to their wiring diagram, we projected the stock price by the inclusion of these indicators in a neural network based time series stock prices.

Problematic aspects of the examination of the quality of care

Shvets Yu.Yu.

The article describes the features of examination of quality of medical services (medical care) as a means of control of the quality at the present stage of development of health services in the country. It analysed the regulatory, legal and methodological regulation of health care expertise in Russia and revealed the problematic aspects of its regulation. Abstract interpretation of the concept of «quality», «quality of care», «examination of medical care.» We consider the function of monitoring the quality of care. Identified problematic aspects of organization and the examination of the quality of care at the present stage of development of medicine.

Problems of interaction and identification from concerned parties in innovative projects

Ilyuk V.V.

In article, the problems of cross-industry or intra-branch projects on upgrade, reconstruction and innovative updating of productions arising in case of the solution of interstate tasks are considered. The author pays attention to presence of values of the interested participants (stakeholders) of these projects pursuing own aims of these projects which often are not coinciding the purposes of other participants. Development of effective mechanisms and methodology of ensuring activity of the knowledge-intensive innovative companies which are working in group (cluster) and having different beneficiaries and interested persons is offered. Identification of stakeholders is an initial stage of stakeholder management.

Promotion of healthy lifestyle and its impact on the socio-economic condition of the country and regions

Goncharova N.Y., Zadvorny A.S.

The article discusses the healthy lifestyle of the population, the factors determining the health of the population, the dynamics of development of physical culture and sports in Russia in 2008, which is an important aspect of economic.

Prototyping is part of a marketing diversification on the market today

Gladkova V.E., Zharikov V.V., Gorodnichev K.V.

Based on the offers of market segmentation in two aspects - the choice of target market (within the entire industry or individual segments) and strategic advantage (uniqueness of the product or its price), we can distinguish the following types of marketing strategies: strategy for a mass marketing strategy targeted marketing strategy and marketing diversification or prototyping. In the article the features of the prototyping on the example of the cosmetics market in Russia.

Psychophysiological factor accountin in the development of intelligent systems for pipeline transportation dispatching

Akhmetova V.N.

The article defines the pipeline place in the integrated transport system of Russia and denotes the human factor importance in the management of this transport type, which is carried by a multi-level organization structure of dispatching activities. It’s considered the management in terms of ergonomics systems, and the basic requirements to a human operator, implementing dispatching functions, is defined. The importance of fatigue indicator of the human operator to increase its productivity and efficiency is substantiates, and the possible techniques to assess this indicator are described.

Research of types of financial risks of activities of the Russian companies

Vankovich I.M.

The research of various aspects of financial risks, and also their ratio with different types of activities of the Russian companies is given in article.

Resources organizations social service: how to improve the quality of management

Nikonova O.V.

The article discusses issues related to the development of effective internal processes for management of financial and economic activities and development of the system of internal control use of resources at the disposal of social service organizations.

Russian foreign trade Ensuring security: the role of the state and business

Kaymanakov S.V.

The crisis in the Russian economy are related not only to internal processes, but also caused by external factors. Identification of these adverse factors, processes, their assessment and analysis through the category of «foreign security», as well as measures to strengthen this important type of national economic security of the state and other institutions and, above all, the business is dedicated to the presentation of material.

Sovereign funds on financial markets

Barinov E.A.

In the article activity of the largest sovereign funds and their place and role are examined on foreign financial markets.

Specifics of state control in the financial and the social sphere

Kuznetsova E.I.

The article discusses the concept of system management at the state level, its properties, functions. Special attention is paid to social control as self-governed and dynamic system and management in the financial sector as the most important for the development of the economy and its control.

The analysis of system of medical support of preparation of a sports allowance in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug

Lidov P.I., Sukhanovsky Yu. A., Redkin E.L.

The article presents the analysis of the causes and consequences from crisis of the system medical support in sport. On the example of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous area - Ugra and efforts of Central and regional authorities to overcome it.

The influence of external factors on production systems in the conditions of a recession

Kamshilov S.G.

The article is devoted to organizational, technological and other changes occurring in the medium and large production systems in conditions of economic contraction. The article states the limitations of external factors which determine the functioning and development dynamics of industrial enterprises.

The interdependence of innovation and investment potential of the regions

Nikitskaya E.F., Valishvili M.A.

The article discusses a meaningful balance of economic categories «innovation potential» and «investment potential» in the conditions of transition to innovative model of development. The authors proved that with the expansion in the structure of the national economy innovative component of the inevitable transformation of approaches to the investment potential and investment policy at the regional level.

The main development trends of consumer market in Russia

Sargina L.V.

The article presents the socio-economic assessment of the status and development of the consumer sector of the Russian economy in the current conditions of its functioning. The author reveals the positive and negative impacts of the consumer market to the level of needs of the population and economic growth.

The role of converged technologies in life-time wellbeing establishing in neo-industrial economy

Dotsenko E.U., Zhironkina O.V., Agafonov F.V., Genin A.E.

The problem of improving the social well-being is a constituted task of any modern state. However, the current level of scientific and social progress suggests the formation of technological and economic conditions of continuous social well-being formation. Its continuity is determined by the level of penetration of new convergent technologies in the daily life of society.

The role of the compliance function in the internal control system of credit institutions

Masterova S.A.

In modern Russia the compliance function every day increases its importance. According to the last changes in the legislation, the main functional task of service of internal control in credit institutions - management of compliance risks. In the article the author determines the content of the compliance function and its place in the system of internal control of the Bank, considers the ratio of compliance risk, legal risk, reputational risk.

The use of the apparatus of growing pyramidal networks to assess the innovation potential of chemical companies at different stages of a crisis situation

Kakatunova T.V., Shirokov S.S., Chicherova E.Y.

Indicators for the evaluation of innovative and logistical capacity of organizations at different stages of the crisis offered. The possibility of using the growing pyramidal network to diagnose potential of the organization of these types proved.

Ways to increase the efficiency of budget for the general education

Krylova E.B., Gnevasheva V.A., Belyaeva M.V.

This article discusses ways to improve the efficiency of budget spending on general education in the Russian Federation, found reserves for the optimization of budget expenditures in the field of general education, refined approach and the principles of their effective use.

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